Knowing the water eject shortcut iPhone is essential for iPhone users. In today’s day and age we all tend to carry our phones with us wherever we go. Whether its on an adventure or while taking a shower, our phones are our constant companion no matter what. Despite the fact that the latest Iphones are waterproof, they are susceptible to water entering their charging port in event of an accident.

In case water does enter your iPhone’s charging port, or any other crevice of the device, no need to worry. The Water Eject application can help you expel the water easily, giving you peace of mind.

How does the application work?

The application comes in handy if there’s any moisture stuck in the crevices of your device. Once downloaded, go on the application and click on the “start” button. Once clicked, the app begins emitting a low-frequency 165Hz sound from your iPhone. This low-frquency sound removes water from your phone. When the process is complete, the application will let you know that your phone is once again dry and ready for use.

Installing the Application

Since the application is a third-party application you can download it directly from this link. In case you face difficulty downloading or running it in your country, you can invest in a VPN to ensure smooth usage of the app. Read our review of the best ExpressVPN India and get excellent service today.

Once downloaded, you have to install the water eject shortcut on your iPhone.

How to add shortcut to your homepage?

Follow the steps below to install the water eject shortcut iPhone:

  • Download the Shortcuts (Free) application on your iPhone.
  • Ensure your internet connection is working and your phone is updated to the latest iOS update.
  • You’ll have to get it from the Shortcuts Gallery website because it’s a third-party shortcut. To get straight to the download page for it, click this link.
  • There will be a popup. To begin downloading the shortcut, press Open.
  • Add a shortcut by pressing Add Shortcut.
  • Your shortcut will appear on the Shortcuts app’s My Shortcuts screen.

How to Run The Application?

By following the steps below you can run the

  • Go to the My Shortcuts screen under Shortcuts.
  • To start it, tap the Water Eject shortcut.
  • Start by pressing the Start button.
  • You’ll be prompted to choose an intensity level. Choose what you think is appropriate based on how much water has gotten into your iPhone. The highest level of intensity yields the best benefits.
  • Your volume sidebar will then display on the left side of your screen. Your iPhone will start vibrating at a specific frequency and the loudness will be set to 100%. You will hear a sound after it is completed.
  • You’ll next be asked if you want to connect to a certain website. It is best to refuse this request.

Alternate Ways To Dry Your Phone

Mobile phones evolve and strive for greater endurance, albeit this is not always the case, making life easier for its owners. As in the case of dust and water protection, each of which is more established but not yet standardized, and which seeks nothing more than to prevent those minor heart attacks that we suffer every time our phone falls into the water or is spilled on.

So what to do if such a dire circumstance does arrive? While the water eject shortcut iPhone is an excellent solution, if the amount of water in your device is too high, you can follow the tips below to clean out your device –

The Rice Method

This method is likely one you have heard of. It is an effective and slow method of drying your phone. Remove all parts that can be removed and place everything in a bag of rice. Every part should be completely submerged. Leave it there for 2 days and let the rice do it’s magic! It is likely that your phone will be relieved of moisture at this point.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol used in pharmacies, at the doctor’s office or more recently as sanitizer during the global pandemic can come handy in such circumstances as well. Simply clean up any surfaces covered with water using this alcohol. You can use cotton swabs to get to more difficult spots on your phone. This is due to the fact that highly pure alcohol evaporates completely, leaving no sign of its presence. However, it does something else along the way: it evaporates the water with which it comes into contact.

Do NOT Heat Your Phone

Some people might suggest applying heat to your phone using a blow dryer or microwave. This is a bad suggestion as heat can destroy the circuits in your phone. You might even end up melting metal or plastic parts of your phone. Devices work best in cooler conditions which is why utilizing heat can lead to the opposite results of what you’re expecting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove water from your iPhone speaker, charging port etc?

You can remove water from your device by downloading the water eject shortcut iPhone. The steps for the same are mentioned above. Alternatively you can keep your phone in rice for 2 days or use rubbing alcohol to clean the phone. Read the tips mentioned in the blog above to get a good idea of how to remove water from your phone.

Is the water eject shortcut iPhone safe?

Yes, the water eject shortcut iPhone is safe. The application was developed exclusiveluy for iOS devices and clears moisture from the crevices by emitting a low-frequency sound which dispels the water slowly. Read our blog above to find out more about the application.


If you an iPhone, it is likely you want to ensure that your device remains in new condition for a long time. This includes keeping your device safe from water/moisture. For that reason, you should consider downloading the water eject shortcut iPhone. The benefits of the application along with a guide to installing the shortcut on your phone has been described above. We have also mentioned some alternative tips you can use to clear water out of your device. Read the blog thoroughly and keep you iPhone water-free!