Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas

“Because I have a brother, I’ll always have a friend”

The world is incomplete without brothers. They are our best friends, the best parts of our childhood memories, partners in crime, our worst critic, our confidant and our support system during tough times.

They might irritate you, call you names and make fun of you in front of friends but they have always got your back.

Raksha Bandhan, a festival that celebrates the special bond between brothers and sisters, is around the corner and it is time to prepare for this auspicious occasion.

Celebrate and cherish this special relationship with these thoughtful gifts.

    1. For the fitness lovers – Is your sibling/cousin a fitness fanatic and a gym lover who cannot stop talking about CrossFit and HIIT aka high intensity interval training? Then, you can choose from a realm of gifting options like – fitness gear, accessories, post workout indulgences, etc. A wireless, water-resistant, sports headphone or a pair of comfy, new kicks can be good gifting options for the fitness conscious folks.
    2. For the brother who loves music – The perfect gift for music aficionados is the one that will enable them to them enjoy and show their love for all things musical. So, if your brother can sing along every song on the radio and is always humming a tune, a premium music subscription service can be a great gift. His musically inclined soul would also love tickets to the latest music concert or event.
    3. For the foodie brother – Foodies are great people to buy gifts for because there are so many different kinds of gifts you can give them. While quirky food-themed gifts and edible hampers are a popular choice, we would recommend something more personal. Why not cook their favourite cuisine for them? A home-cooked meal can be a delicious gift. However, if you are not much of a cook, you can take your brother for a gourmet meal at his favourite restaurant
    4. For the adrenaline junkie – Thrill seekers have nerves of steel and are always prepared to take on exciting new adventures that push them to their limit. From sky-high adventures like skydive and flyboy paramotoring to fast paced challenges like go-karting and Segway rides, gift a fun filled adrenaline experience to your brother. A quality action camera also makes a good gift for adventure loving souls. They can record and relive the unforgettable action-packed moments of adventure in their lives.
    5. For the bookworm brother – People who love books are easy to shop for. All you really need to do is make contributions to their already-overflowing bookcases. But chances are you might end up giving them a book they already have. So, why not play it safe and give them an e-book reader instead. They download and read any book they want. Another great gift for book geeks is a premium audio book subscription.
    6. For tech obsessed – Today’s tech market offers a mind-blowingly vast array of cool gadgets designed to simplify everyday life. Which means that getting the perfect in-trend gadget for a special someone can be hard. However, we have sifted through everything that’s hot this season and come up with a few gadgets that your tech savvy brother will love. A smart speaker is the focal point of any tech geek’s home. From Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod to Google Home, these gadgets don’t just play tunes; they make calls, set alarms, order food and book an UBER. Streaming sticks and portable wireless bluetooth speakers are also popular among tech lovers.
    7. For the fashion-conscious brother – When it comes to the stylish men in your life, you need to step up your gifting strategy since they are hard to please. We recommend that you browse through your brother’s wardrobe once and make a note of what he has. You don’t want to gift him something he has already bought for himself. Vintage checks and pinstripes are in vogue this season and are appearing on everything from men’s trousers to jackets. They can go a long way in creating a statement look. Another trend that’s becoming immensely popular is outfits and accessories in the rich and warm hues of brown.
    8. For the passionate traveller – Every travel enthusiast needs a gift that can capture timeless memories, inspire future exploits, and make life on the road smoother and more pleasant. So, if your brother is bitten by the wanderlust bug and loves exploring uncharted territories, gift him a not-so-bulky travel camera that won’t be a hassle to carry or a utilitarian backpack to pack all his knick-knacks.

Make the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan even more so by buying the perfect gift for your brother.

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