When it comes to choosing the best room heater in India, there is one you must always give note to, and that is the brand of the room heater. There are a lot of different brands in the market that dabble in consumer electronics. This saturation is one of the reasons it is getting so difficult to buy a good appliance. There are tons of cheap, knock-off brands in the market and their heaters might look great, but do not provide any substance. If you are looking for a good brand for your heater, we are here to battle the two best, Usha vs Bajaj room heater, which one is better?

Let us take a look and figure out which brand is best in terms of room heaters.

Usha vs Bajaj Room Heater – Which is the Best Brand for Room Heaters?

When it comes to room heaters, there are two brand that stand above most other on the list of home appliances. Bajaj and Usha, both have been consistently producing brilliant consumer appliances that are highly trustworthy and very commonly used in India. Both brands are also home-grown and have been operating in India for a very long time.

That said, Usha vs Bajaj Room Heater, which is the better one? Well, that is what we are here for, so let us take a deeper look at each of the brands and then show a comparison of the two.

Usha Room Heaters – An Overview

Usha, the brand has been around for more than 50 years. It has been an Indian staple and has garnered a lot of respect and trust from its users. Safe to say, there was definitely something in your household growing up that was made by Usha. Be it fans, room heaters, geysers, or other electronics, Usha is one of the best brand in India, and it shows by the trust people have on it.

When it comes to Usha room heaters, they are easily some of the most durable we have found on the market. Their primary USP is their durability and ease of maintenance. While other branded appliances might break down easily, Usha appliances last you an incredibly long time even if you fail to maintain it well. This is not an invitation to stop maintaining your appliances, but in case you have a heater made by Usha, chances are it’ll last you quite the long time.

They sadly lack in terms of options however. Their design aspects are also quite simple and not very aesthetic. Usha has retained most of its early 70’s look and feel on their appliances which does not mix well with modern furnishings. They are utilitarian however, so if you have that kind of decor and functionality in mind, you can definitely use an Usha room heater to

So, finding the right kind of appliance from Usha might be difficult. From the appliances they have listed, it is an easy choice to make.

Usha Room Heaters – Types of Room Heaters Available

Usha has some of the most durable room heaters in the market. With a few options to choose from under each category, you can easily find something that catches your fancy.

  • Halogen/Quartz Room Heaters
  • Radiant Room Heaters
  • Fan Room Heaters
  • OFR Room Heaters
  • PTC Room Heaters (Only available in radiant heaters)

Usha Room Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Highly durable appliances
  • Affordable to purchase
  • Great build quality and components
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Effective and efficient appliances


  • Designs lack innovation
  • Not a lot of options to choose from

Bajaj Room Heaters – An Overview

When it comes to Bajaj room heaters, there is simply nothing better. Bajaj is one of the biggest electrical equipment manufacturing company in India. Part of the Bajaj Group, the brand has intensely diversified products including home appliances, generators, lighting, and obviously, room heaters.

The brand is highly trustworthy and their appliances prove incredibly efficient to use. The best part about Bajaj is that their appliances are not just durable and well-built, but you also get a good number of options to choose from. Within every type of room heater, you can easily find multiple that provide old-school durability, and modern style and efficiency.

Bajaj room heaters are also quite affordable and provide ample advantages over the other brands in the market. If you are in the market for the best room heater in India, Bajaj has clearly some brilliant appliances in the market.

Types of Bajaj Room Heaters Available

When it comes to options to choose from, Bajaj really has plenty of appliances on the market. Room heaters are their USP and you will not have any problem choosing any from Bajaj.

  • Halogen/Quartz Room Heaters
  • Radiant Room Heaters
  • Fan Room Heaters
  • OFR Room Heaters
  • PTC Room heaters (Only available in OFR)

The Bajaj trust comes with each kind of room heater, so choosing one will not be a problem at all.

Bajaj Room Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Highly affordable appliances
  • Tons of options to choose from
  • Great design features
  • Old-school durability
  • Modern designs and stability
  • Highly efficient
  • Energy saving appliances
  • PTC line of room heaters by Bajaj are even more energy saving


  • Some models can be really expensive

Usha vs Bajaj Room Heater – Comparison Table

Comparing the two, we get an idea about which brand might be better for room heaters. While this is quite objective and we have taken into consideration only basic use, and we might be biased, but in Usha vs Bajaj room heater, Bajaj is the clear winner. Their room heaters are way more durable, last way longer, they are more energy efficient and modern room heaters from Bajaj also look incredibly aesthetic.

Usha provides similar features at almost the same price. Usha is cheaper than Bajaj, but they lack features. Functionality wise, Usha vs Bajaj room heater is a tie. Overall, Bajaj is the clear winner in our eyes.

Both brands manufacture all the different kinds of room heaters. So, if you have your eyes on a particular type, you can be sure these two brands have at least one product listed under it.

Feature PointUsha Room HeaterBajaj Room Heater
Heating PotentialGreat heating potentialGreat heating potential
Durability and Life ExpectancyHighly durable and long lastingIncredibly durable and long lasting
Energy EfficiencyNot many features related to energy efficiency. Only a few PTC room heater options to choose from.Fairly energy efficient. PTC models available that allow improved energy efficiency.
Ease of Use and MaintenanceVery easy to use and maintain.Very easy to use and maintain. Expensive models can be tricky to get fixed.
FeaturesBasic featuresGood number of features to make use of
Variations AvailabilityOnly basic models available.Tons of variations to choose from.
PriceVery affordableFairly affordable

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Which company is best for room heater?

When it comes to room heaters, there are three brands that reign supreme, Usha, Bajaj, and Havells. Havells has a ton of options to choose from, Usha room heaters are incredibly affordable and durable, while Bajaj is the best of all worlds combined, with a fresh sense of modern designs and brilliant durability.

Which brand room heater is best in India?

If you are looking for the best room heater brand in India, check out Havells, Bajaj, Orpat, Usha, or Morphy Richards. These brands are listed as the best 5 in terms of room heaters in India. Orpat is a great brand to choose if you want a temporary room heater. They are really cheap but are prone to breaking down. Bajaj is literally the best with great durability and other added features.

Is Bajaj room heater safe?

Yes, totally. Bajaj room heaters are incredibly safe to use. They come with multiple safety features and prove highly effective in a home situation. If you are looking for a good room heater for your living space, one from Bajaj ought to satisfy you and last for a long time.

Which room heater uses less electricity?

If energy efficiency is your concern, check out PTC room heaters. They are a type of room heaters that use ceramic discs instead of heating coils or elements. These discs have holes in them which makes for an even flow of warm air. Bajaj PTC room heaters are some of the best in the market.

Which kind of heater is the best?

That depends on your requirements. If you live in a really cold region with more colder months than warmer, a tower room heater, or even an oil filled radiator (OFR) must be your pick. However, if you live in a place which sees less than 3 months of winters, you can easily get yourself a radiant room heater. The size of the room also has a massive effect on which kind of heater you purchase.


So, here it is, conclusive evidence on which one is the better brand when talking about room heaters. In Usha vs Bajaj room heater, Bajaj has taken the cake, while Usha comes in very close behind, lost only because of the limited options they have listed. Overall, functionality wise, both brands have some of the best room heaters in India. If you are looking for the right brand for room heaters, check out Usha, Bajaj, Orpat, or Havells. These are the biggest 4 names in the room heater market and are responsible for some of the best heaters available.