Top 9 Best Refrigerator Under 15000 In India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

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Are you looking for the Best Refrigerator Under 15000 In India? Look no further. In this article our experts have reviewed the top 9 Best Refrigerator Under 15000 In India keeping budget, energy rating, features and customer rating in mind.

Refrigerators are among the most popular and commonly used kitchen appliances on the planet. They have come a long way from being a luxury item to a necessary appliance no household can function without. Nowadays, refrigerators come equipped with a whole range of features, improved technology, and styles that have now become a status symbol. 

However, when it comes to buying refrigerators these days, the sheer variety available in the market is mind-boggling. The options go far beyond simply getting a glass of cold water without having to open the door.

There are models that have features like door-in-door storage access, dual evaporators to maintain higher humidity levels, air purifiers to eliminate bacteria, temperature controls for certain compartments, and digital inverter technology.

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Top 9 Best Refrigerator Under 15000 In India 2020

Planning on buying a new refrigerator for your daily needs? Choose from a wide selection of single-door, double-door, side-by-side, multi-door, mini-refrigerators, frost-free and direct-cool refrigerators from top brands. Taking all the latest features into account, we have listed below the top 10 Best Refrigerator Under 15000 In India 2020.

Refrigerator Buying Guide


Top Freezer refrigerator

Refrigerators with the freezer on top are the most popular and the least expensive. You’ll get pull outs and bins, spill guard shells and enough space in the door to hold gallon containers. Their fairly wide shelves give you a lot of nice open storage. The bottom shelves can be a little hard to reach and the single wide door requires a lot of clearance.

Side by side refrigerator

Side-by-side models are a good fit for narrow kitchens because they take up the least space with their doors open. Most side-by-sides come with a through the door ice and water dispenser. The narrow freezer mean a frozen pizza usually won’t fit and you may find that items tend to get hidden behind each other.

Bottom Freezer refrigerator

Refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom are the fastest growing category by far. Your fresh foods are within easy reach. You’ll need to bend a bit to access your freezer items, but pullouts allow you to see foods from above. You can get single or French door models with two narrow doors, a plus if you want to just take something out of one side and let less cold air out. There are also four door bottom freezers. They typically have a pull-out middle drawer with adjustable temperatures that makes them a great place to store everything from drinks to meats to fruits and vegetables.

Cabinet depth refrigerator

Cabinet depth refrigerators are designed to be flush to the counters with the doors usually extending past the counter-top. These refrigerators are shallow, about 29 to 30 inches deep. Cabinet depth refrigerators are available as side-by-sides and in French door style.

Built-in refrigerator

For an impressive designer look, built-in refrigerators are designed to fit flush with your cabinetry. This imposing yet sleek look comes with a hefty price tag. They’re typically available with bottom freezers or side-by-sides. Because of their shallower depths, usually 24 or 25 inches, they offer less storage space.

Refrigerator columns are a new subcategory of built-ins that you can play with. Pick a refrigerator from 18 to 30 inches wide and a freezer from 18 to 24 inches and place them together or across the room from each other. This flexibility, however, comes at a price.

Refrigerator drawers that mount beneath the counter-top or island are attractive and convenient but expensive. They’re not very energy-efficient and the small amount of room they provide might not be worth giving up the storage space.

Compact refrigerators

These little refrigerators are suitable for a family room or college dorm. The freezer is usually tiny. While they maintain temperatures well, even the most efficient compact refrigerators can use nearly as much energy as a full sized model.


Manufacturers suggest 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four and most people buy one that holds 20 to 25 cubic feet. But if you do a big weekly shopping trip or stock up on bulk items, you might need more space.

Here’s how the different styles stack up. In general, top freezer models offer the least amount of space from 10 to 25 claimed cubic feet. Bottom freezers can run from 17 to 25 claimed cubic feet. Shallower cabinet depth models range from 12 to 25 claimed cubic feet.

The largest capacity is found in big built-ins that range from 12 to 30 claimed cubic feet, side-by-sides with 19 to 30 and French door models with the freezer on the bottom that claim up to 34 cubic feet of space inside.

Other features

Through-the-Door Ice and Water Dispenser

This is one of the features most requested by buyers. However, models with this convenience also require the most repairs. Energy costs are higher, too, and you trade ice water for storage space.

Door-in-Door Storage Access

Without opening the entire door, you can grab frequently used beverages and condiments. That will save on energy costs in the long run.

Freshness Features

Dual evaporators help maintain higher humidity levels in the refrigerated areas and prevent freezer odors from migrating there. Air purifiers eliminate bacteria and mold spores, while vacuum-sealed crisper drawers are meant to keep food fresher longer.

Temperature Controls

You decide how cold your fridge is in certain areas. For example, set a drawer to be cooler than the rest of the fridge to better store meat, fish, and cold cuts.


A protective coating on the exterior surface resists smudges and smears. If you have kids, a fingerprint-resistant option might be just what you’re looking for to reduce cleaning time.

Energy efficiency

With an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator, you can maximize your energy and dollar savings without sacrificing the features you want.

Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerators

Which brand is best for fridge?

Here’s an updated list of the best refrigerator brands in India that you can invest in.

Bosch Refrigerators

Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company that provides intelligent, reliable, and appealing solutions to make life a bit easier every day. This accentuates Bosch’s determination to create home appliances that always serves a purpose. Refrigerators from Bosch combine plenty of space for fresh foods with high-quality design.

BPL Refrigerators

BPL is an Indian brand that believes in bettering lives with the marriage of creativity and technology. The brand develops world-class products and revolutionises Indian homes with high quality, elegant designs and superior technology. While their product quality is at par with world-leading brands, their price is within the reach of the common man.

Godrej Refrigerators

Godrej, an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, is one of the largest players in the Home Appliances segment in India. They have always delighted the consumer with innovative, relevant and green technologies. In 1958, Godrej was the first Indian brand to start manufacturing refrigerators.

Haier Refrigerators

Haier is a Chinese collective multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company. The company aims to create innovative home appliances that are designed to anticipate and meet the fast-changing consumer needs.

Hitachi Refrigerators

Hitachi is a Japanese multinational conglomerate company that develops innovative solutions and products that help customers benefit from the latest technologies. Hitachi refrigerators are built using the latest eco-friendly technology and are loaded with high-performance features.

LG Refrigerators

LG is a South Korean multinational electronics company that has one of the largest and most innovative range of refrigerators. Equipped with the brand’s exclusive Linear Compressor technology, they offer optimum cooling, operating efficiency and reliability.

Panasonic Refrigerators

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation that’s synonymous with reliability, boldness and innovative technology. The brand is constantly committed to making the consumer’s life easier, more comfortable and more fun.

Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate that manufactures a wide range of home electronics with cutting-edge technology. They aim to design innovative products that not only enrich people’s lives but also contribute to social prosperity.

Siemens Refrigerators

Siemens, a German multinational conglomerate company, is one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies. The brand combines tomorrow’s technologies with a distinctive design to create refrigerators that are not only elegant but also all bring more freshness and convenience.

Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool is an Indian company that makes Home Appliances with advanced and intuitive technology to give their customers better than expected results every time. The brand’s refrigerators come in sleek and contemporary designs and are equipped with innovative technologies like the 6TH SENSE IntelliFresh Technology, 6TH SENSE DeepFreeze Technology and 6TH SENSE ActiveFresh Technology.

How To Keep Your Refrigerator Clean & Organised?

  1. To prevent cross-contamination between raw meats and everything else kept inside the refrigerator, keep raw meats in a separate bin.
  2. Invest in a set of clear storage containers so you can organise the fridge and access items quickly. Label these boxes for easy navigation.
  3. Invest in an air-purifying bag to make your fridge smell like less of a mess.
  4. Learn which item kept inside the fridge shouldn’t be chilled so that you don’t have to sacrifice precious space.
  5. Invest in wire storage containers for the freezer so you can easily stack and track down stuff.
  6. Spare some shelf space by lofting beer bottles with magnetic strips.
  7. Put in some shelf liners that you can easily pull out and clean in case of spills.
  8. Line the crisper drawers with produce life extenders that help keep fruits and veggies fresher for longer.
  9. Install an under-shelf basket under the tall shelf to maximise storage space and hold items that don’t fit elsewhere.
  10. Keep raw meat and seafood on the bottom shelf to prevent unwanted drips.
  11. Keep a container of activated carbon to absorb the odours.
  12. Use a sturdy egg holder to store eggs. This way you can easily stack containers on top of the holder without crushing the eggs.
  13. Wipe down condiment bottles before keeping them inside the refrigerator after using them.
  14. When storing food in the refrigerator, arrange it according to the temperature required to cook it. This means that food requiring no cooking time, like precooked food, should stay in the top compartment and then you can work your way downwards.
  15. Once a month, use a vacuum cleaner for thoroughly cleaning the refrigerator.
  16. Reserve the door for items like Butter, Condiments, Juice, Soda, Water, etc. that can handle warmer conditions.
  17. Use the lower humidity drawer to store Apples, Grapes, Mushrooms, Peppers, Summer Squash and Avocados, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Nectarines, Melons, once ripe.
  18. Use the high humidity drawer to store Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Green Onions, Leafy Greens, etc.
How To Keep Your Refrigerator Clean & Organised

How long is a refrigerator supposed to last?

The average life expectancy of a refrigerator is affected by four things – size, type, how well it’s maintained and how sturdy is its construction.

Depending on the size and model, if a refrigerator is properly maintained, its average life expectancy is between 14 and 20 years. While standard refrigerators run for up to 17 years on average, compact refrigerators usually function smoothly for up to 20 years.

However, a good repairman might be able to significantly extend the life span of your refrigerator. When deciding whether to repair or replace the fridge, keep the cost factor in mind. If your refrigerator is requiring frequent repairs or if the needed fix is costly, it may be time to part ways with your old refrigerator. Availability of parts can also weigh into your decision. Are original manufacturer parts still available, or will repairs mean paying a premium for potentially inferior aftermarket parts?

How to prolong the service life of the refrigerator?

It’s inevitable that your refrigerator will one day die, but there are steps you can take to increase its life span.

  1. Proper upkeep and maintenance can extend the life expectancy of the refrigerator.
  2. Keep the refrigerator away from heat-producing appliances and direct sunlight.
  3. Make sure the coils at the back of the refrigerator are several inches away from the wall. Clean them regularly to remove dust and debris.
  4. To prevent the door gasket from drying out, clean it regularly with soapy water.
  5. Once a year, inspect the door gasket to ensure that cold air is not escaping. Replace it if it’s dried out and deteriorating.
  6. If your refrigerator has a drip pan, empty and clean it at least thrice a year.
  7. Empty and clean your entire refrigerator at least once each month.
  8. Keep your freezer and refrigerator well-stocked. A full fridge cools faster than an empty one.
  9. Don’t stuff items in the refrigerator. Keep them in such a way that the airflow is not blocked.
  10. Regularly clean the cooling vents of the fridge to prevent moisture and frost build-up.
  11. Resolve minor fridge malfunctions as soon as they arise to keep them from progressing into more severe problems.
  12. Regularly check the internal temperature of the refrigerator by putting a thermometer inside and closing the door for about five minutes. The ideal range for a refrigerator is between 37- and 40-degrees Fahrenheit.

Signs You Need a New Refrigerator

Below mentioned are some signs that your fridge may be beyond repair and could need a replacement soon:

  1. Excessive Condensation is present inside the refrigerator.
  2. The rear exterior surface of the fridge – that’s the motor – is generating an excessive amount of heat.
  3. The food kept inside the fridge starts to smell and/or spoil days before it normally would.
  4. The refrigerator is not as energy efficient as it was before.
  5. The fridge is emitting excessive sound even after unplugging and plugging it back in.

Do old refrigerators use a lot of electricity?

An old refrigerator model can use up to 1400kWh of electricity per year whereas an advanced model with star ratings consumes between 199.22 kWh and 487.19 kWh per year.

After the introduction of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) ratings, there is a 36 per cent improvement in efficiency over the last few years. However, it is not economically prudent to replace a 4 – or 5-star model bought after 2010 with the new one. But, if you are still using an unrated refrigerator, it is advisable to replace it with a rated one.

Since the BEE ratings have been put in place, a 5-year-old refrigerator currently consumes 10% more power compared to when you bought while a 10-year-old and 15-year-old refrigerator consume 20% and 30% more electricity respectively compared to when you bought.

Things you don’t actually need to keep in the fridge

Make some room in your fridge by storing these room-temperature-happy items in the pantry.

  1. Hot sauce
  2. Basil
  3. Berries
  4. Bread
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Squash
  7. Honey
  8. Unfrosted cakes
  9. Uncut melons
  10. Bananas
  11. Ketchup
  12. Peanut butter
  13. Apples, peaches, nectarines and pears
  14. Peppers
  15. Eggplants

Should you leave any space behind and around the refrigerator?

Yes, it is ideal to leave approximately 10 to 15 cm space behind the refrigerator. The reason for this is that the walls and coils of the fridge can heat up if there is no space at the back. Over-heating will affect the performance and efficiency of the fridge.

As far as the sides are concerned, ensure that there is enough space to fully open the door.

Do refrigerators need a voltage Stabilizer for smooth operation?

Most refrigerators these days come with in-built stabilizers. So, for those models, no external stabilizer is required. However, for refrigerators that don’t have an in-built stabilizer, an external stabilizer is a must to ensure smooth operation.

What Is a Smart Refrigerator?

Smart refrigerators feature a touchscreen interface and have the ability to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. They have additional features like internal cameras, more flexible user-controlled cooling options, and remote-control ability using smartphone or tablet. Some of the features that smart refrigerators offer include:

  1. Look up recipes and read the steps while you cook
  2. Create grocery lists that sync to your smartphone or tablet in real-time
  3. Set expiration dates and receive notifications to use food while it’s fresh.
  4. Cast from a smart TV in another room to watch from the kitchen
  5. Alert you when the water filter needs to be changed
  6. Use interior cameras while at the store to double-check if you’re low on groceries

Brands like LG and Samsung have already launched their smart refrigerators in the market.

What are the different types of refrigerators?

  1. Top-Freezer Refrigerators: This is the most commonly bought and the most affordable refrigerator style. Such refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes and can fit into kitchens large and small.
  2. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators: The bottom freezer refrigerator is extremely popular because of its extremely spacious storage space for both the refrigerator and freezer sections. Such refrigerators keep fridge items within easy reach and at eye level.
  3. French-Door Refrigerators: French door refrigerator brings a modern look into your kitchen. Its lower freezer setup ensures large chunks of storage space and its ability to open only one refrigerator door at a time minimizes the escape of cool air thereby improving efficiency. French door refrigerators come in 3-, 4-, and 5-door models.
  4. Side-by-Side Refrigerators: In a side by side refrigerator, the fridge and freezer compartments are placed side-by-side. They are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to access the freezer and fridge section with equal ease.
  5. Built-in Refrigerators: Built-in refrigerators have the ability to align with the kitchen cabinets. They are suitable for niche sizes of 88 – 178 cm and they are available with fixed or sliding doors, or with décor panels. Available primarily in side-by-side and French door styles, built-in refrigerators blend perfectly into the kitchen decor.
  6. Mini/Compact Refrigerators: Compact or mini refrigerators are perfect for dorm rooms, office, home entertainment bars, game rooms, or a kitchenette. In most mini/compact refrigerators, a small freezer is located inside the refrigeration compartment.

Which is the best refrigerator under 20000?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly refrigerator for your home, here’s an updated list of the best refrigerators under Rs. 20,000.

Top 9 Best Refrigerator Under 15000 In India 2020 Reviewed

  1. Most Energy Efficient Refrigerator – LG Refrigerator – LG 190L 3 Star Single-Door Refrigerator
  2. Best Top Freezer Refrigerator – Samsung Refrigerator – Samsung 192L 1 Star Single Door Refrigerator
  3. Best Refrigerator For Small Families – Whirlpool Refrigerator – Whirlpool 185L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator
  4. Best Budget Refrigerator – Godrej Refrigerator – Godrej 190L 5 Star Single Door Refrigerator
  5. Best Spacious Refrigerator – Haier Refrigerator – Haier 190L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator
  6. Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – Aisen 195L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator
  7. Best Overall Value Refrigerator – Koryo 225L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator
  8. Best Veggie Storage Refrigerator – Croma 225L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator
  9. Best Features Refrigerator – Leonard-USA 60L Mini Refrigerator

1. Most Energy Efficient Refrigerator – LG Refrigerator – LG 190L 3 Star Single-Door Refrigerator

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Notable Features of this LG Refrigerator

  • Direct-cool refrigerator
  • 190 liters
  • Energy Rating: 3 Star
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor
  • Moist ‘n’ Fresh
  • Spill-proof toughened glass shelves
  • Works without stabilizer
  • Fastest ice making
  • Anti bacteria gasket
  • Vegetable basket with 12.6 liter capacity

Why Should You Purchase This LG Refrigerator?

Star Rating: Electricity bills will be the last thing on your mind when you purchase an LG refrigerator. All LG Refrigerators are as per Energy Efficiency Standards by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

Fastest in Ice Making: This feature is exclusive to LG Direct Cool Refrigerators. It makes fastest ice in just 108 minutes.

Smart Connect: The revolutionary smart connect technology helps you connect your refrigerator to home inverter in case of power cuts, thus providing you the convenience of storing food for long without spoilage.

MOIST ‘N’ FRESH: This refrigerator comes with a special lattice-type box cover which maintains moisture at an optimum level when moisture from stored food is evaporated and then condensed on the lattice.

Stabilizer Free Operation (90V~310V): The LG Direct Cool Refrigerators can operate at a voltage range of 90~310V, which means your refrigerator can work without a stabilizer too.

Anti Bacterial Gasket: This refrigerator comes with an anti bacterial gasket that’s also easy to clean, keeping food healthy and hygienic for longer periods.

Toughened Glass Shelves: Shelves made of toughened glass are capable of holding heavy food items. These can take load as heavy as 175 kg as per LG internal test standards.

2. Best Top Freezer Refrigerator – Samsung Refrigerator – Samsung 192L 1 Star Single Door Refrigerator

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Notable Features of this Samsung Refrigerator

  • Direct Cool
  • Single Door
  • Economical
  • Requires manual defrosting
  • Door Pocket Type: GPPS (Transparent)
  • Capacity 192 L: Suitable for families with 2-3 members
  • Interior Light: Bulb
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor
  • Energy Rating: 1 Star
  • Shelf Type: Toughened Glass

Why Should You Purchase This Samsung Refrigerator?

Stylish Crown Design: It has a truly distinctive Crown design that is available in a choice of various colors. It’s softly curved, round-top shape and clean lines, without any extra doors, add a sleek and elegant look to your kitchen.

Stabilizer Free Operation: Its Stabilizer Free Operation means it works very steadily and reliably and prevents electrical damage or shorting if there are any voltage fluctuations. If it increases too much it automatically cuts the power.

Safe Clean Back: Its Safe Clean Back is a smooth safety cover for its internal vital components that can be easily wiped clean. It also looks neat and provides added durability by protecting them from accidental bumps and knocks.

Toughened Glass Shelves: It has toughened glass shelves that are designed and tested to hold a weight of up to 150 kg safely. So, even large vegetables, like marrows, or dishes prepared in heavy pots and pans can be kept cool and fresh.

Big Bottle Guard: You can store big containers of milk and juice in the door, along with two rows of beverage cans and bottles. The Big Guard is also great for chilling tall drinks bottles.

Vege Box: A large capacity Vege box provides a convenient space to store all of your fresh vegetables and fruits. And because it’s so big it’s much easier to find everything you use every day, as they’re all in one place.

3. Best Refrigerator For Small Families – Whirlpool Refrigerator – Whirlpool 185L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

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Notable Features of this Whirlpool Refrigerator

  • Gross Capacity: 185L
  • Cyclopentane Insulation: Yes
  • Star Rating: 3 Star
  • Warranty: 10 Year
  • GPPS Cover
  • Handle Type: Pocket Handle (Chrome)
  • Lock: Yes
  • Number 1 In Ice-Making
  • 12 Hours cooling retention
  • Laminar Air Flow
  • Insulated Capillary Technology
  • Auto-Connect To Home Inverter
  • Extra Large Vegetable crisper
  • Unique Masala Bin
  • Dedicated multi-utility space

Why Should You Purchase This Whirlpool Refrigerator?

Number 1 In Ice-Making: The advanced Insulated Capillary Technology and powerful compressor in Whirlpool refrigerators makes ice faster than any other products in its class – so that you are never short of ice.

12 Hours cooling retention: The new IceMagic range of refrigerators, powered by 6TH SENSE PowerCool Technology and Insulated Capillary Technology ensures that cooling stays locked inside, retaining it for up to 12 Hours. This means, you can enjoy cold beverages even during long power cuts.

Laminar Air Flow: Special Cooling Vents regulate the air in a laminar flow for supreme and uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator.

Auto-Connect To Home Inverter: In the event of a power outage, it automatically connects to the home inverter, thus delivering consistent cooling and maintaining long-lasting freshness.

Honey Comb Moisture Lock Crisper Cover: Vegetable Crisper with Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology maintains optimum moisture in your vegetables and keeps them fresher for longer.

Stabilizer Free Operation: Whirlpool Refrigerators can stably operate even in high fluctuation of voltage (130V-300V) and do not require a separate stabilizer.

4. Best Budget Refrigerator – Godrej Refrigerator – Godrej 190L 5 Star Single Door Refrigerator

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Notable Features of this Godrej Refrigerator

  • Direct-cool refrigerator
  • 190 litres capacity
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
  • Direct Cool
  • Single Door
  • Economical
  • Requires manual defrosting
  • Deep Bottom Chiller Tray
  • Largest Shelf Space
  • Jumbo Vegetable Tray
  • Capacity 190 L: Suitable for families with 2-3 members
  • Inverter Compressor
  • Shelf Type: Toughened Glass
  • Power Features: 230V
  • Voltage: 110-260V
  • Annual Electricity Consumption (In KWH): 124
  • Runs on Home Inverter

Why Should You Purchase This Godrej Refrigerator?

Add to the decoration of your home with the Godrej RDEPRO205TAI5.2 Refrigerator. The Edge Pro technology with inverter compressors makes the Godrej RDEPRO205TAI5.2 Refrigerator one of India’s most successful energy efficient refrigerators in the market. The large tray gives you extra storage and the special features like the supercooling with 24hours cooling retention make this best suited for India where power cuts are common during bad weather conditions. The edible items remain fresh longer and the Max cooling with Max storing and Max saving makes the Godrej RDEPRO205TAI5.2 Refrigerator the best choice in the market.

Inverter Technology: The supercooling with the latest compressor technology makes the Godrej RDEPRO205TAI5.2 Refrigerator a fast and efficient gadget for every home at the same time it saves on the energy bill up to 10 times in comparison to other refrigerators. The Inverter technology makes the refrigerator efficient for rural areas where current supplies are not steady and people rely on home inverters, the Godrej RDEPRO205TAI5.2 Refrigerator is best suited for their needs and with a 24 hours cooling retention the Godrej RDEPRO205TAI5.2 Refrigerator is ready to cater for urban as well as rural dwellers.

Silent Operation: The Godrej RDEPRO205TAI5.2 Refrigerator has been lab tested and made with countless research and development to be one of the most silent refrigerators. The compressor is so designed to eliminate the sound when running and cooling action is on the process of the refrigerator. The EDGE Pro technology has made the Godrej RDEPRO205TAI5.2 Refrigerator one of the smoothest and most silent running refrigerators.

Large storage with 24-hour cooling: If extra space is what you need then the Godrej RDEPRO205TAI5.2 Refrigerator is best suited for your needs. It has a jumbo vegetable tray that can store your fruits and vegetables while the other segments of the Godrej RDEPRO205TAI5.2 Refrigerator can store up to 190 L of food items and beverages. The 24-hour cooling action and the cooling retention capacity of the refrigerator help preserve the freshness of the food for 24 hours during power cuts and other mishaps. The unique Palladium- Carbon based deodorizer slows decay and prevents odor so that your food stays fresh for longer.

5. Best Spacious Refrigerator – Haier Refrigerator – Haier 190L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

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Notable Features of this Haier Refrigerator

  • Direct Cool
  • Single Door
  • Economical
  • Requires manual defrosting
  • Cacapity 190 L: Suitable for families with 2-3 members
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor
  • Energy Rating: 3 Star
  • Shelf Type: Wired Shelves
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Diamond Edge Freezing Technology

Why Should You Purchase This Haier Refrigerator?

Stabilizer Free Operation: The heavy duty compressors make certain that you never spend a single penny in buying a separate stabilizer. It ranges from 135-290 volts.

High Capacity: The Haier refrigerator comes with 190 liter storage capacity to store fruits, vegetables, processed beverages, drinks and keep them fresh for hours.

3-Star Energy Rating: Save more, with the all new revised star rating enjoy trouble free services and save up to rupees 3600.

Stylish Design & Efficient Performance: Stylish design adds a modish look to your kitchen while offering powerful performance and efficient cooling.

Diamond Edge Freezer Technology (DEFT): Diamond edge freezing technology ensures that the ice formation remains firm and ensures better cooling efficiency in the refrigerator.

Bottle Space: Refrigerator comes with bottle storage space so you can store big bottles and cans. The big guard is also great for chilling tall drinks bottles.

Leather Finish Cabinet: The refrigerator from Haier comes with leather finish cabinet that makes it scratch resistance and gives a leather look.

Anti-Fungal Gasket: Anti-fungal door gasket prevents the entry and build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the fridge.

Door Lock: Now keep your kids away from unhealthy junk food with this door lock.

6. Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – Aisen 195L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

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Notable Features of this Aisen Refrigerator

  • Direct-cool
  • Single Door Refrigerator
  • Requires manual defrosting
  • Capacity : 195 liters
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
  • Energy Rating : 3 Star
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Shelf Type: Toughened Glass
  • Multiple Shelf Adjustment
  • Removable Anti-bacterial Gasket
  • Easy To Clean

Why Should You Purchase This Aisen Refrigerator?

Toughened Glass Shelves: This refrigerator has toughened glass shelves that are designed to hold a weight of up to 195 liters safely. So even large vegetables, like marrows, or dishes prepared in heavy pots and pans can be kept cool and fresh. each shelf has the strength to hold weight of up to 120 kg.

Stabilizer Free Operation: Its Stabilizer Free Operation means it works very steadily and reliably and prevents electrical damage or shorting if there are any voltage fluctuations. If it increases too much it automatically cuts the power.

Multiple Shelf Adjustments: With the multiple shelf adjustment feature, you can arrange your fridge compartment according to the space, thus giving you an option to load your food items accordingly.

Energy Efficient: The smart and classic design of the refrigerator offers powerful performance and efficient cooling.

19 liter freezer capacity: With 19 liters of freezer get your ice cubes ready in a proper shape and store your ice snacks conveniently.

Anti-bacterial Removable Gasket: Health and hygiene go hand in hand, with this added component. It makes it easy to clean as well as, keeping food healthy and hygienic for a longer period of time.

Fresh and Healthy Veg Zone: The refrigerator features a special compartment especially for vegetables and perishable fruits to maintain moisture at an optimum level to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh as ever!

Spacious interior: This smart unit is divided into three compartments, each having a spacious depth, to offer an overall storage capacity of 195 liters. Toughened glass shelves make it easy and convenient to view and sort your vegetables, fruits and other food items separately. The inside of the door has a small holder for additional storage.

7. Best Overall Value Refrigerator – Koryo 225L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

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Notable Features of this Koryo Refrigerator

  • Direct Cool
  • Single Door Refrigerator
  • Capacity: 225L – Suitable for family of 2-3 members
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • Big size chiller tray
  • Large Vegetable Basket with Humidity Control Crisper
  • 2L bottle storage in door
  • R600a Eco friendly refrigerant
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • 1 hour fast ice making
  • Bright LED light inside
  • Clean back design
  • Warranty: 5 Years on Compressor and 1 year on Product

Why Should You Purchase This Koryo Refrigerator?

Fast ice making technology: This impressive refrigerator has an ice making technology that requires only an hour in ice formation. This incredible feature ensures that you get ready-made ice whenever at a very short notice.

Toughened glass shelves: The glass shelves are toughened to resist breakage even if they get dropped on the ground. You can put heavy bowls in the fridge without any worry. The shelves can hold up to 125 kg of weight.

Spacious chiller tray: The spacious chiller tray in the refrigerator is colder than the fresh food compartment but does not freeze the food instantly. Foods will freeze if stored in the chiller tray for extended periods of time.

Large vegetable basket: The vegetable basket is large and comes with a humidity control crisper system. It is also capable of working without stabilizer. This will help in retaining the necessary humidity around the vegetables and fruits. The humidity control crisper can be adjusted according to the substances you store in every drawer.

Storage space on the door: The door of the 225 litres Single Door Refrigerator allows space for several 2-litre bottles on the inner side. Store a variety of beverages inside the fridge without any difficulty.

Convenient handle: You can find a convenient handle on the outer side of the door. The handle will help you to open the door of the fridge effortlessly. The handle, being situated on the top of the door, will keep it out of reach of the children.

8. Best Veggie Storage Refrigerator – Croma 225L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

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Notable Features of this Croma Refrigerator

  • Direct Cool
  • Single-door refrigerator
  • 225 litres capacity
  • BEE 3 Star rated cooling performance
  • Adjustable toughened glass shelves
  • Transparent door racks
  • Clean back design
  • Hair line silver PCM finish
  • Door lock
  • Adjustable front legs
  • Warranty: 12 Months on product, 5 years on compressor

Why Should You Purchase This Croma Refrigerator?

This Refrigerator from Croma is designed keeping in mind the storage problems faced by every household. This fridge offers you ample space and storage options, be it for storing fresh stock or leftovers. It provides instant cooling and maintains the freshness of all the food contents.

Green Life Technology: Green life technology ensures minimal power usage and saves energy, making our lives simple. It is environment friendly and also keeps the stored food, fruits and vegetables fresh throughout.

Anti-Fungal Door Gasket: The Anti-fungal door Gasket prevents the entry and build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator keeping all the items in the fridge fresh. The stored items will remain fresh and won’t deteriorate over time.

PCM Finish: This refrigerator features a PCM finish body which is highly rust resistant and gives a long lasting and glossy finish which enhances the look of your kitchen.

Spacious Vegetable Box: Now no need to worry about where to store all the extra items you got while grocery shopping. This fridge has a spacious vegetable box for storing all your weekly requirements safely. The drawer allows for surplus storage and also easy access to the food placed in it.

Adjustable Shelves: Say goodbye to standard refrigerator shelving with limited storage options and get plenty of space to store your food items with the adjustable shelves of this fridge. You can adjust the shelves to meet your needs or even remove a shelf if not required.

Large Capacity Freezer: Freeze and store food for a longer period of time without any worries. The spacious freezer gives you the benefit of keeping your food items fresh for a longer period of time and using them as per your need.

9. Best Features Refrigerator – Leonard-USA 60L Mini Refrigerator

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Notable Features of this Leonard Refrigerator

  • Compact Refrigerator
  • Stainless steel door ensures Elegance and Durability.
  • Anti-fungal gasket
  • Perfect For Dorm Rooms, Game Rooms, Home Bars, Home Gyms
  • Energy star certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
  • 1 Year India Countrywide Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Power source: AC 220-240V/50Hz
  • Power consumption: 56 W
  • Refrigerant: R600a (eco-friendly)

Why Should You Purchase This Leonard Refrigerator?

Powerful performance and efficient cooling: It will keep your Popsicle chilled all summer long and cool your drinks to the coldest touch with the included ice tray. There’s a dedicated freezer section for that ready-to-eat frozen meal and pint of your favorite ice cream.

Adjustable shelf: Its shelf can be configured to make room for taller items which helps you stay organized. It keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh.

Stainless steel door: It adds elegance to the place where it is kept and makes your room looks affluent.

Full range temperature control: Its thermo-electric design features an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature of the interior, perfect for chilling different varietals of drinks to their ideal serving temperature.

Thickest insulation: It has thickest PUF insulation which ensures high cooling and ensures better cooling retention during long hours of power cuts.

Clean back: This refrigerator has a clean back, meaning there are no grills at the back of the fridge making it safer for your family, especially if you have kids.

Conclusion – Which is the best refrigerator?

Finding the best refrigerator in India for the kitchen can be quite a daunting task. Therefore, you must first shortlist all the features you require and then look for the Best Refrigerator Under 15000 In India that fulfils all or most your requirement. You can order the selected refrigerator online from Amazon with just a few clicks.

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