Top 10 Best Flour Mills (Atta Chakki) Online in India 2019

Home-made flour is a lot healthier than ready-made flour. That’s why people nowadays are moving towards the traditional system of making flour at home. If you are not making flour at home, you are losing essential vitamins & proteins that can strengthen your body. That’s because wheat flour loses 40% of its nutritional value and goodness within the first 24 hours after milling and 85 to 90% after 2-3 more days.

However, if flour mills are used for making fresh flour every day, the grains will retain their nutritional value and goodness. This will be very beneficial for your health. Moreover, with an Atta Chakki, you can not only mill wheat grains but also grind a variety of other grains like Corn, bajra, jowar, maize, coffee, rava, dhaniya, etc. 

Listed below are the Top 10 Best Flour Mills. All the flour mills that we have recommended are available on Amazon at huge discounts. Check out the latest Amazon Coupons here.

1.Haystar Flour Mill Modular Wooden Atta Chakki Fully Automatic

This domestic grinder from Haystar has all that one would really like to own in its grinder reception. This grinder offers a very standard look alongside the wood end on the outside that goes with any quite interiors. on top of that, the machine is absolutely automatic and works very well. The grinder is capable of grinding any quite grains and spices. with the exception of that, it contains a safety feature that mechanically shuts down the machine whenever the grains are ground. the kid lock feature conjointly helps to avoid any quite accident that may cause hurt.

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2. Milcent Neo Talky Domestic Flour Mill

The complete names Milcent has been producing such product for specifically seventy years straight currently and has been evolving in an exceedingly extremely positive manner. The units provided by Milcent provide several helpful options and utilities. The new and advanced feature that this grinder has is its taking ability and therefore the manner provides you instruction to ground the grains. The unit any incorporates an extremely powerful motor that has the potential to grind every and each quite grains.

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3. Haystar Flour Mill Modular Atta Chakki Fully Automatic

This Haystar grinder unit is absolutely automatic in its operation and contains dying robust that gives you a seamless 20-year lasting endurance. The unit and has the potential to grind any kind of grains, millets, spices, and sprouts furthermore. The unit comes in with the save feature that mechanically turns off the machine whereas the grains aren’t gifted within the grinder. the kid lock feature conjointly helps to forestall any quite accident that may occur and therefore the unit is additionally extremely energy-efficient and saves you cash.

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4. Haystar Domestic Flour Mill Deluxe Atta Chakki Fully Automatic

This Haystar Domestic grinder comes in with the iSafe feature that turns off the machine as shortly because the grains square measure over within the machine. the kid safe feature is additionally obtainable that doesn’t let the machine to show on whereas the door is open. The unit conjointly produces extremely low noise whereas getting used and therefore the electricity consumption is additionally less as compared to different units within the market. The motor is additionally powerful because it is capable of grinding 8 weight unit of grains in AN hour’s time.

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5. Natraj Florence Automatic Domestic Flour Mill

The Natraj Florence Automatic Domestic grinder is understood to be the simplest furthermore as cheap grinder created for menage usage. The door of the grinder incorporates a lightweight for visibility and is admittedly simple to manoeuvre. The unit and incorporates a standard unit and a special filter to produce fine ground grains to you. It conjointly comes in with overload protection, kid safety lock, and a microchip is driven management unit that makes it extremely easy.

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6. Haystar Domestic Standard Flour Mill

This grinder from Haystar is admittedly simple to wash and needs vacuuming unit and so avoids the high-maintenance plastic chamber. It conjointly has the kid feature that doesn’t let the machine to run if its door is left open. The machine is absolutely automatic and has the potential to grind any quite grains with an extended lasting and sturdy construction. The multi-channel flow offers higher cooling for the motor and a extended life to the mill. It any contains a self-cleaning edge chamber as well.

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7. Haystar Flour Mill Deluxe Atta Chakki White Round Fully Automatic

The Haystar Deluxe grinder unit could be an extremely fabulous unit that offers several helpful options. It comes in with the safe utility that turns off the machine mechanically once there’s no grain. it’s the kid safe feature, that doesn’t let the machine to run if the door remains open. The machine also works manufacturing terribly low noise as compared to a mixer grinder and it consumes terribly less electricity. It grinds nearly 8-10 weight unit of grain among AN hour and any there’s no wastage of flour.

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8. Milcent Stainless Steel Automatic Flour Mill

Milcent could be a seventy years previous company that manufactures grinder for everywhere the globe. The domestic flour mills offered by Milcent square measure each cheap as well because the highest as way as their operability cares. it’s an economical and needed an appliance that has the potential to grind 8-10 weight unit of grain in an hour. It will assist you in grinding bajri, wheat, jowar, gram lentil/rice, maize, pulses, and coriander and comes in with a 1-year warranty on the merchandise.

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9.Natraj Belleza Automatic Domestic Flour Mill Aata Maker

Natraj, as we’ve got antecedently same, is that the finest Indian complete to manufacture domestic flour mills for the menage in varied elements of the country. This Natraj Belleza is an automatic grinder that is admittedly cheap and offers a good quality as well. It contains a door lightweight, simple to manoeuvre from one place to a different and standard cupboard alongside a special filter. the kid safety lock utility has also been supplied with this unit, that is admittedly easy.

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10.Natraj Viva Automatic Domestic Flour Mill Aata Maker

Natraj could be complete that gives high-toned domestic flour mills for the folks that like habitat wheat as per their preference. The Natraj oral exam Automatic Flour Mill is one in all the best in its various and is admittedly cheap as well. The unit is pretty simple to manoeuvre and contains a standard cupboard. It any contains of a special filter for fine ground wheat and overload protection as well. It also has a kid safety lock for the children at home.

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Flour Mills – Buying Guide

What are the Tips & Tricks for Purchasing a Quality Flour Mill?

Selecting the most effective Flour Mill for your search or house is pretty crucial for the explanation that the wrong one may not be applicable in accomplishing the specified task within the method you would like. If any of our user’s area unit sorting out a top-notch or a perfect mill, considering the below-given tips for getting a mill before you hit the market to shop for one is actually essential.

Type of Power

The most important tip or trick to suppose through is to acknowledge the many different types of flour mills. There area unit lots of such sorts that area unit out there on the market just like the electrical mills or the petrol-powered flour mill. each of them possesses their personal share of qualities and flaws. In fact, the electrical flour mills area unit shabby and lightweight in weight. On the opposite hand, it also desires associate degree outlet and isn’t as sturdy and commanding like the petrol-driven flour mills.

Conversely, petrol-driven flour mills area unit even additional dominant and area unit impeccable for perennial tasks and don’t necessitate any power or electrical offer. in an exceeding majority of situations, the petrol-driven flour mills area unit worthy while there’s associate degree absence of electrical power offer on the brink of you or in your section.

Flour Mill Size

The subsequent tip is choosing the suitable mill size that’s ideal for obtaining the task done. it’s important to cogitate upon the number of grains before getting a mill since that might drive the performance of your unit within the ideal direction.

Handling Ease

The final tip that we’d wish to surface down here is to pick out the mill that provides the suitable work, which suggests that it’d be transported and hang down contentedly whilst being stored, kept idle, or once migrated. Following this per se permits the users to perform pretty superiorly that viewing at the out there house added to the handle size within the middle of the front and back handles is critical.

In getting any mill, you simply ensure that the instrument isn’t robust to move or move. it’s superior if you grip them 1st before getting then creating past any kind of doubt that the dimensions and weight area unit applicable. The consistency is equally anticipated wherever there area unit the many prevailing four mill brands purchasable on the market.

When we want to buy a mill the doubt is “which is the one that suits me?”

Electric home mills: If we tend to area unit getting to grind tiny amounts of flour, a little electrical home mill is enough, however, if we would like to create many kilos of flour, larger mills area unit counselled to avoid heating. The mills for home use area unit designed to grind no quite 3-5 kilo of grain at a time. If we tend to purchase an additional powerful mill, we tend to savvy quicker. the ability doesn’t confirm that the flour is additional or less fine.

Electric mills for semi-industrial use: These area unit used for little bakeries, communities, groups. the massive size mill is that the best choices for edge many kilos at a time. they’re mills between a do-it-yourself mill associate degreed an industrial mill.

Manual mill: the manual mill will be born-again to electrical if the elective motor is tailored. it’s sensible|an honest|a decent} choice for all United Nations who don’t have good electricity offer or who don’t wish to depend upon electricity. it’s a little mill, just in case you would like a manual mill that provides higher performance, we tend to suggest the Manual mill.

Mixed mills: Mixed mills integrate grain mill and flakes. These mills area unit the best choice for people that wish to create flour and flakes at home, since in an exceedingly single mill they need each item. during this method, they take up less house and also the flaking mill, once integrated into a bigger casing, doesn’t got to be clamped, as is that the case with individual manual grinders.

Things to stay in mind whereas shopping for the flour mills for the home:


All the flour mills have a protect for excess heating; they automatically stop and don’t allow them to be surrogate into method till the essential security time has on the far side. This happens once they area unit overused, that’s to mention longer than counselled, so avoiding doable breakdowns. As associate degree example we are going to say that everyone the mills will grind unceasingly between the half-hour to forty-five minutes, depends on the ability of the engine. In any case, we tend to suggest that you just continually grind the flour necessary for immediate use, it doesn’t add up to grind a kilo of flour if you’re getting to use 0.5 a kilogram.


The motor of the flour mills ought to be of superior quality as a result of if we tend to by a flour mill with quality motor then it’ll injury presently. we’ve got to pay tons on repairing


According to the employment to which the mill is devoted, the guarantee is: Home use: 12 years and for shops, small restaurants, artisan bakers, universities, etc: 2 years

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