When it comes to listening to music, or attending calls when you are out and about, you have a few options to choose from. Earlier speaking, we all went for earphones since they were rather inexpensive, convenient and easy to carry along. However, nowadays, our obsession with making things smaller and more handy has taken roots in TWS, and for convenience, the Neckband. So between the two, TWS vs Neckband, let us see which one takes the cake?

Each device comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between them eventually depends on your personal preference. Let us take a look at all they bring to the table.

TWS vs Neckband – Which is the Better Option?

TWS, earphones, headphones, neckbands, they all tend to provide a similar function. However, their convenience is what changes throughout the various formats of “earphones”.

TWS is the newest member of this family. Standing for True Wireless Stereo, these devices have massively reduced the size of the earphones and made them completely wireless for added convenience. Neckbands also come with no wires. Say goodbye to tangled wires with TWS and neckbands,

What are TWS?

If you are looking for high quality, convenient earphones, TWS is the way to go. TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo, and the technology allows you to connect two audio devices via Bluetooth. The two audio devices, or earbuds, are not connected to each other with wires and one of them acts as the primary connection, while the other works as the secondary connection.

TWS audio devices are becoming highly popular these days, and are excellent if you tend to use earphones a lot. Since earbuds do not come with wires, you do not have to worry about them snipping or getting ruined. However, TWS earbuds can get easily lost if you are not being careful. The buds themselves are insanely small in size, which adds to the convenience, but also proves a great threat since you can easily misplace them.

TWS earbuds have really become the popular choice in audio technology. Since you get complete freedom to move, void of any tangle-able wires, earbuds prove highly effective as action earphones. The best truly wireless earbuds under 2000 in India will also be a little pricey, so be prepared for that.

Advantages of TWS Devices

When it comes to TWS earbuds, they come with a good few features that can really help you out in your daily routine. They generally stay out of your way, so the only thing you will enjoy is the music.

  • Truly wireless – Total freedom from wires allows you to listen to music or take calls without worrying about the wires getting tangled.
  • Versatility – Since TWS works over Bluetooth, you do not have to be very close to your phone for them to work. And since they are wireless, they won’t snag on your clothes either. This makes them incredibly versatile to use. If you are a frequent runner, or go the gym often, TWS earbuds would prove effective while you workout.
  • Less damage – The main issue with earphones was damaged wires. Once they snip or bend, you would know that your earphones do not have long. This is completely negated by the use of TWS, where there exist no wires to get damaged in the first place.
  • Battery potential – Now since TWS devices use a smaller driver, they do not use a lot of power. This is the reason you would find TWS devices lasting a long time before asking you to charge them up. This proves incredibly easy since the dock you get with your TWS earbuds doubles as a charger. So essentially you can have multiple charges for your TWS earbuds.

Disadvantages of TWS Devices

Now, TWS earbuds can be difficult to hold on to. They are easily lost and can be expensive to replace. Let us see the disadvantages of using TWS devices.

  • Noise isolation/cancellation – While some TWS devices, like the Apple AirPods, reach the effects of noise isolation and cancellation quite brilliantly, they also cost a lot of money. If you want either of these features, chances are you would have to pay a huge amount of money to get them. Conversely, a pair of headphones with isolation and cancellation features cost way less by comparison.
  • Microphone limitations – One of the biggest problems with TWS devices is their microphone potential. Since the microphone is situated in either of the buds themselves, it stays quite away from your mouth, causing a lot of issues with being heard properly, especially in a crowded situation.
  • Driver limitations – Also, since the device itself would be quite small, the drivers inside cannot be that powerful. If you are a true music geek and want something that provides the highest echelons of quality, a headphone would prove better.
  • Price – Lastly, TWS devices are quite expensive. Yes, there are affordable versions on the market, but you can be sure they neither last long, nor do they come with prime audio qualities.

What are Neckbands?

Now, when it comes to convenience, neckbands are some of the most comfortable form of audio devices you can get for yourself. People call it differently however, neckbands, behind the neck headphones, and even collar earphones. They all remain the same with their distinctive style and convenience.

Neckbands are essentially a short band with earbuds on either sides. The wire/band that connects the two buds together has a microphone and is used to warp the neckband around your, well, neck. Also, the connecting band can hold more battery potential and a bigger driver. This makes neckbands incredibly powerful, potent, and useful for people who want the convenience of them not falling off.

If you are someone who is into action sports, or running, or going to the gym, neckbands prove really helpful. Since they do not fall off, nor do they get tangled like normal earphones. Another major benefit of using neckbands is that you do not have to store them in your pocket or your bag. Simply hang them around your neck and plug them on whenever you have the need. They are quite durable as well, since they are built for sporty people.

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Advantages of Neckbands

Neckbands are highly convenient devices. You can easily get one for yourself and you know they would last a long time without getting lost or damaged. Let us look at all the advantages they offer.

  • Bigger battery – Unlike TWS, neckbands have a lot of area to place a larger battery. Which they generally come with.
  • Easy to use – The way neckbands are used makes them incredibly convenient and easy to use. Simply hang them on discreetly around your neck and wait until you need them. Then simply plug them in to your ears. Gone are the days where you will be fishing for your earphones from your backpack.
  • Never lost – The band also proves helpful in making sure you do not lose your neckband. They just comfortably hang around your neck and do not slip off easily. Even if they do slip off, you will feel their absence.
  • Bigger drivers – As mentioned earlier, neckbands have a good amount of area where brands generally fit the battery and the audio drivers. A bigger driver on your neckband means more audio clarity and a better sounding device.
  • Microphone placement – The microphone placement on neckbands is really effective if you tend to talk a lot using your neckband.

Disadvantages of Neckbands

While neckbands are great devices, they might still be used by a niche amount of people. Not everyone would find a neckband around their head all day appealing. Let us see what neckbands lack.

  • Price – Neckbands are really affordable. But, those are the cheaper versions with limited audio potential and low durability. If you want a good device, you might have to spend a fair bit of money to get yourself a potent neckband.
  • Design – Here is the thing, neckbands are really boring. They provide limited style options and are pretty straightforward looking. If you have seen one neckband, you have seen them all. So, this is one, limited design options.
  • Wires – They are wired eventually. They come with wires with varying thickness and can be quite the hassle to use sometimes. Most neckbands do come with tangle-free wires, or the band is thick enough to not cause any issues. However, there are still neckbands out there that can easily tangle if you are not being careful.

Bluetooth Headphones vs TWS vs Neckbands

For the sake of the argument, we are taking all Bluetooth devices here. So, no wires at all, expect the band that comes attached on the neckband. You can easily find the best wireless earbuds as TWS and neckbands. Also, the best budget headphones in India can be slightly difficult to find since the market has been oversaturated. Check out JBL headphones, or Boat Headphones for that classic quality along with affordable prices.

Let us look at what they bring to the table and the differences between the three.

FeatureBluetooth HeadphonesTWSNeckbands
DesignTons of design optionsLimited design optionsVery basic design options
Audio QualityThe expensive ones provide exceptional audio qualityThe expensive ones provide good audio qualityGood audio quality overall, less options to choose from
DurabilityQuite durable and long lasting. You would need to replace the ear cups frequently, since they tear eventually. Very long lasting without a maintenance. But make sure you do not lose them. Incredibly durable and long lasting
PriceLow – Really ExpensiveMid – Really ExpensiveLow – Mid Priced
Ease of useEasy to useEasy to useVery easy to use

Comparing TWS and Neckbands

There are a long list of factors that you need to look for when choosing your pick of audio device. No matter you opt for TWS or neckband, or even go for a headphone, these factors would really prove effective at understanding the potential of the device.

Let us take a look at what to look for while buying a TWS or a neckband.

1. Design

When it comes to design features, TWS and neckbands have a few options to choose from. While their basic design remains the same, you can always find them in different colors and sizes.

TWS earbuds are really tiny and have literally no wires whatsoever. If you have a personal vendetta against wires, and we would totally understand why by the way, TWS earbuds could be the way to go for you. They provide exceptional freedom of movement, but can also fall off your ear and either get damaged or lost.

Neckbands on the other hand, come with their earbuds connected using a band. This band does not get in your way and actually proves a great addition since you can simply hang it around your neck and not worry about them falling out. Neckbands can be really convenient and the added surface area only provides added space for a bigger battery and better audio drivers.

Winner – Neckbands

2. Audio quality and drivers

Audio quality is really important to look into before buying your choice of audio devices. Headphones generally have great audio drivers due to the space available where manufacturers can add bigger and better audio drivers to maximize quality. TWS and neckbands are smaller in size and therefore come with smaller audio drivers. Most Bluetooth earphones come with more or less similar audio output, unless you opt for the expensive ones.

Both TWS and neckbands can have exceptional audio quality. However, since TWS earbuds are quite small in size, they do not generally come with large audio drivers. Basically, all affordable TWS earbuds come with subpar audio drivers at best. But, if you are going to spend a good amount of money on them, you can be sure your TWS will have some exceptional audio drivers.

Neckbands are generally made for action folks and come with average audio drivers at best. Obviously if you spend a ton of money on them, your neckband might have really good audio drivers.

Bottom line – Both TWS and neckbands would probably come with similarly potent audio drivers.

Winner – Tie

3. Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, both neckbands and TWS use Bluetooth to connect to your device. However, TWS earbuds are completely sans wires, which proves incredibly convenient. Neckbands have similar specs when it comes to connectivity features, but have a band that runs between the two independent earbuds.

So, if you are looking for a true wireless experience, True Wireless Stereo, or TWS is the way to go for you.

Winner – TWS

4. Durability

Neckbands are made to be durable since they are made for people who are into sports or running. If you are a constant at the gym, neckbands will prove much better than TWS since earbuds frequently fall off your ears. You can easily lose TWS earbuds or damage them if you are not being careful with them.

This is where neckbands come in to save your life. Neckbands are designed in a way that disallows them to fall off. This helps you take care of them better and proves much more long lasting than TWS earbuds that most people generally lose.

When it comes to brute durability, TWS earbuds can be more susceptible to damage, while cheaper neckbands can also easily snap. If you are looking for durability from your earphones, we suggest you look into mid-range neckbands.

Winner – Neckbands

5. Battery

Now, this is the tricky part. While neckbands have a better battery life than TWS earbuds, unlike TWS they do not have a backup. TWS earbuds come with a storage dock that also acts as a charging dock. This means that even though the initial battery life is better on a neckband than TWS, the earbuds will last you longer overall if you simply use the dock to recharge them up while on the road.

The TWS dock can even store multiple full charges which you can repeatedly use to charge your TWS and enjoy music on the go for a longer period of time.

Essentially, a neckband can provide you with around 10 hours of runtime, while a TWS can only provide 6 hours. However, the dock on the TWS can hold two additional charges, which brings up the battery life of a TWS earbud to a total of 18 hours.

Winner – TWS

6. Portability

We would probably give both these devices top marks for portability, but we feel neckbands do it slightly better. Yes the wire/band can be annoying to some, but that proves its saving grace. You can simply hang it around your neck and not worry about loosing them or storing them in a backpack or your pockets.

TWS earbuds can also be easily carried along in their dock. However, the same questions returns again. Since they are really small, you would have to be extra careful as to not lose them.

Winner – Neckbands

7. Price and Value for Money

Neckbands and TWS are generally well priced. You can easily find affordable TWS and neckbands if you know what you are looking for. The cheaper versions of these devices might not provide exceptional audio quality, but the portability and ease of use factor remains no matter what.

That said, TWS tend to be more expensive than neckbands, especially if you are looking for good quality ones. Better neckbands are expensive, but not as highly priced as TWS earbuds.

Winner – Neckbands

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better TWS or neckband?

When it comes to TWS and neckbands, each come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a rule of thumb, if you are an action person, a neckband would prove better. However, if you are someone who wants an earphone to take calls and such, TWS earbuds would be better than anything else. They provide comfort, ease of use, and since there are no wires, proves convenient as well. If you are in to sports, the durability of neckbands would bring satisfaction into your life, music wise.

Are TWS better than wired?

That depends on a lot of factors. If you are into gaming and would like instant response from your headphones, wired ones prove better. If you are kind of clumsy and do not wish to take care of those dainty, easily lost TWS, headphones is the way to go. However, if you simply want ease of use and convenience, TWS is the better option.

Are TWS better than headphones?

Headphones have a different market than TWS. A lot of people still get themselves headphones because they prove much more comfortable to keep on for the long run. Headphones can also have a much larger battery life and much better audio drivers. TWS earbuds are for those people who wish for a convenient way to listen to music or to take calls. Headphones are better for those who want the full music/gaming experience.

What is meant by TWS?

TWS refers to True Wireless Stereo. It is a technology that requires no wires to connect earphones to a device. There is a huge upcoming market for TWS earbuds and consumers are flocking to get some of the best ones available in the market. They are really convenient to use and are incredibly tiny and easily portable.

Are neckband headphones good for running?

Yes! Neckbands are great for running. If you are an action person, meaning you are into sports, exercise, or running, neckbands are literally made for you. They provide exceptional durability along with good audio quality and design features that help them keep close by you without falling out or getting lost.


So, finally, what will be the verdict? Which is better – TWS vs neckband. Well, the answer is totally objective and depends on your personal preference over anything else. If you want a earphone to take calls for office and such, TWS earbuds prove much better. However, if you want one for exercising, running, or sports, neckbands provide the comfort along with convenience. Neckbands also come with easier controls and added durability. TWS are for people who like sleek designs and and a true hands-free wireless experience.