A Zen Deco rhymes with calm, serenity and harmony. It is a style perfectly mastered by Asian countries and from which we can draw inspiration to make our home interior the ideal place to relax. 

The living room is one of the most suitable rooms because it is there that we like to meet with family or friends, but also to read in peace and to take a nap. The bedroom will also be a good playground for a Zen decoration to promote relaxation and sleep. Zen deco in the bathroom will allow you to recharge your batteries. In an office, this decorative style can also help to find a good concentration. 

The main principles of Zen decor

The main principles of Zen decor

As you will have understood, Zen decor finds its place throughout the house! Here are some tips to create a Zen atmosphere in your home as well as room by room ideas.

Clean lines

Clean does not mean stripped. A Zen atmosphere is captured above all by the look and the feeling, which is why a cluttered interior or overloaded decoration are hardly synonymous with a peaceful spirit. Freeing up space, to let the gaze circulate, does not mean emptying the room, but rather banishing overly massive furniture in favor of low furniture, with sober lines, to create an impression of lightness. On the decorative side, also avoid the accumulation which tends to nibble the volumes, thus creating a feeling of oppression.

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Soft colors

Because color plays a large part in creating an atmosphere, we will favor soft and soothing tones. On the walls, forget too bright colors and prefer light or pastel shades. We can thus draw from the palette of neutrals with off-white, cream and other beige shades, but also on the side of taupe, linen and gray, or very pale shades of green, blue or even pink.

Natural materials

Because they also sport soft and neutral tones, natural materials have pride of place here. We will instead opt for light furniture, which will give the room an impression of lightness. On the ground, a light wood parquet for example, but also rugs in rush, sisal or coconut. As for fabrics, linen, cotton, wool will dress up armchairs and sofas. Also, don’t forget about curtains, cushions, throws, and anything else that can make your interior comfortable and relaxing.

Soft and flexible lighting

The lighting must also be soothing. To adapt the brightness to its needs, but also to create atmospheres, multiply the sources of light. A pretty paper suspension to see clearly when necessary, a floor lamp, a reading light to read without straining the eyes, lamps to put here and there, etc. Installing a dimmer to adjust the intensity is also a good idea. It is also clever to replace your traditional bulbs with warm light led bulbs that are softer to the eye.

Zen plants and decorative objects

A breathable interior also involves a few green plants and other plants in pots. Bamboos and orchids are the icons of Zen decor, but all plants are welcome here. You can also install decorative objects with Japanese accents, such as pebbles, a small Buddha, a miniature Zen garden, or why not a small indoor fountain. The sound of water is known for its relaxing effects on congested and tired minds. And don’t forget to arrange a few candles, which also help to create a warm and reassuring atmosphere.

Zen decor in the living room

Zen decor in the living room

For a living room that invites relaxation, the Zen decor is essential! It will lend itself equally well to small spaces which need to find serenity as well as to large rooms which wish to highlight a stripped down atmosphere. 

A minimalist but warm decoration

In order to make your living room a cocoon of relaxation, we remove superfluous decoration, we avoid loading the room and we focus on the essential. In particular, it is recommended to remove bulky items in order to let the space breathe (and you too). A slightly minimalist room will allow more to let the imagination wander. 

Soft rugs, ottomans and floor cushions with a touch of bohemian chic or even faux fur throws are little things that can immediately make a room comfortable. We do not forget the details such as incense, fluid materials with sheer curtains for example, candles and subdued light or on the contrary very bright to promote a warm atmosphere. Asian-style furniture also has its place in a Zen living room. Buddhas, bamboos, bonsai and other mini Japanese tabletop gardens will embellish your stay in the most beautiful way.

Beware of aggressive colors

To keep the interior of the main room welcoming and conducive to well-being, you have to pay attention to the choice of colors. While it is possible to use bold color on the walls of your living room, it is best to handle it with care. Used on an entire wall when the rest of the walls are immaculate, it will brighten up in small doses. 

In total look, the bright and flashy color can look aggressive and even prevent meditation. The neutral colors are restful to the eye and therefore recommended. White, beige, gray, pastel or powdery shades and soft colors are therefore welcome, without any other particular constraint.

Zen decor in the bedroom

Zen decor in the bedroom

In the bedroom, the Zen decor will be ideal to promote sleep and avoid distractions. However, care will be taken not to purify the room too much so that it retains a comfortable and warm appearance. 

Natural or Asian bedroom?

On the color side, light shades are naturally favored but it is not forbidden to come and enhance the whole bedroom with a few more pronounced and daring touches. Natural light is enhanced during the day, the lighting is subdued at night. The materials that are natural and warm, such as wood and linen, are a winning duo even if recently smooth concrete has appeared. 

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For the sake of sobriety, the lines are clean and harmonious and in geometric shapes (round or square). Finally, so that nothing comes to catch the eye and that the whole setup is as harmonious as possible, patterns are avoided or very discreet. Asian-inspired decorative elements also have their place in the bedroom. A duvet cover reminiscent of the famous continent, green plants scattered all over the place, candles , incense or even statuettes of Buddhas can perfectly fit into a relaxing Asian decor.


Fancy an interior that exudes serenity and invites relaxation? Opt for the Zen decor style and cultivate a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Enumerated above are some ideas for adopting a Zen atmosphere and transforming your home into a haven of peace.

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