A lot of people get very confused between water heater vs geyser. Well, they are actually more or less the same thing. Unless we are talking about the hot water spouts, the geyser appliance and water heaters are one and the same thing. This will help clear it out – every geyser is a water heater, but not every water heater is a geyser. Water heaters come in a variety of different versions, while a geyser comes in one of three, gas, storage and instant. Let us look deeper into water heater vs geyser and give you a definitive answer, one you would be satisfied with.

Water Heater vs Geyser – A Comparison

So, yes, water heaters and geysers are kind of the same thing. However, water heaters is the greater group of appliances that help you heat water, while geysers refers to a singular type of appliance that lets you heat water.

Water heaters can be of multiple kinds, including geysers, immersion rods, even kettles for mentioning it. It is the entire set of appliances that help you heat water. Yes, mostly when we say water heaters, we do mean geysers of some kind.

To avoid any confusion, it is best to call the commonly found geysers in households as storage geysers. Since they come with a tank to store water. The other format of geysers, instant geysers also fall into the same category, and consequently also the category of water heaters.

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What is a Water Heater?

Hot water is a necessity especially in the colder months. If you are looking for the best water heater in India, there are just so many options to choose from. Now, there are different types and formats water heaters are available in. While most of us would refer to geysers as water heaters, some of us even call immersion rods water heaters.

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To end the confusion once and for all, all heating devices that help you heat water come under the category of water heaters. Immersion rods, gas geysers, storage geysers, instant ones, all of them make up the group called Water Heaters.

What is a Geyser?

Now, geysers are just a sub-set of water heaters. Geysers are appliance that you can use in your kitchen or your bathroom to get running hot water on demand. The word Geyser is generally used for consumer appliances that are installed in bathrooms or kitchens. While it is more or less an Indian thing, calling those water heaters geysers, but that is what it is. Geysers can be of three types, gas, storage, and instant. Each has a different functioning, but works towards the same objective of heating water.

Water Heater vs Geyser – Comparison Table

 Water HeaterGeyser
DefinitionA type of appliance which is used to heat water.A water heater, which is used for domestic purposes.
TypesImmersion rods, storage, instant, gas geysers, kettles, etc.Gas or electric based

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better geyser or water heater?

Water heaters and geysers are the same thing. While all geysers come into the category of water heaters, water heaters themselves are the larger group of appliance that can heat water.

Why are water heaters called geyser?

Named after Icelandic gushing hot springs, the name was chosen to represent the range of water heaters that have a tank to heat water in.

How long do water heaters last?

Water heaters generally last for a good 7-8 years. However, if you are good on maintenance, you will find your water heater lasting even longer than that. With annual maintenance, you can increase the life expectancy of water heaters by a good 3 years, making sure you get to use your water heater for up to 10 years at least.


So, in conclusion, water heaters and geysers are one and the same thing. The appliance that heats water for your requirements, be it in the kitchen, for washing clothes, or for bathing purposes. Geyser is a word actually more commonly used in India to refer to water heaters. But you might find people abroad not referring them as geysers, but water heaters itself. The function remains the same, and the term “water heaters” refers to the bigger set of appliances that help heat water. Geysers is a colloquially used term to refer to the tank-based water heaters commonly found in Indian households.