Working From Home? It is essential to keep in mind a few things in order to maximize productivity. WFH 7 Things to Know Before Setting Up a Home Office, mentioned by Khojdeal Experts.

Making sure your set up is up to the mark and promotes productivity is quite important while working from home. A dingy, dodgy set up is not recommended, neither does it promote any kind of efficiency.

WFH 7 Things to Know Before Setting Up a Home Office

From keeping the right lighting, furniture, an ergonomic chair and the right place to work from, working from home can prove to be incredibly productive if you do it right.

WFH 7 Things to Know Before Setting Up a Home Office

Work From Home – Do it Right

  • Work Zone : Secure a place. We cannot suggest that enough. Find the right place to work from. Couches and beds are not really preferred as they can make you lazy and unproductive.
  • The Right Furniture : The right table, the best ergonomic chair can provide all the comfort you require to maximize your productivity and efficiency. Investing in the right furniture cannot be stressed on enough.
  • Storage : Keep some storage handy, preferably built-in with your study table. You can use it for snacks, documents, essentials and equipments. Effectively, storage can provide you enough for you to stick to your set up and be productive all day long.
  • Lighting : Good lighting is essential for working. Dim lighting might make your drowsy and lazy. A table lamp is effective and provides a lot of help during work hours.
  • Add Plants : A few plants can significantly improve your mood while working and keep you on your toes. The fresh air being inside also proves to be quite the help while you work away.
  • Schedule : Make time for work and stick to it. Start early so have enough time in the afternoon to indulge in your own interests.
  • Breaks : Take frequent, but short breaks. Do not lose your flow. You’re home so you can take snack breaks right at your desk and not compromise on your work. Stretch and pace a few times to keep the blood flowing. Go out in the sun and gather up all the lost energy once in a while. It’ll help immensely with productivity and efficiency.


The best work from home set ups use the 7 tips mentioned above. Make the most of the opportunity in these trying times of lock downs and pandemics. Take care of yourself and maximize your efficiency and productivity using mentioned techniques.

WFH 7 Things to Know Before Setting Up a Home Office, mentioned by Khodjeal Experts

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