Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss: Are you looking for an effective method to lose weight? Do you want to start doing yoga for weight loss? Then you are on the right track because this discipline can really help you a lot.

In recent years yoga has spread a lot especially for its countless benefits. There are those who start with yoga to combat stress, those who do it for back pain and those who perhaps want to become more flexible.

Among the countless benefits of this discipline there is also the fact that it helps those who have a few extra pounds to lose weight.

If you are approaching this discipline for this reason, make yourself comfortable and read this article because you will find a lot of information and also some yoga videos to practice at home.


Weight problems

In recent years the lifestyle has become increasingly sedentary and we all use our bodies less and less.

We mainly move by car or public transport, walk a little, do jobs that keep us seated for most of the time and, in the best case, we do sports only for an hour a day.

All these behaviors are the main causes of overweight and obesity, two problems that are increasingly common.

From a health point of view, these disorders are closely related to other rather serious problems such as frequent back pain, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

Furthermore, since being slim is considered an important value in our society, it can also lead to depression and low self-esteem over time.

Not to mention the attempts to lose weight quickly often worsen health even more instead of improving it. In fact, many diets are unbalanced from a nutritional point of view, excessively stress the organism and moreover they are ineffective in the long term.


Why does yoga make you lose weight?

Yoga works differently than most activities that promise to make you lose weight fast. In fact, this discipline, in addition to working on the body, also works on the mind and it is the latter that allows you to achieve a psycho-physical balance, and therefore to burn the so-called “extra kilos”.

The main causes of this problem are sedentary lifestyle and laziness. These are aspects that yoga tends to combat. Thanks to the numerous positions, in fact, the body wakes up and slowly finds its balance, often lost after years of inactivity.

Of course, body balance also means weight loss if needed.

In addition to exercises, another aspect of yoga that contributes to solving this problem is certainly the intake of healthy and natural nutrition, which is very important in this discipline. In fact, as the body regains its balance, it also tends to eat more natural food and avoid excess.


Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss: 6 Poses to Help You Lose Weight

There are many yoga positions and all are beneficial for the body. Some are specific for abdominals; others focus on balance and still others are better for helping the practitioner lose weight.

In this article we will examine the ones that help you lose weight. We will recommend 6 excellent yoga positions useful for weight loss.


This position is a standing forward bend that allows you to stretch the entire back of the body. When doing this asana, the abdomen is compressed and so this whole area is balanced.

If it is difficult at first, bend your knees and try to straighten them over time. Do not push too hard in this position otherwise you risk hyperextending the posterior thigh muscles.

This position is also fundamental in yoga because thanks to this you can learn the principles for practicing forward bending correctly.


Also called the cobra position, this asana is very important in yoga. The chest and shoulders open and the both the lower and upper back work to take on Bhujangasana.

During its execution do not allow the shoulders to arch, but keep them open and away from the ears.

This asana is very important in yoga because it is the basis of all backward bends and can also be performed by those who have started yoga recently.


This position is an extremely beneficial side bend not only for losing weight but also for solving fairly common imbalances in the spine that very often cause back pain.

Thanks to this asana, the two sides are rebalanced and the excess fat in the sides of the body disappears over time.

In addition, it also the legs strengthen intensively.

Paripurna Navasana

This position makes the whole abdominal area work intensely and so, if unbalanced, this part of the body rebalances itself with time.

If you have just started doing yoga it can be very tiring, but if you do it constantly in a short time it will be easier.

If the version with outstretched legs is too difficult, you can do the simplified version done by bending the knees.

Parivrtta Sukhasana

This is a twist that is done by sitting cross-legged. To perform it, just take Sukhasana, put one hand on the opposite knee and perform the twist.

The most important thing in this exercise is to keep your spine straight. Therefore, if it is difficult for you to do it sitting on the ground, put a meditation cushion under your buttocks, it will help you a lot.

When doing this type of exercise, the lateral abdominals are activated, muscles that are rarely used in daily life.

Working with this position and with all the twists, the abdomen and the hips slowly rebalance and so the excess kilos in this area slowly disappear.

Surya Namaskar

The famous sun salutation is a sequence that allows you to sweat a lot and that is recommended by all yoga practitioners.

Many know that it is excellent for warming up the body before doing various other positions, but few know that this simple exercise is terrific for throwing away excess pounds.

The most important thing in this exercise is to let yourself be guided by the breath and not vice versa. Try to breathe deeply, slowly and regularly and with each breathing act make a movement of the body.


These positions are certainly useful for weight loss, but to be truly effective they should be practiced daily. The practice of yoga is extremely beneficial but it is not enough to read an article and then keep the mat closed. You have to open it and practice at home too.

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