Although OTT platforms have become rather popular, a huge part of the Indian population enjoys using D2H cable services. D2H stands for direct to home, an apt name for such services. Unlike old-school television cables, these services offer ease of choosing the channels that fit you best. Videocon D2H is one of India’s foremost cable TV providers and there are multiple videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list that you can choose from.

Videocon D2H Recharge Plans With Channel List

Along with offering over 650 channels, they give users the option to record anything on screen in case they are too busy to watch at the time. These recordings can be accessed at a later time to be watched at the user’s convenience. If you’re worried about missing out on a live event or are interested in a movie being shown but unable to watch at the time, this feature can be a lifesaver. You can even pick and drop channels through apps on your mobile phone. Read further to get a good idea of every package available to you.

In addition to the aforementioned services, Videocon D2H has 20+ interactive and value-added services for its users. Additionally, there are over 300 regional channels and services. This feature is an excellent in a country like India, where the population is immensely diverse, and people speak different languages in every state. Below is a comprehensive list of Videocon D2H recharge plans with channel list to give you a good idea of everything that is offered by this service.

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Videocon D2H Recharge Plans with Channels

There are multiple options in the Videocon D2H recharge plans and channel list that users can choose from. These vary in price and offer users the liberty to choose channels as per their interests and budget.

S. No.Videocon D2H Recharge Plans You Can Choose From
1.Videocon D2H Recharge Plans List
2.Odiya Package with Prices
3.Marathi Package with Prices
4.Kannada Package with Prices
5.Bengali Package with Prices
6.Malyalam Package with Prices
7.Tamil Package with Prices
8.Telugu Package with Prices
9.Gujrati Package with Price
10.Videocon D2H Active Service
11.D2H Combo Package with Prices
12.General Package with Prices
13.D2H Addons (SD)
14.D2H Addons (HD)

Videocon D2H Recharge Plans With Channel List You Can Choose From

There are several videocon D2H recharge plans available to help aid the user’s viewing experience. Depending on your preference and budget, you can pick and choose the package for you. Following is a list of the various Videocon D2H packages.

Sr No.Combo NameChannel CountPrice per Month
1.Diamond Odiya Combo264₹ 311.02
2.Diamond Odiya HD Combo260₹ 409.32
3.Diamond Sports Odiya Combo250₹ 340.68
4.Diamond Sports Odiya HD Combo268₹ 505.08
5.Diamond Kids Odiya Combo242₹ 389.83
6.Diamond Kids Odiya HD Combo253₹ 520.34
7.Gold Odiya Combo221₹ 243.22
8.Gold Odiya HD Combo222₹ 306.78
9.Platinum Odiya Combo307₹ 476.27
10.Platinum Odiya HD Combo306₹ 644.07
11.Silver Odiya Combo193₹ 181.36

Videocon D2H Package with Monthly Prices – Marathi

Enjoy watching Marathi cinema? Then this pack is for you. From all of the videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list this list brings you a wide variety of marathi channel packages to choose from. Depending on your budget you can pick the package that fits your budget. You can also choose whether you want HD or lower definitiion. Furthermore you can choose to pick the kids package, the sports package or Amcha Marathi combo package.

Sr No.Combo NameChannel CountPrice per Month
1.Amcha Marathi Combo250₹ 291.53
2.Amcha Marathi HD Combo251₹ 452.54
3.Diamond Kids Marathi Combo235₹ 299.15
4.Diamond Kids Marathi HD Combo251₹ 440.68
5.Diamond Marathi Combo261₹ 317.80
6.Diamond Marathi HD Combo254₹ 473.73
7.Diamond Sports Marathi Combo248₹ 385.59
8.Diamond Sports Marathi HD Combo263₹ 527.12
9.Gold Marathi Combo225₹ 239.83
10.Gold Marathi HD Combo226₹ 323.73
11.Platinum Marathi Combo308₹ 470.34
12.Platinum Marathi HD Combo308₹ 658.47
13.Silver Marathi Combo193₹ 185.59
14.Silver Marathi HD Combo193₹ 216.10

Videocon D2H Package with Monthly Prices – Kannada

If you are looking for Kannada channels in the videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list, look no further. Below you can read about each combo type and it’s monthly price. Depending on who is watching, you can pick the right package type for you and your family. You can even get channels in high definition at minimal extra cost!

Combo NameChannel countPrice per Month
Diamond Kannada Combo247₹ 348.31
Diamond Kannada HD Combo247₹ 528.81
Diamond Kids Kannada Combo232₹ 294.07
Diamond Kids Kannada HD Combo239₹ 399.15
Diamond Sports Kannada Combo253₹ 425.42
Diamond Sports Kannada HD Combo253₹ 559.32
Gold Kannada Combo209₹ 238.14
Gold Kannada HD Combo221₹ 344.92
Platinum Kannada HD Combo281₹ 663.56
Platinum Kannada SD Combo282₹ 501.69
Popular Kannada Combo212₹ 168.64
Silver Kannada Combo194₹ 171.19
Silver Kannada HD Combo194₹ 171.19

Videocon D2H Package with Monthly Prices – Bengali

After thoroughly searching for your favourite Bengali channels in the videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list, you can come to the conclusion that there are not only multiple options to choose from but also these options are affordable. You can pick whichever options and kinds of channels suit you and your household best and get your favourite TV experience everyday.

Combo NameChannel countPrice/Month
Diamond Bengali Combo264₹ 345.76
Diamond Bengali HD Combo263₹ 512.71
Diamond Kids Bengali Combo235₹ 315.25
Diamond Kids Bengali HD Combo261₹ 479.66
Diamond Sports Bengali Combo248₹ 387.29
Diamond Sports Bengali HD Combo269₹ 548.31
Gold Bengali Combo221₹ 254.24
Gold Bengali HD Combo222₹ 346.61
Platinum Bengali Combo308₹ 473.73
Platinum Bengali HD Combo309₹ 663.56
Silver Bengali Combo194₹ 198.31
Silver Bengali HD Combo194₹ 217.80
Aamar Bangla Combo226₹ 190.68
Popular Bangla Combo192₹ 168.64

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Videocon D2H Package with Monthly Prices – Malayalam

If you’re an avid watcher of Malyali cinema and TV shows, these videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list are for you. Pick your favourite combo within your budget and sit back, relax, and enjoy all of your favourite movies and shows. Plus you can get these in high definition at a slightly higher cost.

Combo NameChannel countPrice/Month
Diamond Kids Malayalam Combo230₹ 285.59
Diamond Kids Malayalam HD Combo246₹ 430.51
Diamond Malayalam Combo243₹ 335.59
Diamond Malayalam HD Combo252₹ 527.12
Diamond Sports Malayalam Combo248₹ 383.05
Diamond Sports Malayalam HD Combo257₹ 580.51
Gold Malayalam Combo216₹ 220.34
Gold Malayalam Combo 6M216₹ 219.49
Gold Malayalam HD Combo216₹ 297.46
Gold Malayalam HD Combo 6M216₹ 315.25
Platinum Malayalam HD Combo287₹ 671.19
Platinum MALYALAM Combo277₹ 479.66
Popular Malayalam Combo200₹ 168.64
Popular Malayalam Combo 6M200₹ 154.24
Silver Malayalam HD Combo196₹ 199.15

Videocon D2H Package with Monthly Prices – Tamil

As an avid watcher of Tamil cinema it can be difficult for you to find the right channels that stream all your favourite movies and TV shows. Fret not as videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list contain all the right combos to fit your needs. These are affordable and give you the option to pay slightly more for high definition quality as well. Channels include sports and kids related channels; you can choose whether you want these combos or not.

Combo NameChannel countPrice/Month
Diamond Kids Tamil Combo254₹ 294.07
Diamond Kids Tamil HD Combo255₹ 477.97
Diamond Sports Tamil Combo267₹ 418.64
Diamond Sports Tamil HD Combo259₹ 596.61
Diamond Tamil Combo260₹ 357.63
Diamond Tamil HD Combo252₹ 516.95
Gold Tamil Combo227₹ 230.51
Gold Tamil HD Combo228₹ 318.64
Platinum Tamil Combo303₹ 521.19
Platinum Tamil HD Combo287₹ 661.86
Popular Tamil Combo214₹ 168.64
Silver Tamil Combo209₹ 193.22
Silver Tamil HD Combo210₹ 242.37

Videocon D2H Package with Monthly Prices – Gujrati

Looking for the your favourite Gujrati channels and unable to find a one stop platform for them all? Videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list comes to the rescue! You can pick from multiple combo packs based on your choices and interests. Each combo has a varying price hence making the pack budget friendly.

Combo NameChannel countPrice/Month
Diamond Gujrati Combo265₹ 341.53
Diamond Gujrati HD Combo266₹ 483.05
Diamond Kids Gujrati Combo260₹ 309.32
Diamond Kids Gujrati HD Combo267₹ 422.88
Diamond Sports Gujrati Combo272₹ 376.27
Diamond Sports Gujrati HD Combo274₹ 500
Gold Gujrati Combo247₹ 262.71
Gold Gujrati HD Combo249₹ 335.59
Gold Gujrati PLUS Combo256₹ 290.68
Gold Gujrati PLUS HD Combo258₹ 430.51
Hamara Gujrati Combo240₹ 245.76
Platinum Gujrati Combo308₹ 455.08
Platinum Gujrati HD Combo306₹ 623.73
Silver Gujrati Combo215₹ 188.98
Silver Gujrati HD Combo216₹ 206.78

Videocon D2H Package with Monthly Prices – Videocon D2H Active

On top of various language channels available, videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list offer channels made solely for activities. These include cooking, children’s tv shows and games. These are additional activity services and users must pay extra for subscription. Use the below information for reference!

NameChannel No.Price
Kids Active Toons & Rhymes500 & 502Rs. 40
Games Active–Rs. 45
Bhakti Active481Rs. 40
Music Active Hits & Masala270 & 271Rs. 40
Movies222Rs. 59
Movies HD913Rs. 64
Cine213Rs. 20
Dance272Rs. 40
Cooking146Rs. 40
Ibadat786Rs. 40
Jyotish Duniya204Rs. 40
Evergreen Classic215Rs. 40
Aaplam Manoranjan756Rs. 38
Topper160Rs. 59
Comedy131Rs. 35
Songdew TV278Rs. 30
Bhojpuri861Rs. 40
Fitness132Rs. 40
Thriller134Rs. 40
Rangmanch214Rs. 64
Ayushman130Rs. 40
Bengali710Rs. 40
Punjabi776Rs. 40
ShortsTV135Rs. 59
All Vas Pack–Rs. 169
Kids Unlimited–Rs. 59
Entertainment Dhamaka–Rs. 85

Videocon D2H Package with Monthly Prices – D2H Combo

In a diverse country like India it is hard to pick a singular package from the videocon D2H recharge plans with channel list. Your family might want multiple package combos simultaneously. Hence Videocon D2H has an option to make a combo of multiple packages so that you can view a variety of channels all on one plan.

Combo NameChannel countPrice/Month
Dual Language Maharashtra Telugu Combo215₹ 282.20
Dual Language Maharashtra Telugu HD Combo214₹ 352.54
Dual Language – Karnataka AP HD Combo220₹ 360.17
Dual Language – Karnataka AP SD Combo220₹ 273.73
Dual Language – Karnataka Maharashtra HD Combo215₹ 350
Dual Language – Karnataka Maharashtra SD Combo215₹ 264.41
Dual Language – KERALA TN HD Combo207₹ 316.95
Dual Language – KERALA TN SD Combo207₹ 238.98
Dual Language – TN AP HD Combo217₹ 372.03
Dual Language – TN AP SD Combo217₹ 267.80
Dual Language Maharashtra Telugu Combo215₹ 282.20
Dual Language Maharashtra Telugu HD Combo214₹ 352.54

Videocon D2H Package with Monthly Prices – General Package

If you are an avid TV watcher who lives nothing more than having a variety of channels available these packages are for you. They include a variety of channels, ranging from sports to kids channels. Out of all the videocon D2H recharge plans with channel list, these are most accessible. Just subscribe to the package of your choosing, sit pack and enjoy the perfect viewing experience!

Combo NameChannel countPrice/Month
Diamond Combo241₹ 339.83
Diamond HD Combo262₹ 475.42
Diamond Kids Combo262₹ 322.03
Diamond Kids HD Combo262₹ 415.25
Diamond Sports Combo249₹ 374.58
Diamond Sports HD Combo268₹ 491.53
Gold Combo225₹ 261.02
Gold HD Combo244₹ 328.81
Hamara Hindi Combo238₹ 239.83
Hamara Punjabi Combo259₹ 293.22
Hamara UP Combo246₹ 278.81
Platinum Combo302₹ 460.17
Platinum HD Combo301₹ 616.10
Silver Combo209₹ 181.36
Silver HD Combo210₹ 199.15
Silver PLUS Combo234₹ 227.12
Silver PLUS HD Combo236₹ 277.97

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Videocon D2H Recharge Plans with Channels List – Buying Guide

If you are looking to get the videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list installed in your household, you need to follow a simple process. Once the hardware is bought and installed you can begin the installation steps:

  1. Get the Videocon D2h application from playstore on your phone. Alternatively, you can simply go on the website.
  2. Create an account on the application/website. Once that is done, log in to your account.
  3. Scroll through the app or website and pick all the channel combos you want out of the videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list that are available.
  4. You can also opt for some addons or D2H combos as per your requirements.
  5. Once you have selected everything, simply pay and enjoy all of your favourite channels!

By following these easy steps you can set up your Videocon D2H Recharge Plans with Channels List and enjoy an uninterrupted, varied viewing experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to recharge videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list?

You can opt for several options. Log in to your account on the website or use the mobile app. You can also utilize payment apps such as PayTM, PhonePe etc to pay directly.

How to remove add-ons?

You can easily remove add-ons by either contacting customer care or through the Videocon Infinity Application.

How to add additional channels to Videocon D2H plan?

You can either drop a message to SMS ADD < ADD ON CODE > to 566777, where the ‘add on code’ is the channel code number or use the Videocon app to add channels.


There are multiple videocon d2h recharge plans with channel list available to users. Videocon also offers multiple set-top-box options for users to choose from. You can pick the channels, set-top-box, combo packages or addons of your choice easily through the videocon website or their mobile application. Simply subscribe to your favourite channels, sit back, relax and enjoy!