In most, if not all, homes there are corners that are more prone to humidity problems. Whether it is due to poor ventilation or because the area in question is often in contact with water or because of the material from which it is made, little by little it accumulates humidity, mold and bad smells.

Do you know what are the benefits of using a dehumidifier?

Many people tend to think that a dehumidifier in the home is a luxury appliance, certainly having one gives us benefits that go beyond preventing the unsightly moisture stains on the walls. Since it helps to get rid of mold and mites that proliferate in these environments, it offers direct benefits for our health.

And this is because, as a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives claims, humidity and mold are associated with an increased risk of allergy and respiratory problems. With this in mind, we must know that having the best dehumidifier in India in the home is synonymous with well-being. For this reason, we will discuss its benefits in detail here.

What is a dehumidifier? Why have a dehumidifier in the house?

A dehumidifier is an appliance that has the function of regulating the humidity that accumulates in different corners of the house, especially in those with poor ventilation. It works thanks to an evaporator, whose temperature is lower than the dew point, and by means of which an air current passes which causes the humidity to condense and which collects in a deposit.

When the air dries and cools, it passes through a condenser which allows it to return to room temperature, thus lowering the humidity levels. All this, as we said, offers significant advantages. On the one hand, it prevents spaces, furniture and appliances from deteriorating prematurely due to humidity; on the other, it protects the health of the family.

Do you have moisture problems?

Before understanding what are the benefits of using a dehumidifier, you need to understand if your home is actually subject to humidity problems and, in the absence of a special instrument to measure its percentage (i.e. the hygrometer), it is good to check if some unequivocal signs occur. You no doubt need to start using a dehumidifier if one or more of the following phenomena occurs:

  • Condensation on the windows
  • Presence of mold on walls, floors or inside cabinets
  • Persistent bad smells
  • Sensation of sleeping on wet sheets
  • Feeling of scarce air
  • Wet walls or floors

Which areas of the home are at greatest risk of humidity?

There are some rooms in the house which, for functional reasons of the room or for structural characteristics of the apartment or building, are more prone to the presence of humidity compared to other areas.

The bathroom and kitchen are the two areas in which the development of humidity is higher, because it is favored by a series of activities that take place in these rooms. We are talking, for example, about boiling water to cook pasta, showers or hot baths which, especially in poorly ventilated rooms, favor the accumulation of humidity on a daily basis.

Cellars, rumpus rooms, underground areas and in general all environments that are not exposed to natural light and where there is little air exchange are easily subject to high humidity and the development of mold and bad smells.

Then there is the laundry room, which due to the presence of clothes soaked in water and left to dry, especially if not properly heated or ventilated, absolutely needs a dehumidifier.

The last of our list is the children’s room. If the children ‘s room is not very bright and with poor air exchange, or for structural reasons there is water penetration, it is definitely advisable to purchase a dehumidifier, because children suffer particularly from the damage caused by continuous and/or frequent exposure to moisture.

Clearly, humidity can also be present in your bedroom, in the living room or in any other room in the house (or office). It is therefore important to recognize the signs with which it occurs and take appropriate measures to defeat it.

What are the Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier?

At this point, you will have already gotten an idea of ​​the benefits that a dehumidifier offers at home. Yet, to remove all doubts, we go into more detail.

1. Improves air quality

Having a dehumidifier in the home has become a health matter. Even if we ignore it, the accumulation of dust, allergens, pet hair and mold are among the most prevalent causes of allergies and respiratory ailments. In addition to this, as highlighted in a publication of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, they can also cause discomfort to the skin and eyes.

Fortunately, thanks to dehumidifiers, we can clean the air of allergens and dust from the environment and thus guarantee a healthier environment for the whole family. In this way we will reduce the risk of skin and respiratory problems, as well as free the spaces from mites, mold and bad smells.

2. Prevents mold

Moisture is the ideal environment for the development and reproduction of molds, that is, a special type of multicellular fungi capable of covering entire surfaces. Mold can also occur as a result of insufficient air exchange inside the house, the habit of putting laundry to dry inside, especially during the winter, or structural problems in the rooms, such as water or rising damp from the subsoil.

All these conditions are much more common than you think, and in fact it is very easy to find large or small infiltrations of humidity and consequent fungi in many homes (also in offices, cellars and closets). Exposing yourself and children to a humid and moldy environment involves some discomfort for the human body, causing conjunctivitis, allergies, asthma and other health problems of different severity levels.

That’s why you need to buy a dehumidifier that prevents mold.

3. Removing bacteria

In general, the presence of humidity makes the environment a fertile ground for the proliferation of bacteria of various kinds, which is why, when you are in a room with a high humidity rate, you feel a general feeling of malaise, poor hygiene and often even bad smells.

A dehumidifier can be used for hygienic reasons, to eliminate these problems, especially when you have children, the elderly and allergy sufferers at home.

4. Relief from heat in summer and cold in winter

Humidity influences our perception of temperature: it makes the summer heat more difficult to bear, just as it amplifies the feeling of cold in winter. For these reasons, the purchase and use of a dehumidifier are advantageous, both during the summer season to receive some relief from the humid and oppressive heat, and during the colder periods of the year, so as to perceive a “less cold.”

This appliance does not vary the temperature considerably (the variation, if present, can be at most one or two degrees) but extracts the humidity from the environment in which we find ourselves and makes the air more pleasant.

5. Promote faster drying of clothing

As mentioned earlier, the practice of putting clothes to dry inside the home especially during the winter season is very widespread (and in many cases it is a forced choice due to weather conditions), but it is also harmful because it is an accomplice to the increase in humidity in the house. The clothes also start giving a bad smell.

Dehumidifiers, in general, can contribute to the quick drying of the laundry, because they are able to extract humidity from the air, and some models are available on the market that provides a specific function dedicated to this purpose which, often, involves the emission of warmer air which speeds up even more drying of clothes.

6. Help take care of furniture and appliances

When environments are too humid, both furniture and appliances tend to deteriorate faster. The humidity, little by little, corrodes the metal parts and the paints, the wood and the fabrics. Once the humidity has been eliminated with a high-quality dehumidifier, all this will be only a memory.

7. Facilitate air purification

Perhaps not everyone knows that another positive effect of using a dehumidifier is to obtain cleaner air in the rooms where this appliance is placed. In general, the operating principle of the dehumidifier ensures that this product removes bad odors from the air, a consequence of the development of mold and bacteria.

In the market, there are dehumidifiers that have specific air purification functions. This is the case, for example, with models with integrated ionizer or with filters for purification, particularly suitable for those who care about having an absolutely clean and healthy environment, perfect especially for sensitive beings such as children, the elderly or allergic people.


Buying a dehumidifier becomes a great investment if we take into account the significant benefits that derive from it. It is not just a piece of home furnishings, but a good ally for health and well-being. Keep this in mind!

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