Our experts at Khojdeal have put in a considerable amount of dust-busting hours to review and rate the top 10 best vacuum cleaner in India, so you know which is the best model to buy in 2021.

Tired of all the mess in the house? While dust and debris in the home are unavoidable, if you have the best vacuum cleaner in India in your cleaning arsenal, the grime doesn’t stand a fighting chance.

From portable, cordless and handheld vacuum cleaners to high-powered, canister and upright vacuums, there is a vacuum cleaner available for every cleaning chore, no matter how big or small.

While upright and canister vacuum cleaners work best on carpets and hardwood flooring, stick vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning hard-to-reach spots and furniture.

For quick and speedy cleaning jobs, handheld vacuum cleaners are preferred and for the lazy bums out there who want a clean home without actually lifting a finger, self-powered and self-navigating, robotic vacuum cleaners are also available.

From a functional viewpoint, make sure that the suction power of the vacuum is suitable for the carpeting and flooring in your home.

List of Top Vacuum Cleaner in India 2023 with Price

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for your home, things such as the size of your home, flooring type, home furnishings and the cleaning tasks you usually tackle should be considered. Review all the accessories and ensure that the vacuum is equipped with the appropriate attachments required for the level and depth of cleaning you desire.

No matter what your budget, below you’ll find the best vacuum cleaner in India to fit your price range. For more background information on Vacuum Cleaners, see our FAQs and buying advice below.

S. No.Best Vacuum Cleaner in IndiaPrice
1.Dyson ‎V11 353319-01 Vacuum Cleaner
2.Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Vacuum CleanerRs. 3,999
3.Bosch ‎GAS12-25 Vacuum CleanerRs. 15,800
4.Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Vacuum CleanerRs. 8,050
5.Karcher WD 3 Vacuum CleanerRs. 5,999
6.KENT Force Cyclonic ‎16016 Vacuum CleanerRs. 5,999
7.BLACK + DECKER WDBD15 Vacuum CleanerRs. 6,474
8.Panasonic MC-CG304B14C Vacuum CleanerRs. 6,349
9.American Micronic AMI-VCD21-1600WDx Vacuum CleanerRs. 8,886
10.AmazonBasics ‎VCB35B15C Vacuum CleanerRs. 3,699

📌 Looking for a vacuum cleaner that can help in cleaning your car? The best vacuum cleaner for car in India is the one that can be easily portable and come with a cordless design. It should have a powerful suction power that can help in removing all the dirt, dust and debris from your car’s interior.

Best Vacuum Cleaner in India Review

  • Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner
  • Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200-Watt Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bosch Wet/Dry 25L Vacuum Cleaner
  • Philips Powerpro FC9352/01 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner
  • KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 2000-Watt
  • Black + Decker WDBD15 15-Litre Vacuum Cleaner
  • Panasonic MC-CG304 1400-Watt Vacuum Cleaner
  • American Micronic-AMI-VCD21-1600WDx-Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner

1. Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner

Features of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

  • Intelligently optimizes power and run time
  • Deep cleans anywhere
  • Double run time to 120 minutes with optional click-in battery pack
  • High Torque cleaner head intelligently adapts to different floor types in Auto mode
  • LCD screen displays battery run time countdown and machine performance in real time
  • Dyson Hyperdymium motor V11 helps deliver over 125,000 rpm

Our Review

Dyson V11 is the successor to the popular Dyson V10, the cordless vacuum cleaner that has already been appreciated for its build quality, suction power, autonomy and accessories, which allow a total cleaning of the house. It wasn’t easy to imagine how Dyson could improve the V10, other than by increasing the power and battery life. V11 is not only this, since with the addition of some sensors capable of independently regulating the suction power and a screen in the back, Dyson has managed to offer even more control and above all awareness of the potential of this cordless vacuum cleaner.

The LCD screen of Dyson V11 is not a small detail, but a feature that can improve the ergonomics of the vacuum cleaner in an important way. In real time, the remaining autonomy and the selected mode are shown, so you actually know how many minutes the vacuum cleaner can work before having to be recharged. In previous models, the LEDs only gave very approximate indications of autonomy, while now the detail is in the remaining minutes and seconds, much more precise.

In terms of usability, the experience is no different than the V10 model. The weight of just over 3 kilograms, about 300 grams more than the previous model, are not such as to affect the ergonomics of use. V11 handles well, can be considered light, is always handy and suitable for all situations.

2. Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Features of Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner

  • Body type: Canister
  • Dust bag full indicator
  • Automatic Cord Winder: Easy to use and store
  • Suction control on the handle to control the airflow
  • The suction of Motor: 1700 mm of water column
  • Easy to use foot-operated power on-off
  • Cord winder switch
  • Versatile cleaning with high-quality accessories
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Operating voltage: 230 volts

Our Review

Powerful Suction Function with 1200W Motor: Quick Clean DX with a 1200 W motor has a powerful suction that removes deep embedded dust and dirt from all the upholstery. Once you have this equipment at hand, you can easily keep your house neat and clean, just as you like it.

Wide Range of Accessories for Complete Cleaning: Forbes Quick Clean DX has a range of 6 accessories that can be used efficiently for versatile cleaning. These assets to this vacuum cleaner enable you to keep every nook and corner of your house neat and clean.

3 swivel wheels: The vacuum cleaner has specially designed 3 swivel wheels to ensure easy handling, stability and greater mobility. You may move with around the house without any difficulty.

Dust bag full indicator: The smart indicator warns you when the dust bag gets full, so that you don’t have to manually open the unit to check on the dirt accumulation level. It helps you clean the unit on time, thereby restricting the drop in suction power.

Automatic Power Cable Winder for Convenience: To protect the power cord from getting cut or damaged, the vacuum cleaner has an in-built storage space which enables the cord to be stored in the unit itself. With the press of a button, you can extend the cord for usage and also pull it back into the unit for secure storage.

Compact and portable design: The Forbes Quick Clean DX is ergonomically designed to serve your cleaning requirements efficiently. The advanced technology is intelligently incorporated into its compact design for ease of handling and mobility while it cleans every nook and corner of your space.

3. Bosch Wet/Dry 25L Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch Wet/Dry 25L Vacuum Cleaner

Features of this Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

  • Consistent suction by self-clean technology
  • Dust-Free Workspace: 99.95% of fine dust filter by the H13 HEPA filter
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership: Pre-filter technology extends main filter lifespan X3 times
  • Compatible with any power-tool dust extraction connectors 
  • Easy to Carry: Specially designed drag & go rope
  • Compact dust extractor for mobile use
  • Easy filter cleaning due to semi-automatic filter cleaning system (SFC)
  • Certified safety dust extractor that meets dust class L in accordance with the EU standard to provide good user protection
  • Easy transportation and loading due to the particularly compact design
  • Increased filter lifetime due to water filling stop
  • Complete emptying of the container: no edges – nothing gets stuck
  • Remote automatic switching for additional convenience

Our Review

Powerful 1200 W Turbine for High Suction: The GAS 25 L SFC Professional is equipped with an enhanced filter system, which is located in the upper part of the suction head outside the dirt trap area and the water fill level line. Stones and other foreign objects can no longer destroy the filter or damage the turbine. The integrated water fill stop also protects the filter and extends its lifetime considerably by automatically shutting down when the container is filled during wet extraction work. The powerful 1200 W turbine also generates high suction force. The integrated electromagnetic Plus-Clean-System ensures that the dust is shaken out of the filters very thoroughly and gently, thanks to the large distance between the individual folds. The GAS 25 L SFC Professional is also supplied with two 0.5 m long suction tubes, a 3 m long hose, a multi-purpose nozzle, polyester filter and a coarse dirt nozzle.

Compact Design: The GAS 25 L SFC professional from Bosch is a user-friendly tool, not only due to its compact design and low weight of 12.7 kg. The filters can also be easily replaced: The user simply folds up the housing cover and pulls out the filter without causing dust to swirl around. During wet extraction work, the tool automatically shuts down off when the container is full. If the dust extractor is connected to a power tool, it switches on automatically when the power tool is switched on, thanks to the remote automatic switching. When the power tool is switched off, the GAS 25 L SFC Professional wet/dry dust extractor continues to run for approximately seven seconds, until the hose is thoroughly drained. The 25 L container does not have any edges and is therefore very easy to empty.

Easy Transport for Use At the Customer’s Premises: The GAS 25 L SFC Professional wet/dry dust extractor weighs just 12.7 kg and is thus better suited to use at the customer’s premises or at continuously changing jobsites. It is easy to load into your car and is small enough to fit into any workshop. With its sturdy chassis and large casters, it is easy to transport. It also copes very well on uneven ground, such as gravel and sand or even gratings.

4. Philips Powerpro FC9352/01 Vacuum Cleaner

Philips Powerpro FC9352/01 Vacuum Cleaner

Features of Philips Vacuum Cleaner

  • Powercyclone 5 technology separates dust from the air
  • Action radius: 9 m
  • Cord length: 6m
  • 1900W motor for strong suction power
  • Sound power level: 82 dB
  • Airflow (max): 37 l/s
  • Dimensions of product (LxWxH): 410 x 281 x 247mm
  • Suction power (max): 370W
  • Input power (IEC): 1600W
  • Vacuum (max) :33kPa
  • Turbo Brush removes 25 percent more hairs and dust
  • Multi-clean nozzle for thorough floor cleaning
  • Advanced dust container design for hygienic emptying
  • Activelock couplings easily adjust to every task
  • Soft brush integrated into handle, always ready to use
  • Lightweight and compact for freedom to move
  • Large wheels for better motion control
  • Clean air filter system – EPA10 filter for healthy air
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

Our Review

PowerCyclone 5 technology separates dust from air: Exclusive PowerCyclone 5 technology accelerates air in the cyclonic chamber to separate out dust. Powerful swirling action maximizes airflow and performance for remarkable cleaning results.

1900W motor for strong suction power: A 1900-watt motor generates strong suction power for fast, deep cleaning results.

Advanced dust container design for hygienic emptying: The dust container is carefully designed to dispose of collected dirt without creating a dust cloud. It is one-hand operated and thanks to its unique shape and smooth surface, you can easily control the emptying of the dust container.

Soft brush integrated into the handle, always ready to use: A dusting brush attachment is built right into the handle so it’s always ready to use for furniture, flat surfaces, and upholstery.

ActiveLock couplings easily adjust to every task: ActiveLock couplings mean nozzles and accessories simply snap into place on the telescopic tube during cleaning.

Lightweight and compact for freedom to move: Thanks to its lightweight and compact size, you can easily roll and carry it anywhere you need while you clean.

5. Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Features of Karcher Vacuum Cleaner

  • A wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a robust impact resistant container and blower function
  • Includes different nozzles to attach directly on the suction hose, easy vacuuming even in the tightest of spaces
  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Capacity: 17 litre / Plastic
  • German Technology at its best.
  • Suction hose: 2 m, 35 mm, Removable handle, Cartridge filter, Standard
  • Suction tubes, 2 piece(s), 0.5 m, 35 mm, Wet and dry floor nozzle, Clips
  • Crevice nozzle, Paper filter bag, 1 piece(s), Blower function
  • Parking position, On-board accessory storage
  • Sturdy bumper
  • Patented filter removal technology, quick and easy removal of the filter by folding out the filter cartridge without any contact with dirt for wet and dry suction without changing the filter

Our Review

The WD 3 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is super-powerful with a power consumption of just 1,000 watts. Its robust and impact-resistant plastic container has a capacity of 17 litres. The cartridge filter enables convenient vacuuming of wet and dry dirt, without filter replacement.

The new suction hose and – not to be forgotten – the newly developed clips floor nozzle with mixed insert contribute to optimal dirt pick-up and ensure perfect cleanliness. The easily removable handle allows direct attachment of accessories to the suction hose.

The practical parking position allows convenient parking of the suction tube and floor nozzle during working interruptions. WD 3 vacuum cleaners make light work of the toughest cleaning jobs with features such as blower function, Pull & Push locking system, ergonomic carrying handle and practical cable and accessory storage.

Specific cartridge filter: For wet and dry vacuuming without filter replacement.

Practical blower function: Where vacuuming is not possible, the practical blower function can be used.Effortless dirt removal, e.g. from a gravel bed.

Practical parking position: Quick and easy intermediate parking of suction tube and floor nozzle during working interruptions.

Newly developed: floor nozzle and suction hose: For the best cleaning results – whether dry, wet, fine or coarse dirt. For maximum vacuuming convenience and flexibility.

Practical cable and accessory storage: Space-saving, secure and easily accessible suction hose, power cable and accessory storage.

Pull & Push locking system: For quick, easy and safe opening and closing of the container.

Removable handle: Different nozzles can be directly attached to the suction hose. For easy vacuuming – even in confined spaces.

Ergonomically shaped carrying handle: Device is easy and convenient to transport.

Compact construction style: Flexible and versatile use. Space-saving storage.

6. KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 2000-Watt

KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 2000-Watt

Features of Kent Vacuum Cleaner

  • Advanced force technology
  • Reduced air pollution
  • High efficient motor
  • Noise- 1.8m3/min
  • Low noise operation
  • Rubberized wheel
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Input Power Supply: Single Phase 220 V, AC 50 Hz

Our Review

Advanced Force Technology: KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with an advanced force cyclonic technology, which collects dust from even toughest corners to keep your home clean.

Reduces Air Pollution: The vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Arrestor) that reduces air pollution when cleaning your home.

Efficient Motor: For efficient cleaning of surfaces, KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner has a highly efficient motor, which scoops up dust from every corner of the room.

Rubberized Wheel: For the convenience of the users, KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner comes with a rubberized wheel for the ease of movement of the vacuum cleaner.

7. Black + Decker WDBD15 15-Litre Vacuum Cleaner

Black + Decker WDBD15 15-Litre Vacuum Cleaner

Features of Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaner

  • This 15L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is meant for all your cleaning needs, starting from a small household to a bigger application of cleaning a facility
  • Capacity: 15 litres
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 1400 watts

Our Review

The BLACK+DECKER Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner is an essential addition to a home owner’s toolkit. The vacuum can clean both liquids and solid particles, up to 2 cm in diameter.

It is compact & lightweight and ideal for everyday cleaning applications. It comes with a tough and sturdy tank for increased durability and four castor wheels for easier maneuverability.

This vacuum cleaner from BLACK+DECKER is multi-purpose and can be used to remove – liquid caused by spillages or leaks, dust and dirt from around the workshop as well as the house, clean and maintain vehicles and gather garden debris for easier management and disposal.

8. Panasonic MC-CG304 1400-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Panasonic MC-CG304 1400-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Features of Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner

  • 400-watt high suction power
  • Blower operation
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 1400 watts
  • Colour: Blue
  • Suction Power: 400W
  • Input Power: 1400W
  • Dust Capacity: 1.2L
  • Weight: 3.3kg
  • Cord Length: 5m
  • Comes with an air dust catcher
  • Comes with adjustable power control
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Comes with eco power and compact features

Our Review

The Panasonic MC-CG304 vacuum cleaner is a portable, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner that comes loaded with innovative technology. One of its beneficial features is the unique Air Catcher System, which can catch those dust particles that float around just above floor level. Keeping this area clean is vital to protect young children and babies who usually play on the floor.

This vacuum cleaner also has an impressive blower, with which you can blow air into those areas where dust and dirt has accumulated. When air is blown into these places, the dirt is thrown out into more accessible areas, allowing them to be easily sucked into the vacuum cleaner bag.

In terms of energy-efficiency, this vacuum cleaner, and others in its series are 130% more efficient than vacuum cleaners from other brands. It comes with adjustable power control as well, which comes in handy when you have to use the vacuum cleaner’s suction feature.

Owing to its compact design, it can be kept just about anywhere. Whether it is under a bed or in a small cabinet, this tiny blue vacuum cleaner can fit anywhere, which makes it convenient when you have to use it on a daily basis It weighs 3.3 kg, which is much lesser than other conventional vacuum cleaners. It has a 5-metre cord, which is ideal when you have to move the appliance around to clean the specific area, and has a dust-capacity of 1.2L (cloth).

Powerful Cleaning Experience: Thanks to an urban lifestyle, dust has become a part of life and with dust comes allergies too. The Panasonic MC-CG304 vacuum cleaner has a powerful design and is a nice choice to get rid of dust. It is an ergonomically designed compact vacuum cleaner with a contemporary chassis. Packed within are a bundle of impressive features. This Panasonic vacuum cleaner has high suction power of 400watt that delivers an impressive cleaning experience. The vacuum cleaner is simple to operate as it is lightweight and can be moved around easily.

Compact to Move Around: This portable vacuum cleaner weighs 3.3kgs and can be carried with you if you are going out. The vacuum cleaner has a 1400W motor that delivers an impressive suction power of 400W that can suck out even the most stubborn dust particles. It also features an adjustable power control that allows you to select the right suction power. This is then stored in a collection bag with a dust capacity of 1.2liters. The bag can be washed if it gets too dirty. With a 5m long power cord, you can easily cover the entire room with the Panasonic portable vacuum cleaner.

9. American Micronic-AMI-VCD21-1600WDx-Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

American Micronic-AMI-VCD21-1600WDx-Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Features of American Micronic Vacuum Cleaner

  • Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Blower Function
  • HEPA filter system for effective dust filtering
  • Washable Dust Bag for long life
  • Capacity: 21 litres
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 1600 watts, Designed for convenient home & personal use
  • The vacuum cleaner is an excellent device to clean your home or office. With this vacuum cleaner, you can conveniently remove dirt, pet hairs, tough stains and more with complete ease.
  • Operating at 220V of power, the American Micronic vacuum cleaner provides impressive airflow rate and water-lift capability.

Our Review

This American Micronic wet and dry vacuum cleaner is ideal for tackling small to medium cleanup projects around the house and workplace. It features a 21 litres stainless steel tank, which is durable and lightweight to carry everywhere. Not only is this vacuum cleaner functional but it also has sleek design which makes it look attractive as well.

Accessories: The vacuum cleaner comes with these following accessories – Hose Pipe, 2 Extension Pipes, Floor/Carpet Brush, Wet Brush, Upholstery nozzle, Crevice Nozzle.

Suction Mechanism: The fine quality of its suction mechanism allows you to remove both solid particles and fluids with equal ease.

Tank Drain: No more lifting heavy tanks to dump contents. The vacuum cleaner has casters which allow you to easily take it outside or to a drain.

Blower Function: This vacuum cleaner comes with a Blower Function which helps in extracting dirt from even the places that are tough to access. Furthermore, the Blower comes in handy to blow out the dust and other debris into the trash can.

10. AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner

AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner

Features of Amazon Basics Vacuum Cleaner

  • 700-watt cylinder vacuum cleaner with bag; AAA performance in terms of energy efficiency and cleaning performance; 25 kWh consumption per year
  • Triple action nozzle for thorough absorption of coarse and fine dirt; (easy-to-use sliding button to regulate the suction power)
  • The washable HEPA-12 filter captures more than 99.5 percent of all particles for a cleaner air release
  • 1.5 l capacity, small, compact and lightweight, easy to carry thanks to integrated handle, 5 m cable length, 1.5 m adjustable hose
  • Exceptionally quiet (78 decibels), Display for full bag, cord storage, practical accessories and pouch (1 fabric and 2 paper) included
  • 2 years limited warranty on manufacturing defects
  • 700 watts; 25 kWh/year
  • Bag-full indicator
  • Foot-operated cord rewind
  • Adjustable floorhead
  • Hard Floor Class A
  • Dust Re-Emission Class A
  • Noise level: 78 decibels
  • Variable suction

Our Review

Compact and lightweight, this AmazonBasics Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner moves easily from room to room for thorough cleaning throughout the home. The cylinder vacuum cleaner provides 700 watts of power, smooth-rolling manoeuvrability, and a variety of useful attachments for detailed cleaning.

With its sleek, contemporary design, the versatile cleaning machine works well for vacuuming stairs, hard floors, and upholstery and for navigating around furniture. Even more, the vacuum cleaner features an A energy rating for energy efficiency (and lower energy bills)—while still maintaining ultimate power and impressive performance.

Energy Efficiency Rating (A): The vacuum cleaner carries an energy-efficiency rating of A (most efficient), which means lower energy bills for you and less impact on the environment. Achieve ultimate efficiency without compromising on performance.

Floor and Dust Re-Emission Class (A): Most effective for cleaning bare-floor surfaces, the vacuum cleaner comes with an A rating for hard floors and a D rating for carpets. Its A rating for dust re-emission means cleaner exhaust air.

HEPA 12 Filter: The vacuum cleaner’s HEPA 12 air filter traps more than 99.5% of all fine particles from the air that passes through it, including dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne allergens. This helps ensure only clean air gets released back into the room.

Floor/Carpet Foot Switch: Transition seamlessly from carpets or large rugs to bare-floor surfaces like hardwood or tile. A simple press of the vacuum cleaner’s user-friendly foot switch ensures optimal performance for the specific type of floor.

Variable Suction: The vacuum’s variable suction control offers enhanced versatility. Use maximum suction for hard floors, and then switch to less suction for plants, drapes, and other delicate surfaces. This allows for optimal cleaning and protection for items being cleaned and for the vacuum cleaner itself.

Removable and Washable Filter: Routinely remove and wash the filter to promote optimal performance. The filter pulls out effortlessly and can be easily rinsed clean with water at the sink.

Rewindable Cord: When finished, simply step on the vacuum cleaner’s foot-operated cord rewind. This automatically draws the cord into the machine for tidy, compact storage.

Accessories Included: The vacuum cleaner provides a crevice tool for reaching into tight spots like between couch cushions and an upholstery nozzle for furniture and drapery.

Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

A good vacuum cleaner is essential for a clean and healthy house. So, let’s weigh up which one is right for you. This guide will arm you with the expert knowledge to pick the style or model that best suits your needs.

1. Surface

The most important detail to consider here is the specified surface for using the cleaner on. In other words, what types of surfaces are you going to be cleaning mostly with your vacuum cleaner? While they may vary in their size, form and build, vacuum cleaners are divided into those that clean carpets, and those that clean other flat surfaces. Make sure you choose a vacuum that’s best on the type of floor you have in your home.

2. Types of vacuum cleaners

The type of vacuum that’s best be your home depends on a few things. Do you have carpets, hard floors or both? Do you have kids, pets or both? How much storage space have you got for your vacuum and does anyone in the house have allergies or asthma?

  • Barrel vacuum cleaner: If you don’t have a lot of storage space, a barrel vacuum is a good, compact, all-round performer for carpet and hard floors. A barrel vacuum is also light so you can easily maneuver it around to clean your stairs and furniture.
  • Upright vacuum cleaner: If your carpet and rugs get covered in pet hair and dirt, an upright vacuum might be the best option. They’re also easier to steer and because you push them in front of you at waist height. This makes them the best choice if you suffer from back problems. Upright vacuums are also ideal for large areas as they hold a large amount of dust before they need emptying.
  • Handheld or stick vacuum cleaner: If you have kids or pets you might also want to opt for handheld or stick vacuum for quick everyday clean-ups. Find out how long the batteries last before they need recharging, how much do they hold and if they have the extras you want like crevice planners for cobwebs.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner: If you don’t want to be doing any vacuuming at all a robot vacuum might be what you’re after. They automatically clean your floors for you. Some can even clean stairs.

3. Suction power

Exceptional suction power cleans floors fast and gives you a deep-down carpet clean. The number of watts tells you how much power goes into the vacuum. More watts usually mean a more powerful suction, but the efficiency of the airflow and filtration is also important for good suction.

4. Bag or Bagless

Bagless vacuums are popular because you don’t have to buy bags, which is better for the environment and for your wallet. A bagless vacuum collects dirt in a built-in bin. You can see when the bin’s full and empty it before you start losing suction power. But it can be messy to empty. On the downside, some models expose you to allergens and you may need to clean the filter regularly. You’ll also need to replace any non-washable filters each year which can be as expensive as the bags. Bag vacuums are more hygienic making them better for allergy sufferers. But they can lose suction as the bag fills up and it’s hard to know when it’s full unless it has a full bag indicator.

5. Filtration System

A growing number of vacuums are claimed to filter the fine particles that could pass through the machine and escape into the air through the exhaust. Microfilters can provide a higher level of filtration than standard models either through the bag or a separate filter, but possibly not as high as HEPA filtration. HEPA filtration might benefit someone with asthma. It removes and traps nearly all dust particles and pollutants that can aggravate allergies and asthma.

6. Battery Life

If you’re opting for cordless, handheld or battery-powered vacuum cleaners are powered by batteries, check how long a model lasts on a single charge before you buy. Most high-quality battery vacuums can clean for 20-45 minutes on a single charge. Lithium batteries, in particular, usually last longer than other types and also charge faster.

7. Warranty

A longer or more comprehensive warranty is an indicator that a manufacturer has trust in their product. If possible, look for warranties that include both parts and labour.

8. Dust Capacity

The larger the dust capacity, the less often you’ll need to empty the canister or change the bag. For bagless vacuums, this is purely a matter of convenience. But for bagged vacuums, smaller capacities force you to use more bags, which increases the lifetime cost of the machine.

9. Cord Length

If you don’t have many plug sockets in your home or are just fed up of switching every time you change room; the cord length is important. The cord length sets how much of your home can be properly cleaned from a single socket.

10. Other Special features

  • Noise levels: Think about whether the noise is an issue for you. Most vacuums will create a certain amount of noise, but some vacuums make a lot less noise than others.
  • Tools: Have a look at whether the vacuum you want comes with the tools for cleaning the type of furniture in your home or your car. Most vacuums come with the ones you need like a narrow edge tool for cleaning corners, a small upholstery brush and a round brush for dusting.
  • Manual height adjustment: Manual height adjustment is another convenient feature. It lets you raise or lower the powerhead to better match the height of your carpet. Some vacuums adjust automatically but vacuums with manual control tend to deep clean carpets better.
  • Bare-Floor Options: These include equipment and features that help when cleaning hardwood, vinyl, and other uncarpeted floor surfaces.
  • Suction Control Switch – A switch for suction control lets you reduce the flow of air through the hose, which can be helpful when cleaning upholstery and curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Cleaner (FAQs):

What is the use of a vacuum cleaner?

A Vacuum cleaner can do much more than removing dust and dirt from your floors and carpets. Some of the tasks vacuum cleaners are used for are:

  1. Capture Excess Pet Hair
  2. Freshen Upholstery, Pillows, and Carpets
  3. Trap Dust Before It Spreads
  4. Reduce Indoor Allergens
  5. Recover Small Items from behind a hard-to-move piece of furniture.
  6. Remove dust from the refrigerator coils and condenser.
  7. Remove crumbs from appliances like toasters & ovens and the spaces between appliances and countertops.

Who invented vacuum cleaner?

In 1860 a manual vacuum cleaner called a carpet sweeper was invented by Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa. In 1901 powered vacuum cleaners using suction were invented independently by British engineer Hubert Cecil Booth and American inventor David T. Kenney. In 1906 James B. Kirby developed his first of many vacuums called the Domestic Cyclone. In 1907 department store janitor James Murray Spangler of Canton, Ohio invented the first portable electric vacuum cleaner.

How much suction does a vacuum cleaner have?

Exceptional suction power cleans floors fast and gives you a deep-down carpet clean. The number of watts tells you how much power goes into the vacuum. More watts usually mean a more powerful suction, but the efficiency of the airflow and filtration is also important for good suction.

Which is better bagless or bagged vacuums?

Bagless vacuums are popular because you don’t have to buy bags, which is better for the environment and for your wallet. A bagless vacuum collects dirt in a built-in bin. You can see when the bin’s full and empty it before you start losing suction power. But it can be messy to empty. On the downside, some models expose you to allergens and you may need to clean the filter regularly. You’ll also need to replace any non-washable filters each year which can be as expensive as the bags.

Bag vacuums are more hygienic making them better for allergy sufferers. But they can lose suction as the bag fills up and it’s hard to know when it’s full unless it has a full bag indicator.

How can I make my vacuum suction better?

Over time your vacuum cleaner may lose suction making it almost impossible to pick things up. Here are a few helpful tips to improve vacuum suction:

  1. Replace the filter
  2. Check Height Adjustments
  3. Change Bag or Empty Canister
  4. Check Hose

How do you clean a vacuum filter?

Clogged filters cause loss of suction and can damage the motor of the vacuum cleaner. The pre-filter should be cleaned whenever there is a visible accumulation of debris and dust on it. The HEPA filter should be cleaned after four to six uses.

To clean the filters remove them and shake them out. If the filter is made of foam you can even rinse it with water.

If a filter is worn out or damaged, it should be replaced. The HEPA filter should be replaced once every six months.

Are Vacuum Cleaners Bad for Your Health?

Studies have shown that almost all vacuum cleaners release some bacteria, dust, and allergens back into the air. Newer and more expensive vacuum cleaners generally cause less indoor air pollution than older, cheaper models.

Vacuums with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters release only slightly lower levels of dust and bacteria than vacuums that did not use these special filters.

Which brand is good for vacuum cleaner?

The best vacuum cleaner brands are listed below:

  1. Eureka Forbes
  2. Black & Decker
  4. Panasonic
  5. Bissell
  6. Kent
  7. Forbes
  9. Prestige
  11. Bosch
  12. Dyson
  13. Hoover
  14. Miele

How to properly vacuum carpet?

First, you want to pick up everything off your floor so you don’t run into it with your vacuum. Get up any types of paper clips, bobby pins, anything that could hurt your vacuum.

Then depending upon the kind of carpet you have, adjust the vacuum cleaner to the length of the carpet.

Then we’re going to turn it on and move the vacuum cleaner in a back and forth motion on your carpet. Go a little slow just to be sure that you get everything.

Is it OK to vacuum every day?

For rooms that have carpet

You should vacuum the traffic lanes in high-traffic areas daily and the entire area twice a week. For rooms with light traffic flow, vacuum the traffic lanes twice a week and the entire area once. For rooms with little to no use, a bi-weekly vacuuming session should suffice.

For hard floor surfaces

Unless you bring in a lot of dirt or sand, live in a dusty area or have pets, you only need to vacuum your hard surface floors once a week.

For pet owners

No matter what type of floors you have, if you have dogs, cats and/or other furry friends running loose in your home, vacuum every day. If you don’t have time to vacuum every day, focus on the rooms and the furniture your pets spend the most time in.

How to clean a vacuum cleaner?

Your vacuum cleaner does a lot of work around the house to keep it clean for you. So, cleaning the vacuum occasionally is also important. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Clean the brush: Depending on how much the vacuum cleaner is used, the brush should be regularly cleaned. Unlatch the brush and remove the particles and debris from its bristles. Use a pair of scissors to cut away any unwanted fabric, debris or hair caught in the brush. Check the bearings and belts for any damage and clean around the ends of the brush too. To achieve a thorough cleaning, the brush can also be washed with warm water and a mild detergent. However, ensure that the brush is completely dry before attaching it to the vacuum cleaner.
  • Check the filters: Clogged filters cause loss of suction and can damage the motor of the vacuum cleaner. The pre-filter should be cleaned whenever there is a visible accumulation of debris and dust on it. The HEPA filter should be cleaned after four to six uses. To clean the filters remove them and shake them out. If the filter is made of foam you can even rinse it with water. If a filter is worn out or damaged, it should be replaced. The HEPA filter should be replaced once every six months. 
  • Clean the hose: If your vacuum cleaner isn’t picking as dirt, it could be that the vacuum hose is clogged. Detach the hose from the vacuum and shove a broom handle through the opening. This will push any debris out unclog the hose. A bent electric wire or coat hanger can also be used to clean the hose. However, it is advisable to exercise a little caution while using this technique since it might puncture the hose. The hose can also be cleaned by rinsing it with water. Dry it thoroughly before attaching it to the vacuum again.
  • Regular service of the machine: For best performance, have your vacuum cleaner regularly serviced by a local repair shop or opt for the annual maintenance services offered by the seller. This will not only extend the life of your machine, but all make your cleaning routine more effective and efficient.


The selection of the most suitable vacuum cleaner for your home may vary based on various factors and budget. We hope our article gives you the relevant information required to make an informed buying. In case you are unable to find the vacuum cleaner here, head over to Amazon India to browse through the store’s exhaustive collection.

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