Sometimes we would like to have a lot of money to be able to buy branded clothes, go with tailors to personalize our clothes or hire an expert to choose the perfect outfit for us. But can someone with a limited budget afford such a thing?

The answer is yes. Looking elegant is not reserved for people with a lot of purchasing power, the secret lies in buying smart and today we will give you a few tips to achieve it without dying in the attempt.

The reality is that the rich have it easy and we, the working class, should put more effort when it comes to shopping, but you can get good results, even with little money, you just have to follow these golden rules.

10 ways to look fashionable on a budget

Learn the tricks to dress well without spending a lot that have remained hidden until now. With them, you can understand how to dress well as an image consultant.

In addition to this, do not expect that the advice is limited to tips to dress well that deserve money. On the contrary, many of them just need a little creativity when it comes to wearing clothes that little love has been receiving in your closet. To ensure that you get the best bang for your buck, make use of the best online promo codes available on Khojdeal. At times you might also find the best seller discount code that exclusively available on our platform only.

Use different layers

1. Use different layers

The weakness of wearing garments without layers is the absence of pieces to draw attention to. Because of this, we end up going out in a shirt and pants that can be seen in the blink of an eye.

The solution to this is to add layers that make your outfit more interesting and memorable. By layering we mean things like:

  • Wear a jacket, blazer or sweater in climates that allow it
  • Add a hat or headwear
  • Find a bag that complements your clothes
  • Wear a shirt or blouse over the rest of the clothes

This advice for dressing well may on the surface seem limited to people living in hot climates. However, the key is in the fabric you use.

For example, if you want to add a shirt over a T-shirt and jeans, be sure to opt for fabrics such as cotton – preferably this type of cotton – or linen.

Take your clothes to a tailor

2. Take your clothes to a tailor

This trick to dress well is named second since it may be one of the cases in which opting for layers is not entirely necessary.

For example, when using layers, I personally recommend that the layer you are using on the base (think of the shirt or blouse that goes over the shirt) is a little bigger than the rest of the things so that you can play with the proportions.

The problem with this option is that:

  • Wearing clothes that are not in harmony with your body may not do it justice.
  • You are not interested in wearing layers

If you feel that the second case describes your situation, you can choose to go to a tailor or dressmaker who will modify your clothes according to your measurements for a very low cost. In this way, you can make the most of each of the garments you use, at the same time that they highlight every inch of your body.

Don't forget to wear classic and fashionable accessories

3. Don’t forget to wear classic and fashionable accessories

A tip to dress well collected in the concept of layers, but that is important to highlight in a single numeral. And it is that the use of something as simple as a hat, scarf or bag can take a boring outfit; and take it to a completely different point.

This is why there are people who depend on the use of accessories to maintain their status as people with style. Remember that everything is in how creative you can be with the objects you already have at home. Look for that hat that everyone praises when they see you, but that has something that does not convince you. Find a mirror, try it on, and give it another try.

Mix formalities

4. Mix formalities

Many times, we focus on that X garment can only be used in Y situation, which leads us to waste many objects in our closet. Instead of doing this, put aside your pair of jeans for a day and opt for a pair of pants or a skirt. Believe it or not, with this simple action you can even double the number of outfits in your wardrobe.

For example, you can look for the pants of that suit that you wear a maximum of 3 times a year and combine it with tennis shoes. Another option is to keep the top of your outfit casual and add heels or leather shoes to elevate the formality.

Stop buying one-time items

5. Stop buying one-time items

While this is more common in women, we have all been sinners at this point. We have a special event, but even though it is only one day, we decided to go and spend money without any need telling ourselves that we will use it again … which does not happen.

Instead of buying something we don’t need, try filling your closet with classic pieces that are not so easily recognizable. The point of filling your wardrobe with classic pieces is that you can keep wearing the garments over and over again without screaming to the world that we are repeating clothes.

Going against trends will also allow the pieces to remain relevant over time. Finally, you can make use of accessories that make your “repeating” outfits even more unique than they were.

Modify garments that have not been worn for a long time

6. Modify garments that have not been worn for a long time

We all have clothes that we loved, but that we got bored with over time.

It may be:

  • A one-time dress
  • A jean or pants that you are tired of wearing
  • A jean jacket from when you lived in a cold climate

You understand the message, it can be any garment that you have used, but that even when you have stopped using, you still like it. With a little creativity, you can transform this garment into something you want to wear again.

  • Turn the dress into a blouse
  • Take a jean or pants and wear it to a shorts or shorts format
  • Take off your jacket sleeves or collar

As you can see, the trick to dressing well without spending a lot is in how recursive you can be with the things you have at home. I recommend that if you are not skilled enough, you find a tailor or dressmaker who can carry out what you have in mind.

Invest in basics

7. Invest in basics

Unless it’s an extravagant garment that you’ve loved from the first moment you saw it, and are willing to save for months before owning, the best option is to just spend on basics. Basic garments are what hold your entire wardrobe together. In addition to this, they are the pieces of clothing that you will wear most often, which is why it is important to spend a little more on them.

Among the basics in which you should invest we have:

  • Shirt, T-shirt, polo shirts and white blouse
  • Coats in neutral colors like gray, black, or turquoise blue
  • Black and indigo jean
  • Moccasin shoes that can be worn on formal and informal occasions
  • Black cocktail dress for women
  • Suit in gray, black or turquoise blue for men
Shop online

8. Shop online

Buying online instead of physical stores can be a great relief because of how convenient they are and can also save us some money, if you are smart to buy, obviously.

Most clothing stores these days have exclusive deals and prices for their online stores, usually as short, limited-time offers. Every now and then you can find something that really fills your eye, with offers up to 90%.

However, beware of the additional costs that buying online can bring, for example, you can find an INR 1,200 sweater that now costs INR 900, but the shipping cost of INR 200 in the end makes that offer no sense. Also keep the return policies in mind, because when you buy without trying on the garments, you often have to make changes and that also has an extra cost.

Learn to say No

9. Learn to say “No”

Commit to being demanding, buy clothes that are resistant enough to last you a good time; that adapts your personal style and that can be adjusted to the other garments of the wardrobe. If it doesn’t meet all of these requirements, then it’s not worth buying, even if it’s on sale.

When can you spend big

10. When can you spend big?

There are some occasions when you will want to go big and pay full price for an item that you liked too much, nothing happens, do not be afraid to acquire that garment. Just make sure it is:

Something that you are going to use in the short term. Like a suit to attend multiple events, to a job interview, something that is last minute and that in the long run you can wear again.

Unique items. From time to time, designers put out collections that are totally in line with our style. If you think it’s something that will sell like hot cakes and might not come back, then buy it. Do this with truly necessary items, and don’t let it become your justification for shopping like crazy.


Dressing well is something that is limited by your income. Thanks to this post, you learned that: Buying good items is better than you think, you don’t need to buy new clothes to look different and old items can be easily refurbished.