When it comes to shopping on Amazon, there are a few things you can get on top of right now to start saving money on your purchases. These tried and tested ways are pretty much deals and discounts you can avail using a variety of different methods.

14 Little-Known Ways to Save Big Money on Every Single Amazon Purchase

From clothes, household items, kid products, beauty products, to anything else you wish to purchase from the store, there is a discount for that. Also, do not think it will be difficult getting discounts and such. Here are 14 best ways you can save money on most of your purchases from Amazon.

1. Get Amazon Prime

The best way to save money on Amazon, which includes shipping fees and other discounts, is to get Prime membership. As soon as you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you essentially open yourself up to a whole lot of benefits. The fee you pay upfront for the membership includes free and fast shipping, exclusive discounts on eligible items, a free book each month, early access to Amazon sale events, and even more benefits.

For an annual charge of Rs.999, you can enjoy all the benefits Amazon offers.

2. Bundle items

Paying for shipping can slowly add to a lot of money. Money you could have otherwise saved by getting a prime membership. If that is not an option, a good way to save some money still is to bundle the items you wish to purchase. Instead of individually buying items, simply add a whole bunch to the cart and end up saving money on shipping fees.

3. Check special offers

Amazon offers a ton of Amazon coupons for its customers as well. These can be found in the “Special Offers” section on certain product pages. These coupons can be found abundantly for household items, groceries, and such. You can also check Amazon deals today offers if they are available as well.

4. Set alarms for upcoming sales

Instead of manually tracking price drops on your required product, you can simply use a third-party website that lets you in on the best time to purchase an item. You can even find mobile applications to do the same. Price tracking websites and applications can be easily found by a quick google search.

5. Save

A less known fact about Amazon is that they alert you of any price drops in items you may have saved in your cart. It is a great method to buy items you do not need immediately but want to save for later. You could even get an Amazon coupon for these saved items if you are an avid shopper.

6. Set regular need items on autopilot ordering

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program allows you to subscribe to various items that are delivered in succession whenever you wish to have them delivered. Basically, items you need on a regular basis, like laundry detergent, baby care items, and groceries, can be automatically delivered to you without having to go back buy them again and again. This subscription model instantly provides you a 15% discount and free shipping.

7. Check daily deals

On Amazon’s main page you can check the tab that says, “Today’s Deals”. There are a lot of different items you can find temporarily on sale. You never know there might be something there that you might need. Amazon deals today is a great way to find items to purchase on the go. Décor and accessories and abundantly found.

8. Score deals on digital items

Deals and offers available on digital products like applications and games are plenty to be found. Enjoy exclusive content and access to music, movies, TV shows, and Kindle books.

9. Overstocked items sell cheap

Amazon outlet can be a little difficult to find. Once you do, however, that place is dedicated to overstocked and clearance products. They are available for incredibly cheap prices in categories like clothing, beauty, home, and furniture.

10. Secret bargain page

Amazon has a secret page called Bargain Finds. Here you will find a huge selection of clothing, accessories, décor, showpieces for an exceptionally low price. You can easily find a huge selection of seasonally relevant products.

11. Trade in your stuff you do not need any longer

The Amazon Trade-In program lets you swap eligible items for an Amazon gift card. This process includes a free, pre-paid shipping label and allows you to use the gift card whenever you wish to.

12. Check renewed products

If you want to buy an expensive item, it is always a good idea to check the Amazon Warehouse for any renewed items. Renewed items are products that were returned by customers, refurbished, and sold on the website at a lower price than the same brand new one. They work and look new but are simply refurbished items returned by customers.

13. Check third party coupon website.

You can also opt for a third-party website that offers deals and coupon codes for you to avail on Amazon. These Amazon coupon codes can be hard to find with respect to the product you might be looking for. But, if you do, you can save a whole lot of money on your purchase.

14. Get Amazon credit by selecting slower shipping times

Another benefit of having prime membership is that Amazon rewards you with credit when you select no-rush shipping instead of the standard shipping model. This credit is in the form of a promotional discount that gets automatically added to your account ready to be used on your next order.


Amazon allows you to save a ton of money when you shop on their website. Things may not be really obvious, but once you know how to pull on the right strings, you could very well save a fortune shopping on Amazon.

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