Top 10 Best Earphones Under 500 Online In India

Best Earphones Under 500 are something that everybody wants. The past decade has been biggest of all for innovation particularly in electronic accessories. While some of the old models are still adored given their ahead-of-the-curve design, we have some exciting new hits. The top-selling earphones for 2019 are range from good price graph with a gamut of sound signatures and features that make them the much-favoured choices than the last years’ picks.

Dozens of styles area unit factory-made by the school giants once a year, however solely some manage to rule the markets. sensible quality earphones return at a value, however, the vice-versa isn’t true invariably. thus it’s time to leverage a number of the simplest technology in audio instrumentality and feel final sophistication. Here, we’ve listed Best Earphones Under 500 in terms of value, sturdiness and quality. Check them out:

1. Mi Earphones Basic 2019

Mi Earphones Basic is that the best phone during this value phase. It comes with 10mm drivers providing 20 Hertz to 20000 Hertz frequency response and 32 Ohm of electric resistance. It options technology style and Tangle-free 1.2 meter wire. The sound quality is nice with well-balanced. Bass Quality is additionally OK. it’s sensible to build quality. It conjointly options a mike for the hands-free line. you furthermore might get additional ear tips for obtaining the proper fitting.

2. BoAt Bass

BoAt may well be a brand new name for you, however, this phone doesn’t frustrate. It comes with the premium designed, tangle free wire and light-weight. this can be the within the ear sort earphones. It offers the sensible quality of sound and sensible bass quality. It conjointly has an associate inherent mike that enables you to receive calls. you furthermore might get completely different colour decisions. It conjointly comes with passive noise cancellation feature to supply you higher music expertise even in an exceedingly clangorous setting.

3. Sound One 616

Sound One 616 is another nice phone with inherent mike. it’s conjointly priced but Rs. five hundred and may be your companion if you’re searching for a decent phone under Rs. 500. It conjointly comes with awful build quality, good case, 3 varieties of ear tips and price for cash performance.

4. PhilipsSHE3590BK

It is in-ear sort earphones and comes with multiple colour choices. it’s conjointly priced around Rs. 500 and few retailers area unit commercialism if slightly higher value. I’m still adding it to the list of earphones priced underneath Rs. five hundred as a result of you’ll be able to cotton on therein vary if you’re lucky. Retailers daily rotate the worth of this product.

It comes with wonderful build quality. the simplest factor is that it’s waterproof so Sweatproof. It offers loud and clear music with sensible bass.

5.Sound Magic ES11S Headphones

SoundMagic ES11S telephone receiver is another nice one you want to check if you’re searching for best earphones underneath Rs. 500. it’s sensible in style and offers very good music expertise and powerful bass balance. The phone is lightweight in weight and supports all devices with three.5mm audio jack.

It comes with 3 pairs of ear tips. It conjointly has an associate inherent mike that will a decent job.


SAMSUNG EHS64AVFBECINU is additionally a value to do phone during this value vary. It offers tight music expertise, deep bass, and clear sound. It conjointly features a mike for calls.

Note: There may well be duplicate product listed in numerous online stores. So, make certain to ascertain the vendor or pip out from offline retailers.

7. Philips SHE1405

Philips SHE1405 is another sensible earphones under Rs. 5000. it’s lightweight in weight and offers sensible sound quality. It conjointly appearance sensible. The phone conjointly options an inherent mike for responsive to calls.

8. Boat BassHeads 100

Boat BassHeads a hundred is another budget phone permanently music while not outlay a lot of, it comes with 10m drivers with the speaker resistance of sixteen ohms. It offers sensible sound. it’s sensible style and fits sensible in ears. It conjointly has premium coating on the wire for creating the wire sturdy. It conjointly accompanies in-line mike for Audio calls.

9. Portronics POR-767 Conch 204

Portronics POR-767 gastropod 204 is additionally a decent phone to think about if you are doing not have a lot of budgets. It comes with Soft Si ear-buds permanently comfort and higher noise isolation. It offers the sensible quality of audio with fine bass. It comes with 1.2m Tangle-free flat cable. there’s conjointly associate in-line mike for calls.

10. HP H1000

HP H1000 is additionally a decent selection for earphones underneath Rs. 500. It comes with sensible quality audio and balanced sound. it’s lightweight in weight and comes with additional ear tips permanently work.

What to look for in a good quality earphone?

Despite the fact that the view of good sound is emotional to every individual’s tastes, there are sure centre characteristics that make sound incredible:


The Clarity of sound through the board, through bass, mids and highs, all make up a wonderful item. A considerable measure of work goes into making each solid that goes into the sound. The quality headphones ensure that the sound doesn’t appear to bother like a few subtle elements of the music are not capable of being heard plainly.


Tone balance is basic for headphones to perform well. In a tonally adjusted sound, none of the frequencies sounds too high or too low when contrasted with the others. To just express, the vitality of sound is spread consistently through the sound range. Adjusted sound offers you an ideal feeling of the first sound, i.e. simply the manner in which the tune was intended to sound.


Headphones have a bothering propensity for shorting on you on a solitary side. You can hear half of your main tune. Great headphones dislike that, the ones we have recorded are some that will cover it up for you, notwithstanding when you abuse them.


The greater part of us finds earbuds for the most part more agreeable than earphones. Just some don’t care for the ear tips entering the ear waterway. Audiophile headphones have their wires over the ears and behind the neck as opposed to being worn the normal way. While this gives you an ideal fit, a few clients don’t think that it’s exceptionally mitigating. The typical earphones worn from the front are generally agreeable except if they have extensive awkward earpieces.


There are various techniques a link can choose the headphones’ future course. One, regardless of whether they are separable. Separable links mean you don’t need to toss a headphone in light of the fact that the wire is short. Yet, for this to be prudent, the extra links ought to be reasonable. The link ought to be durable and not vigorously weighted.


The best execution of headphones is driven by the seal they provide for your ears. The better your ears are fixed against encompassing clamour, the more bass and highlights you can spot. With a decent seal, you can get the best sound out of your headphones. By and large, silicone ear tips work the best. Go along froth ear tips additionally ensure a decent seal, yet they may have sweat.

Having summed up all the significant things you have to consider while purchasing headphones, you are presently great to go.

We have brought into the spotlight for a portion of the incredible headphones models. So an ideal pick in the financial backing is only one stage away for you. Simply ahead and shop!

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