Top 10 Best Window AC in India – Reviews

Window AC is the most common AC seen in Indian households. As the name suggests, it is installed in a window of the residence or office. Summers have started their part. On one hand you can’t do anything about heat, on the other you can’t help the exigency of going out. But you can certainly keep the indoors cools and comfortable in any sort of a weather.

With the features such as low power consumption, sleep mode, self-diagnosis, auto-swing, timer, remote control, and memory function, window ACs are the best bang for your money if you want to keep that heat out of your way.

Here we are to do away with all the pressure you feel while picking a Window AC for your home or office. We have handpicked the best windows ACs for you to help you through the prickly heat days:

Window air conditioners are not only an affordable cooling option, but they are also very efficient in the amount of energy they consume. These units fit perfectly inside your window, and are available in a wide range of thermal units to accommodate rooms of all sizes.

While we are spoilt for choices, there are specific benefits of each kind of air conditioner in the market that makes them irresistible.

Let’s take a look at the list of best 1.5-ton window ac in India. We have provided a brief review of every air conditioner with pros cons, specs and prices. Prices online keep changing so please check the latest price by clicking on links provided. We have provided links to both Flipkart and Amazon. Also, all ACs are not available at all locations so please check availability on links provided.

These are the Top 10 Best Window AC in India:

Top Rated Window Air Conditioners in India

Most of the people are searching for the Top Rated Window Air Conditioners in India to add cooling to this summer. There are various brands in the world of Air Conditioners. But we cannot opt every brand and invest money in the Air Conditioners. For this, you need to compare the Windows Air Conditioners 2019 for the price comparisons, features and specifications, and more. On this page, we have provided the list of best Window AC in India 2019 with the specs and advanced features included in it. With the information provided here, one can easily understand the complete knowledge about the Windows Air Conditioners and can invest such a huge amount on the air conditioner which will be used for a long time. So to invest the such a huge amount we need to check the product details which are listed in the below sections.

So why should you consider a window air conditioner?

To help you figure out what type of AC unit would be the best solution for you, we’ve made a list of pros you get from a window AC. Here they are:

Low Cost

The foremost benefit of window AC is their reasonable price. To help you cut down costs of a window air conditioner, you need to find out the square footage of the room you are looking to cool and the BTU’s needed for that size space. The bigger the room, the more thermal units you will need to efficiently cool the space. Based on that, the higher the capacity of a window, the expensive it gets.


There are many amazing features available for window air conditioners. Some will seem frivolous, while others will be a necessity for you. With all of this said, the initial cost of a window air conditioner is still going to be comparatively low.

Extremely Energy Efficient

The most important benefit you will receive from a window air conditioner. The vast majority of window air conditioners have a great energy efficiency ratio (EER), which offers you a perfect understanding of how much energy they require to run to maximise your energy savings, you wish to look for a window unit with a huge EER rating.

To give you a head-up on getting the most efficient cooling unit, it’s advised that you find an AC unit that has been Energy-Star certified to help you save money with energy efficient products.

Easy Installation

Another benefit of a window air conditioner is the easy installation process. While the process may vary based on the type of the model you buy, it’s a straight-forward process and something that can be accomplished smoothly, be it any unit in the market.

You will receive all the parts and instructions to install your window unit while buying. After that, it would just be a thing of following the step-by-step directions.

Multi-Functional For Year-Round Use

Window air conditioners are more than just air coolants. There are many window units available that can offer both heating and cooling of your house. The dual-function is like the icing on the cake!

When coupled with the supplemental strategy mentioned above, you now have a viable way to cut your energy bills all year long. Whether you’re in the peaks of soaring temperatures or the depths of a winter freeze, you can always control the temperature in your home without having to shed an arm and a leg.

There are also some window air conditioners that double as an air purifier. These units typically come with anti-microbial or HEPA filters to get rid of odors, bacteria, and other airborne particles that can have a bad effect on your indoor air. These units not only allow you to not only stay cool, but also breathe pure, clean air. This can go a long way in preventing the spread of germs and other illnesses, particularly for those that suffer from allergies.

At the end of the day, we all just want to be comfortable. And with everything listed above, a window AC unit may just be the perfect device.

So, bring one of these home today, any and enjoy the relaxing summers the way they are meant to be.

Top 10 Window ACs in India Reviews

Want to add cooling to this summer. Do you want to buy an air conditioner for your sweet home? Do you want to have a Window AC for this summer? Are you confused “which Window Air Conditioner is best for 2017”? What are features should a Window should a window AC have? and more. Like this, you may you have a lot of questions regarding the Window Air Conditioner. But don’t worry!!! In this, we have provided answers to your questions. In this article, you can get the list of Top 10 Window ACs in India Reviews Because Buying an air conditioner is a quite complicated task. There will be a lot of things which you need to be considered like features, specifications, price comparisons, etc. Here you can get the complete list of product details so that you can get the clarity on Best Window AC in India 2019.

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