On the 14th of February each year sweethearts of all ages profess their love and exchange gifts. Our modern Valentine’s Day can be attributed to the ancient Romans. A Roman emperor executed two men named Valentine on different years of the 3rd century A.D. The Catholic Church celebrates their martyrdom as the Feast of Saint Valentine. Celebrated widely, and especially revered by couples and utilized to express their emotions and love. Khojdeal Love Gurus list the 20 best Valentine’s Day gifts for Him/Her.

We go to extraordinary lengths to make our sweethearts feel gleeful and satisfied. The 14th of February is essentially an entire day allocated to cherish and be with your loved one(s). Gifts can be tricky to buy. If you have run out of ideas or are in need for a quick, relevant purchase, visit Khojdeal. We have all your needs in one single convenient space.

Everything About Valentine’s Gifts – Buying Guide

From lavish gifts to a homemade dinner date, a lot can be shared with your loved one. If you know your partner well, it’s a piece of cake to choose a gift for them. Oh yes! Cake is a necessity by the way. Hobbies and interests can make for some good gifts for your significant other as well.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to make your love known. A simple homemade card, a meal or even some time well spent could be enough for your loved one to feel the connection.

There are a few commonplace gifts for either of the sexes. Our buying guide is definite to help you in some regard. Shortly listed below are the 20 best Valentine’s day gifts for him/her.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him/Her

There are certain items and emotions that either of the sexes feel exceptionally cheerful to receive. A few not so generic gift ideas can be used to make your Valentine feel special.

  • Engage Their Senses : Make for them a five drawer set which appeals to each of the 5 senses. They can contain candies, perfume candles, massage oils, etc. Be creative and surprise them.
  • Flowers : Men like flowers too. Yes! I do. It is cliched that women love flowers – but guys do too. A good bouquet accompanied by a crate of beer is literally my kind of Valentine’s gift. Your girl might admire the gesture too.
  • Frame : A photo frame with your favorite couple photo or a white board with lovey-dovey words all over can make them feel special everyday.
  • Books : People love to read. A good book could be the way to go. A Kindle also serves a similar purpose. A first edition of their favorite book can also make their day.
  • Cakes : I love a good cheesecake on special occasions. Trust me, a self baked cake will have your significant other weak in the knees.
  • Chocolate and Wine : A perfect pairing for a perfect Valentine’s gift. A box of chocolates and a bottle of wine when shared in a private space results in the most beautiful of afternoons.
  • Accessories : Chains, lockets, watches, shoes, caps and hats, bracelets and bangles, scarfs and shawls are all amazing gift ideas.
  • Clothes : Matching t-shirts also make for amazing gifts. A winter jacket or some racy lingerie can make for an exciting gift too.
  • Skin/Bread Care : Make them know you care – grooming, skin care products and cosmetics have tonnes of varieties and uses.

Out of the Box Valentine’s Day Gifts

A few gifts are sure to make your partner feel elated, but come with certain requirements. Note : Some of these might be expensive and won’t be applicable as last moment gift ideas. Start planning early and make their day memorable. Teenagers and broke people – read through and plan a distant Valentine’s Day using this information.

  • Adopt a Pet : I love cats. I would be enthralled if i am given a cat or maybe even a pair of cats as a gift. Hamsters also make for cute pets – but remember to get a pair. Hamsters don’t do well in solidarity.
  • Plan a Romantic Getaway : Take your partner to a quite hill station or a fancy beach resort – either way, your Valentine’s will be pleasurable.
  • Make them a Garden : I know I know, we listed flowers already – but a personalized garden has its own appeal. If you stay together – refurbish your backyard with their favorite flowers, and your own of course.
  • Make them Food : A romantic self made dinner, or breakfast or lunch, or why not all meals of the day. Make them feel comfortable and cook their favorite dishes throughout the day. If that’s not a keeper, I do not know what is.
  • Sleeping Bag for Two : I mean, I cannot stress how wonderful it could be. A winter night, high in the hills, camping, with a sleeping bag for two. Enough said.
  • Write a Poem or Draw : If you are the artsy kind, it is an absolutely brilliant idea to write or draw something for your partner. A personalized piece is sure to keep them happy throughout and through-on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Valentine’s Day Gifts

What is the best Valentine’s Day gift?

Tricky to answer, the best gift is always objective and based on personal preference. For him and her both, the gift, I personally think, should signify your love for your partner. If they like cats only, do not gift them a dog. Makes sense? Make them feel cherished, they will know if it is heartfelt. Best of luck!

What should I gift my husband on Valentine’s?

Gifts for men are fairly difficult to purchase. Personal preference plays a key role in buying gifts for men. If he wears suits, ties and cuff-links are a great gift. A reader would love a good book, adventurers might be interested in travel bags and such, even video games and collectibles for nerds are great as gifts. Be imaginative and remember, men love beer.

What should I gift my wife on Valentine’s?

The amount of varieties in gifts for women are virtually infinite. From jewelry, to books, pets, plants and flowers, cosmetics, clothes and so much more. Know your woman and get what she requires. If you are running short on time and money, make something nice for her. She will admire it – maybe, if it is nice. Do plan it out, or be spontaneous – at your own risk.

20 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him/Her : Reviewed

For HER, the perfect Valentine’s gift exists – but you might have to give it some thought. To make your love known, understand your girl and figure out what she likes and/or wants. Even if you already do, here are some options to choose from.

1. Yellow Chimes Crystals from Swarovski : Silver Designer Bracelet

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for her. This Italian designer bracelet is sure to impress your loved one.

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2. Shining Diva : Fashion Earrings

Multi-color, traditional, Bohemian earrings for her. Can go with most outfits.

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3. Fastrack Aviator Sunglasses : M069BK3

These metal frame sunglasses are a perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend.

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4. Skylofts Horse Chocolate Decoration

A fancy decorative piece with high quality chocolate. Stock more chocolate on for your girl and make her day a little more special.

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5. Adidas NEO : Women’s Sneaker

Cloadfoam shoes that mold to the wearers foot and provide absolute comfort. Shoes to make her feel light – an ideal gift idea.

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6. Titan Analog : Women’s Watch – NK9710SM01

Titan watches are a perfect match for a woman’s wrist. Comfortable, stylish and durable – it is one of the best gift items in the market.

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7. The Age of Innocence : Book

Edith Wharton’s Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece, about a bitter-sweet romance, is a necessary read by all – especially women.

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8. Van Heusen : Women’s Shoulder Bag

A subtle yet fancy design, Van Heusen is an expert at designer handbags. Your partner will love the feel and convenience of this bag.

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9. Kleio Polka Dots : Canvas Slingbag

A great fashionable and utilitarian design, this stylish bag is sure to keep their belongings organized.

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10. Davidoff Café : Espresso 57 Intense Instant Coffee Jar

A good coffee is a great starter to your day. Gift your partner this amazing, intense coffee to recharge their mornings.

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For HIM, a Valentine’s Gift can mean a lot. Think simple and figure out what he likes. It could be a new wallet, a fancy watch or even a carton of beer – keep it simple and keep in mind their interest. Choose from these amazing gift options and make him feel loved.

1. Adidas Men’s Vs Pace Shoes : AW4594

These lace-up skateboarding shoes are sure to electrify him. Comfortable and branded – these shoes are a go to gift for men.

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2. NU-Lite Men’s Silk Necktie Set

A stain resistant tie, paired with a pocket square and cufflinks will make that formally dressed man look handsome and chic.

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3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Wallet

For men who carry their money in style and care about durability – Tommy Hilfiger wallets might be that one thing your man needs this Valentine’s.

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4. WildHorn Wallet Combo

A high quality, leather wallet set – comes with a stylish key-chain and a pen. A combo best for a Valentine’s Day surprise.

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5. Fastrack Men’s Sunglasses

Fashionable sunglasses by Fastrack – a wonderful gift for your partner. Semi-rimless glasses will make your partner smart and stylish.

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6. K London : Leatherite Handmade Cross Over Shoulder Bag

The perfect bag for the office man. A durable and comfortable design with ample space. A great gift for your working man.

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7. Men Without Women : Ernest Hemingway

A painfully good tale which makes for the most thoughtful gift to your loved one.

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8. Fastrack 50 Litres Rucksack

For the adventurer kind – a big rucksack with enough space to pack enough supplies for days.

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9. Fossil Analog Men’s Watch-BQ2311

Catering to the young and funky, Fossil are the best watches you can gift to your partner.

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10. Philips : Beard Trimmer QT4001/15

The cordless, rechargeable beard trimmer has 10 length settings – perfect for men who style their beards and hair themselves.

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It is not easy to get a Valentine’s Day gift – let alone the perfect gift. We can anyway try our best to keep your partners happy and satisfied throughout the day. The 20 best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him/Her have been listed by Khojdeal love managers. Choose from the best, but remember something sweet – something handmade, a gesture goes a longer way than expensive material belongings. This Valentine’s plan the day for and with your partner – engage in activities, cook food, have a date and most importantly, cherish these moments. Cheers!

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