Scouting for the Best Watches For Women In India? We’ve made your task easy by creating a list of the Top 10 Best Watches For Women In India keeping features, cost and look in mind.

Scroll down to shop for our top 10 Best Watches For Women In India picks. We promise you that if you choose from among these models, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

A watch is an essential accessory that every woman should have. It is sophisticated, classy and a true investment piece that will elevate even the simplest jeans and shirt ensemble. It also has a way of instantly making you look polished and pulled together.

With styles from brands like Titan, Fossil, Rado and Michael Kors, our list of the Top 10 Best Watches For Women In India includes a variety of styles and materials to suit all budgets and tastes.

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List of Best Watches For Women In India

Whether you’re looking for a sentimental heirloom, the ultimate status symbol or a chic and playful piece that won’t break the bank, deciding which are the Best Watches For Women In India to invest in can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, our experts at Khojdeal have sourced the Top 10 Best Watches For Women In India.

S. No.WatchesPrice
1.TitanRs. 2,795
2.CasioRs. 5,395
3.GuessRs. 6,510
4.SkagenRs. 5,795
5.TissotRs. 22,700
6.ArmaniRs. 22,495
7.FossilRs. 7,995
8.Michael KorsRs. 17,195
9.Daniel WellingtonRs. 11,499
10. CitizenRs. 8,625
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Best Watches For Women In India

  • Titan
  • Casio
  • Guess
  • Skagen
  • Tissot
  • Armani
  • Fossil
  • Michael Kors
  • Daniel Wellington
  • Citizen

1. Titan Women’s Watches

Titan Women’s Watches

Blending functionality with style, this women’s analog watch from Titan’s Neo collection will elevate your look. Protected by a mineral glass, the rose gold round dial is encased in a metal case and runs on a quartz movement. Crafted from metal, the strap flaunts a silver hue that lends it a rich look. To ensure your wrist a proper fit, it comes with a push-button clasp with push button.

The hands that are designed so that the hours, minutes, and seconds can’t be confused for one another and the marks or numerals are large, distinct, and easy to read. This wrist piece is water-resistant up to 50 meters deep and also has a 24-month warranty period. Its low price also makes it ideal for anyone’s pockets, thus adding to your collection a really interesting watch at an affordable price. Use the latest amazon coupon code to earn additional discount on your watch purchases.

2. Casio Women’s Watches

Infuse class to your attire with this women’s analog watch from Casio’s Enticer collection. Protected by a mineral glass, the round dial is encased in an ion-plated case and vaunts a date display at 3 o’clock. Crafted from premium quality stainless steel, the strap comes with a triple-fold clasp that ensures your wrist a proper fit. To complete your look for the day by teaming it with a pair of trousers and a crisp white shirt.

It is completely made of stainless steel, with an elegant dial and a multicolored gold- and silver-plated steel strap, with an analogue dial, date window and chronograph. The quartz mechanism makes it reliable and precise; the mineral glass makes it resistant. Case with a diameter of 42 mm and strap width 35 mm. The watch is water resistant to 50 meters and the battery is included.

3. Guess Women’s Watches

Guess is a watch brand intended for all those who love fashionable and trendy watches, thanks to its sober style it is suitable to be worn in any eventuality, from an elegant evening with an elegant dress to everyday use with a more casual outfit. Case and strap are made of steel and in both cases the color is taken from the manufacturing material, in this case silver.

The case is perfectly circular with a diameter of about 38mm, an ideal size for any type of wrist, the very bright dial thanks to the presence of set diamonds is very elegant with very fine chrome-plated silver hands. If you are looking for a women’s watch among the best or want to give your partner a watch, this model will be the right purchase as evidenced by the very positive reviews received.

4. Skagen Women’s Watches

Skagen needs no introduction, it is a brand recognized all over the world, even in the watch sector where it produces really interesting women’s models, this is the case of this feminine model with a particular design thanks to the union between the case and the very uniform strap. which gives it a very similar design to a bracelet, ideal when it comes to women’s watches.

The dial is very sober with only the presence of the hour and minute hands, in addition to the brand logo and the wording “swiss made” which testifies to the high quality of the watch. Despite this, the watch is very flashy and aesthetically successful, making it one of the best women’s watches currently available for purchase in 2021.

5. Tissot Women’s Watches

If you are looking for a very eye-catching women’s watch that can be used on a daily basis, the Tissot that we are going to see could be the best choice thanks to a truly top style and features. Let’s start immediately with the Milanese mesh strap, a style much appreciated by women when it comes to wristwatches, combined with a square-shaped case with rounded and chromed edges.

This combination makes it in effect one of the most elegant watches currently on the market, thanks also to the presence of diamonds on the dials used as indexes. The quality of the Tissot brand combined with its particular style make this model one of the best watches for women for 2021. Tissot watches are pretty expensive. However, by using the active amazon discount code you can get extra discount on your watch purchase.

6. Armani Women’s Watches

When you decide to buy this watch from the very important brand you will not only find yourself in front of a wristwatch, in fact in the collection other at the watch you will find a bracelet and earrings, all with the same design in order to make the combination truly perfect.

The cost for which it is absolutely justified despite being above average, its design is very reminiscent of the famous Omega De Ville watches, but compared to the latter it has a much lower cost, which is why buying this model is a unique deal. The case thickness of only 6mm also makes it very comfortable on the wrist, therefore also ideal for daily use and not just for important outfits.

7. Fossil Women’s Watches

Ideal watch for those who want a watch with a linear design and greater comfort on their wrist thanks to its brown leather strap with buckle closure, ideal for everyday use. The dial as well as the strap are red and perfectly match the color of the indexes made in rose gold.

Apart from showing time, the watch also displays the date through a porthole positioned just above 6 o’clock on the dial. Weight and dimensions are among the lowest in the industry, in fact with its only 32 grams of weight and 8mm of thickness over time you forget you have it on your wrist.

8. Michael Kors Women’s Watches

Watch with a particularly refined design, the luminescent ocean blue dial together with the bracelet and case with gold finish and bezel with shiny crystals make this model very eye-catching such as to be considered according to many opinions one of the best watches for women to buy.

The diameter of the case is well marked with its 39mm but thanks to its thin thickness makes the wearability of this watch very comfortable and also suitable for everyday use, recommended to be combined with elegant and fashionable clothing. The gift box will also be included in the purchase, making it ideal for giving as a gift for important events.

9. Daniel Wellington Women’s Watches

Model currently very popular, and much appreciated in the panorama of fashion and fashion style, the color of the strap made of crocodile leather is black as well as the dial with a thickness of 28mm and a round and thin shape. The strap with buckle closure allows it to adapt to any wrist, among its special features we also note the impermeability to water.

Particularly suitable for everyday use and with any dress or accessory worn, even for important occasions thanks to the gold-colored hands and indexes that give an elegant style to this model. The weight is among the lowest in the industry thanks to its 50 grams of weight.

10. Citizen Women’s Watches

This Citizen model embodies beauty and quality at the same time, we are talking about one of the most important brands in the panorama of women’s watches, at first sight in fact you immediately notice the elegance and class of this model, the black dial chromatic matches perfectly with the silver-colored stainless-steel strap. The indexes and hands are also silver in color making this model one of the brightest and most elegant.

As its most interesting features we can note the Eco-Drive automatic winding (infinite light charge) and the impermeability to water that make this watch one of the most innovative ever. Available with either a black or blue dial to best match your style.

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Watches Buying Guide

best watches for women in India

Our experts at Khojdeal decided to make this simple guide where you will find all the information to make a good purchase without nasty surprises.

1. Analog or digital?

One of the biggest advantages of analog watches is certainly elegance. With a fantastic well-made analog wristwatch, you will certainly make a good impression.

On the other hand, a digital display will facilitate the reading of the time, especially when you are in a place with low lighting. Thanks to the digital display you can watch the time without any problems, especially if your watch has a luminous dial. In addition, with a digital watch you can see the exact time, including the seconds, a feature that is very useful especially for sportsmen.

Making the right choice is up to you. Try to follow your tastes and your style: if you are a sporty person, buy a digital model while if you like to dress elegant and often participate in events and ceremonies, an analog model will certainly be more suitable for your clothing.

2. Watch styles

There is no doubt that the choice of a watch is personal and varies according to a person’s tastes. If you are undecided about the model to buy, in the next lines you will discover the main types of watch to understand which one to choose, based on your tastes and your needs.

a. Sports Watches

Sports watches are very robust, and are designed to operate at high levels of stress and tension. Usually, these watches are waterproof and can also reach great depths, while their particular design allows good resistance against impacts. They may also have extra functions such as a stopwatch to measure lap times, or other special functions such as a pedometer or a heart rate monitor to keep heart beats under control.

b. Luxury watches

A luxury watch is considered a real investment that maintains its value over time. The higher price depends on the materials used (silver, gold or platinum, perhaps with diamond details) and many times also on the complexity of the watch movement.

c. Dress watches

Dress watches are elegant and refined models. Most models have an analog dial, a polished steel case with some decorations or a gold plating. Usually they are characterized by a window showing the date or a chronograph with the stopwatch function. Dress watches are not intended for sports use, but offer a classic look, perfect for important events and ceremonies.

3. The movement of the clocks

The term movement describes the internal mechanism of the clock that marks time. The main function of a watch movement is to accurately mark the time, but it may also have other functions, such as showing the date, the day of the week, running a stopwatch, monitoring the phases of the moon or setting an alarm. There are four types of movement in watches:

a. Quartz / Battery

This movement uses a quartz crystal and a battery to keep time accurate as long as the battery remains charged. Even a low-end watch keeps time with extreme precision, losing only a few seconds in a year. Obviously, when the battery is low, you will have to replace it to make the clock work.

b. Mechanic with manual winding

Instead of a battery to power the watch, special gears are used in the mechanical movement with manual winding. The movement is regulated by the spring, and therefore, once the spring has been unrolled, the clock stops. As you can guess, mechanical watches do not keep time as accurately as battery-powered watches, and must be recharged regularly for them to work.

c. Mechanic with automatic winding

Even the mechanical movement with automatic winding does not require the battery, and the internal mechanisms of the movement are largely the same as those with manual winding watches. The difference is in how the spring rewinds. Instead of rewinding by hand, the watch contains a weight attached to the main spring, which turns every time the watch moves. Provided that you wear the watch every day, the hands will continue to move. The disadvantage is quite obvious: if you don’t wear the watch for a couple of days, it will stop.

d. Solar powered movement

Using a photo-voltaic cell positioned on the dial, solar-powered watches convert light into electricity, which they store in a battery. They work the same way as all other battery-powered watches. The advantage is that as long as the watch receives sunlight, you will never need to replace the battery.

4. Watch strap

The main function of the strap is certainly to differentiate the style of the watch. The materials used for the production of straps are mainly four and are: leather, fabric, metal and rubber.

a. Leather strap

These straps can be in calfskin with a printed effect (like lizard or crocodile), in exotic leather like real crocodile and ostrich or, in rare cases, we can find horse leather straps. Some straps are made of synthetic leather to lower the price of the watch. Different types of leather will have different levels of softness, more or less resistant, with a different structure, which will wear out differently over time. Usually the closure of the leather strap takes place with a buckle adjustable in length.

b. Fabric strap

The fabric strap adds a comfortable and informal touch, perfect for everyday life and casual wear. Even in fabric straps, the closure is done with a buckle as for leather straps.

c. Metal strap

These types of bracelets are made of metal links, and are usually found on dress watches. The metal bracelet has a heavier weight than the leather ones, and for some it remains a little more uncomfortable to wear. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted by removing the links, but this cannot be done instantly and many times requires special tools. Usually, the metal strap closes with a buckle on the inside of the bracelet, which is hidden when the strap is closed.

d. Rubber or silicone strap

This material has great resistance to water and is very comfortable. In addition, it is used for most sports watches because they are more comfortable when we need to carry out intense sessions and workouts.

5. The dial: the face of the clock

The dial is a very important part of the watch and there are some elements that can vary from model to model. The main ones are:

a. Shape

Round dials are more traditional, but there are oval or rectangular models that have always been popular niche choices. Keep in mind that you can find watches with a round dial in a square case.

b. The numbers

The hours are usually indicated by Arabic (1-12) or Roman (I – XII) numbers. In many models the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 are shown to save space and improve its aesthetic appearance. Roman numerals offer a more classic style, and are widely used on dress watches.

c. Decorations

Some dials are embellished with decorations in different colors and materials (such as gold or silver) to give a touch of class and extra sophistication.

6. Water Resistance

In most cases, analog watches are more resistant than digital ones because the mechanical heart is more resistant than electronic circuits.

  • 30m / 3ATM: splash and rain resistant. It can be exposed to water, but it should not be submerged. Remember to take it off when swimming, bathing or washing dishes.
  • 50m / 5ATM: it can be completely immersed in water and can be worn when swimming, but it is not completely waterproof when diving in the pool.
  • 100m / 10ATM: can be worn for all swimming pools and for shallow dives.
  • 200m / 20ATM: Suitable for swimming pools and most casual dives, but not for deep water dives (e.g. with cylinders)


This brings us to the end of our article on the Best Watches For Women In India. In developing this list, we chose the Best Watches For Women In India for a wide variety of use cases and preferences, to help you find the Best Watches For Women In India for your specific needs and budget.

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