Once the beard becomes a permanent fixture on your face, you’re going to need the best beard trimmer in India to tame it. Besides reviewing the Top 10 Best Beard Trimmer In India in this article, we will also discuss how you should trim your beard, things you should keep in mind when purchasing the Best Beard Trimmer In India and beard trimmer benefits.

Every style-conscious man knows that a well-groomed and sculpted beard accentuates the appearance and makes you look good. Most grooming pros recommend that facial hair should be trimmed and styled at least twice a week.

Therefore, having the right beard trimming equipment in your bathroom cabinet is not only essential but also handy, especially when you are running late for work but really need to look good for your date later that night.

The Best Beard Trimmer In India listed in this article offers a range of settings and features for general hair trimming and precision touch-ups. Whether you want to accomplish the burly lumberjack look or just sport a sophisticated french beard, you can be sure to find the Best Beard Trimmer In India here.

Top 10 Best Beard Trimmer – Which trimmer is best for beard?

Whether you already have facial hair that’s getting a little too tough to tame, have decided to experiment with your look and grow a luscious beard or just want to add a piece of fancy new grooming equipment to your bathroom arsenal, we’ve chosen for you 10 of the best beard trimmer in India available in the market. Take your pick from among these:

S. No.Best Beard Trimmer In IndiaPrice
1.PHILIPS BT1232/15 Beard TrimmerRs. 897
2.Mi XXQ01HM Beard TrimmerRs. 1,499
3.Syska HT200 PRO Beard TrimmerRs. 741
4.Lifelong LLPCM05 Beard TrimmerRs. 549
5.Nova NHT-1045 Beard TrimmerRs. 398
6.Kubra KB-1001 Beard TrimmerRs. 749
7.Panasonic ER207WK24B Beard TrimmerRs. 1,642
8.Wahl 09891-024 Beard TrimmerRs. 1,670
9.Braun BT3020 Beard TrimmerRs. 5,325
10.Remington MB-200 Beard TrimmerRs. 4,371

📌 Just like a beard trimmer is needed to keep a beard in good shape, beard growth oil is also a necessity for anyone who wants to grow a beard. It is packed with nutrients that are essential for hair growth, such as vitamins A, D, E, and biotin. These nutrients help to promote cell growth and keep the hair follicles healthy. In addition, beard growth oil can help to soften the hair and make it more manageable. Take a look at our article on the best beard growth oil in India to make the perfect choice.

Top 10 Best Beard Trimmer in India Reviewed – Which trimmer is best for beard?

  • Philips Beard Trimmer – Philips QT4011/15 Corded & Cordless Titanium Blade Beard Trimmer
  • Mi Beard Trimmer
  • Wahl Beard Trimmer – Wahl 5-star Corded/Cordless Magic Clip
  • Nova Beard Trimmer – Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer
  • Panasonic Beard Trimmer – Panasonic ER-GB30A Battery Operated Trimmer
  • Braun Beard Trimmer – Braun MGK3085 Multi Grooming Kit
  • Syska Beard Trimmer – SYSKA HT200 Ultra Trim Beard Trimmer
  • Remington Beard Trimmer – Remington MB4010 Trimmer
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor Styler 3-In-1 Body Groomer and Beard Trimmer
  • HTC AT 210 Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer

1. Philips Beard Trimmer – Philips QT4011/15 Corded & Cordless Titanium Blade Beard Trimmer

Philips Beard Trimmer Features

  • Up to 90 minutes of cordless use after 1-hour charging
  • 27 lock-in length settings, 0.5 – 10mm with 0.5mm precision
  • Easy to use: Corded and Cordless usage
  • Wattage, Voltage & Frequency: 2W, 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Light indicator when battery is low, empty, full or charging
  • Titanium coated blades remain as sharp as on day one
  • Long lasting performance
  • 2 plus 1 Year warranty after registration

Why We Recommend Philips Beard Trimmer?

Long Lasting Performance: Dura power technology optimizes the power consumption to ensure that your trimmer lasts longer.

Corded and Cordless Use: Use it cordless or plugged in. You will have 60 minutes of cordless power after 1 hour of charging.

Skin-Friendly Performance: Blades stay extra-sharp to always cut hairs neatly and effectively, but have rounded blade tips and combs to prevent irritation.

Effortless Trimming with the Zoom Wheel: Easy to use with 20 different length settings – get a 3-day shadow look or a full beard. Simply turn the wheel to select and lock-in the length settings you want or remove the comb and get the zero-trim look.

Self-Sharpening Titanium Blades: Advanced titanium blades for superior cutting performance and long-lasting sharpness.

Battery Light: Battery light is green when full, blinks orange when low and blinks green when charging.

Easy to Clean: Detach the head and rinse it under the tap for easy cleaning. Dry it before you put it back on the appliance.

Ergonomic Design: Easy to hold and use, it’s designed to help you trim those hard-to-reach areas.

Travel and Storage Pouch: The travel pouch protects your product during traveling and storage.

2. Mi Beard Trimmer

Mi Beard Trimmer Features

  • Self-sharpening stainless-steel blades with skin friendly rounded tips
  • 40 length settings with 0.5 mm precision (2 combs)
  • IPX7 fully washable body for easy cleaning
  • Versatile corded and cordless usage options
  • Ultra-powerful battery – up to 90 minutes of cordless usage with just 2 hour charge time
  • Unique quad edge design to reach tough spots effortlessly
  • Travel safe with travel lock and travel pouch included
  • 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects.
  • The trimmer blades come with prior lubricant coating

Why We Recommend Mi Beard Trimmer?

Conquer every style: With 2 combs that can go between 0.5mm and 20mm, this trimmer will perfectly sculpt your beard. Precision is at its finest with 6000 oscillations per min delivering accurate cuts and even shape.

Clean its IPX7 fully-washable body in no time: The whole body is hydro-resistant and fully washable for your convenience. Comes with detachable head.

Engineered for ease: The ergonomic and unique quad edge design is easy to hold and handle. The sturdy grip allows you to reach tough spots effortlessly.

Travel ready: Travel safe as the travel lock function keeps thetrimmer from switching on unintentionally. Store it in the travel pouch to prevent undue damage.

3. Wahl Beard Trimmer – Wahl 5-star Corded/Cordless Magic Clip

Wahl Beard Trimmer Features

  • Professional 5-star cord/cordless magic clip
  • Fade clipper loaded with features – 90+ minute run time
  • Great for barbers and stylists – precision cordless
  • Designed to deliver the sharp performance
  • High precision stagger-tooth 2161 blade with crunch technology
  • Creating seamless blends when hard- or soft-line fading
  • Bulk hair removal
  • Freedom and control in the palm of your hand
  • Accessories: 8 attachment combs (1/16″ – 1″), oil, cleaning brush, styling comb, instructions, red blade guard & recharging transformer

Why We Recommend Wahl Beard Trimmer?

Professional precision: From Wahl Professional’s commercial grade line of products, the 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip is intended for professional use only and is designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand with the freedom of a cordless clipper.

Stylish and functional: The Magic Clip is the ultimate cordless clipper. It features high precision zero-overlap 2161 blades that offer superior speed and ease of use, a convenient taper lever for easy fading and blending, and a lithium ion battery for a 90+ minute run time per charge. Cord/cordless cutting capability.

Accessories included: For your convenience, the 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip comes with all accessories required for use. Package includes the clipper, (8) attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, red blade guard, and recharging transformer.

Ease of use: This cordless tool offers superior speed and ease of use, a convenient taper lever for easy fading and blending, and a lithium ion battery for a 90+ minute run time per charge. It also has a cord/cordless cutting capability.

4. Nova Beard Trimmer – Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer

Nova Beard Trimmer Features

  • Skin-friendly rounded tips for smooth trimming
  • High-grade stainless-steel blades rechargeable cordless trimmer
  • Up to 30 minutes of cordless use
  • 12-months Nova India warranty
  • Sleek and matte
  • Ultra-durable
  • Can be charged when required
  • Built to last

Why We Recommend Nova Beard Trimmer?

Value for money: If you want a trimmer that will make you look your very best, then this 1045 Beard Trimmer is the ideal one for you. Designed to last long, this trimmer makes your trimming a lot easier. Powered by unique technology, it gives clean trim without cutting or damaging your skin.

Easy to clean: The parts of this trimmer can be detached easily and washed. Rinse it under the tap for easy cleaning. Dry it before attaching the parts back to the appliance.

Effortless trimming: This trimmer ensures hassle-free grooming experience at your home. Owing to its ergonomic design, the trimmer is easy to use.

Stainless steel blade: The high-quality stainless-steel blades and free-floating head will give you a complete and clean trim without causing any harm to your skin.

Skin-friendly performance: The trimmer does not hurt your skin. The blades stay extra-sharp to always cut hairs effectively. The rounded blade tips and combs prevent irritation.

Ergonomic design: The trimmer is easy to hold and use. It is designed in such a manner so as to help you trim those hard-to-reach areas.

Rechargeable: This trimmer comes in handy when you are traveling, as it is rechargeable and can be carried along with you wherever you go.

5. Panasonic Beard Trimmer – Panasonic ER-GB30A Battery Operated Trimmer

Panasonic Beard Trimmer Features

  • Japanese blade technology
  • Battery operated, non-chargeable
  • Product does not come with battery
  • Wet and dry
  • Washable trimmer with length setting of 0.5 – 18 mm in 9 steps
  • Warranty shall be valid for repairs against any manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase mentioned on purchase invoice
  • Stainless steel blades

Why We Recommend Panasonic Beard Trimmer?

Versatile Trimmer: This trimmer is perfect for shaping your beard moustache to make you look neat and stylish. You can use water to soften your beard up as this trimmer is compatible with wet shaving. The comb provided with the trimmer effectively lifts and guides hairs for a more efficient even cut. Use the full-size trimmer with or without a comb to complete your style.

Adjustable Range: The beard trimmer has an adjustable height allowing you to choose the length of trim you want. It has a quick adjust dial which will easily adjust the comb from 2 mm to 18 mm. You will also have an option to remove the comb for an even finer trim of 0.5 mm. This eliminates the need for any extra attachments making it easy to operate.

Wire Free: This trimmer does not require an external power source as it cordless. The trimmer runs on AA batteries, which makes it easier to use. You do not need to worry about the long-tangled wires and the hassle of portability at any point of time. The smart trimmer unfastens the complications of being mindful of keeping the trimmer on charge after multiple use.

Easy to Clean: This trimmer is extremely easy to clean and maintain hygiene. Simply rinse off the comb and blade after use. The trimmer has a drain that allows water to flow freely through the unit making the complete cleaning process quick and easy.

Comfortable Shaving: This efficient trimmer is designed to use dry or with water, foam or gel for a refreshing smooth skin experience. You can shave it dry while you are in a hurry or even shave while you are in the shower.

Sharp Steel Blades: This trimmer is made with Japanese technology and has stainless steel blades. The blades have an acute 45° angle edge to provide a precise cut. The sharp cutting edges will quickly cut through even the hardest and thickest of hair.

📌 Apart from grooming your beard, it is also important to trim your hair for the best look. A hair trimmer is an excellent tool to have for this purpose. It can help you keep your hair looking its best and also make it easier to style. Read article about the best hair trimmer for men in India to know more.

6. Braun Beard Trimmer – Braun MGK3085 Multi Grooming Kit

Braun Beard Trimmer Features

  • Lifetime sharp blades for even beard trimming and hair clipping
  • 13 Length settings with only 4 combs for a range of different beard and hair styles
  • 9-In-1 kit includes face and beard trimmer, hair trimmer, body groomer, ear and nose trimmer, clean shave razor
  • Lifetime lasting power – 60 minutes of precision trimming
  • 100 percent Waterproof rechargeable trimmer for in-shower use
  • Flexball technology for clean shaving on neck and face
  • Designed in Germany
  • Running time: Up to 60 min
  • Perfect for: Stubble, Full Beard, Goatee, Moustache, Head, Body, Ear & Nose

Why We Recommend Braun Beard Trimmer?

The ultimate styling kit: The Braun MGK3085 is the ultimate all-in-one styling kit, helping you achieve 9 jobs with 1 device. Maintain stubble, short, medium or long beards, contour edges, clean shave, precision trim, clip hair, groom body hair, trim ear and nose hair.

Beard & face trimming: Achieve any beard length from 0.5 – 21mm with only 4 combs, plus tackle unwanted hair with the ear & nose trimmer attachment.

Body grooming: Safely groom all areas of your body, from your underarms to your chest to your groin area.

Hair clipping: Cut your hair to the precise length you need – from 0.5 – 21mm – with the two dual-purpose adjustable combs.

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor: Clean shave neck, cheeks, and face with the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor with Flexball Technology.

Contour edging & detail trimming: Create accurate lines and edges on neck and cheeks with the main trimmer head. Tackle particularly small areas like around the lips with the detail trimmer.

Lifetime lasting sharp blades: Provide high-performance precision to achieve any style. The ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades cut through long or thick hair without any pulling or tugging.

Waterproof: Safely use in the shower or run under water for easy cleaning.

7. Syska Beard Trimmer – SYSKA HT200 Ultra Trim Beard Trimmer

Syska Beard Trimmer Features

  • 10 length settings: 0.5mm – 10mm
  • 1mm precision
  • USB charging
  • Designed to fit the palm of your hand and give a comfortable grip
  • The HT200 makes it easy to trim hard to reach areas
  • Self-sharpening stainless-steel blades
  • Removable head for easy cleaning
  • Charge for minimum 8 hours before use
  • The product has been crafted in Korea with the latest technology and expertise.

Why We Recommend Syska Beard Trimmer?

Trim Dial for Easy Length Settings: HT200 comes with an easy trim dial at the back with 10 lock-in length settings, 1mm-10mm with 1mm precision for the desired look. Also, if you remove the comb you will get 0.5mm trim.

USB Charging: The trimmer comes with a USB cable for more flexible charging anywhere via laptop, power bank or any USB adaptor.

Be Hassle-Free with a Long-Lasting Battery & Cordless use: No hassles of a cord or any wires to be attached while using. Plug the trimmer in for 8 hours and get up to 30 minutes of continuous use. Just use the HT200 anywhere and anytime!

Skin Friendly Self-Sharpening Blades: The Syska ultra trim beard trimmer comes with skin-friendly stainless-steel blades for a smooth trimming experience. The blades have a unique self-sharpening technology wherein the blades brush against each other, sharpening themselves as they trim so they stay sharp and effective from 1st use.

In-Built Stubble Comb: The HT200 comes with an in-built stubble comb with a trim dial at the back to set different length settings, so no hassle of carrying different combs & you can get any desired look anywhere, in no time.

Hassle-Free Maintenance: The HT200 comes with removable washable head. Just remove the comb & head & wash it under the tap for quick & easy cleaning. Leave it to dry for a while & it is ready to be used again. You can also use the provided cleaning brush to remove all hair or dust.

Ergonomic Design: It is designed to give the user a comfortable grip. It also makes it easy to trim hard-to-reach areas.

8. Remington Beard Trimmer – Remington MB4010 Trimmer

Remington Beard Trimmer Features

  • Self-oiling blades that never need oiling
  • Advanced steel blades for a closer shave
  • 6 pre-set length settings 0.5 – 16.5 millimetre for bespoke styling
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase
  • Trimming Range: 1 – 10 mm
  • 30 min battery run time
  • 4 length settings
  • Gender: Men
  • For Body Grooming, Beard & Moustache

Why We Recommend Remington Beard Trimmer?

The ideal pick for the modern man, this MB4010 Horizon Beard and Stubble Trimmer from Remington will help you achieve a neat and clean look at a moment’s notice. Designed for men, who want a hassle-free grooming experience, this trimmer can be the perfect answer to their prayers.

Advanced Steel Blades: This trimmer is equipped with advanced steel-coated blades with six pre-set lengths that allow you to remove your stubble and beard with utmost ease. Moreover, these steel blades are self-sharpening and self-oiling, thus ensuring proper maintenance. It is also equipped with an adjustable comb with six lock-in length settings and a length position indicator.

Battery-operated: This cordless, user-friendly trimmer runs with the help of two AA batteries.

9. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor Styler 3-In-1 Body Groomer and Beard Trimmer

Gillette All Purpose Styler Features

  • Trim with Braun engineered technology
  • Slim and easy to maneuver for even trimming
  • Includes three combs for custom length
  • Shave with Fusion Proglide power: Gillette’s most advanced blades and incredible closeness and comfort.
  • Edge with precision edging blade
  • Designed for crisp, defined lines
  • This three-in-one styler trims evenly, shaves closely, and edges accurately

Why We Recommend Gillette All Purpose Styler?

The Gillette All Purpose STYLER combines Fusion ProGlide blades and a Braun-engineered trimmer to trim evenly, shave closely, and edge precisely. This all-purpose tool is waterproof and shower safe, so you can trim while you shower, and it works with all Gillette Fusion blade refills, so you can easily master your signature facial hair style with just one tool.

Braun-engineered technology with three exchangeable combs: For even trimming and ultimate maneuverability, the Gillette All Purpose STYLER is designed with Braun-engineered technology. It also comes with three exchangeable combs, each a different length, so you can experiment with a various beard and mustache styles.

Truly all-purpose: The Gillette All Purpose STYLER fits all Gillette Fusion blade refills, so you can enjoy a custom shave.

Precision Trimmer: Turn the razor blade around to use the Precision Edging blade. It helps you shave tricky places and create crisp and defined lines.

Waterproof design: The All-Purpose Gillette STYLER is watertight and totally safe to use in wet environments, so you can use it in or out of the shower.

10. HTC AT 210 Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer

HTC Trimmer Features

  • Long lasting performance due to DuraPower technology
  • Up to 45 minutes of cordless power after 2 hours of charging
  • Skin-friendly rounded tips for smooth trimming
  • Easy to Clean
  • Detachable Head

Why We Recommend HTC Trimmer?

This cordless trimmer from HTC is a stunning piece. Grab this trimmer and enjoy hassle-free grooming experience at home. Easy to Use this trimmer ensures ease of use, thanks to its ergonomic design. So, look dashing and trim your beard and your underarms and be party-ready always. A Must-Have Grooming Kit This trimmer is not just a device used for trimming.

It comes with a number of other attachments which will ensure that you look groomed. Its stainless-steel blade and free-floating head will give you a complete and clean trim without cutting or damaging your skin.

Rechargeable whether you are at home or holidaying, with this trimmer in handy, you don’t have to worry about looking shabby as this trimmer is rechargeable and can be carried along with you wherever you.

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Beard Trimmer Buying Guide

We know how confusing it can be to decide which trimmer to go for. We’ll help you select one that’s right for you. Just pay attention to these details. So long as you tackle these questions while searching for the ideal beard trimmer, your quest will end in no time at all!

  • Brand: Don’t just pick any brand off the street. Look for a quality brand since motor power and trustworthiness is important for a clean and consistent cut.
  • Beard length you desire: Before purchasing a beard trimmer, decide upon the beard length you desire. Trimmers come with different settings and attachments for different beard lengths and styles.
  • Rechargeable or corded: Corded trimmers work on direct electricity supply and hence offer more power. Rechargeable ones are battery operated and handier to use especially while traveling.
  • Blade Quality: Beard trimmers come with multiple blade options. Chromium, stainless steel, and titanium blades are much more durable and comfortable-to-use than other types of blades. Many beard trimmers come with dual-edged blades that offer more precision.   
  • Purpose of use: Do you want a trimmer that’s versatile and can be used for other parts of your body as well or do you want one that’s meant exclusively for your beard? Before purchasing it, you need to decide on what all purposes you will use the trimmer.
  • Wet use or dry: Most trimmers are made for both dry as well as wet use. This means that they can be used both with and without shaving creams, gels, and lotions. 
  • Travel-friendly: In case you travel a lot, make sure to buy a trimmer that’s travel-friendly. It should be compact, lightweight, rechargeable and without too many unnecessary attachments. If you frequently travel abroad, make sure to pick one with dual voltage.
  • Waterproof: Go for trimmers that are waterproof and can be used in the shower. Waterproof ones are also easier to clean since you can easily wash them to remove facial hair.
  • Additional accessories: Some beard trimmers come with additional accessories like clipper guards, guiding combs, lubricating oils, travel pouches, cleaning brushes, etc. However, if you are not looking for anything too fancy and expensive, then don’t let accessories be a deciding factor!   
  • Fancy features: Certain expensive and high-end trimmers come with fancy features like self-sharpening blades, battery indicator, charging indicator, laser guides for precision cutting and in-built vacuum systems to prevent sink blockages. But, if your pockets aren’t too deep, then it’s better not to take them into consideration.    

Beard Trimmer Benefits

However, there’s one question that’s always there in the back of our minds. Do we really need a beard trimmer? I mean a pair of scissors can also be used to tame that mane, right? The answer is YES….Yes, you do need a quality beard trimmer. Here’s why:

  • To get rid of split ends: Split ends to slow down growth and make the beard look untidy and unkempt.
  • To save time: Taming your facial mane regularly is time taking as it is. If you take on this task armed with just a pair of scissors, the time that you will need to invest is unimaginable.
  • Convenient and Easy to use: Scissors require a lot of precision and may take some time to master.
  • To give proper shape and style to your mane: Styling and shaping your beard is much easier with trimmers as compared to scissors.  
  • To fight against skin conditions: Long facial hair makes your face more vulnerable to skin problems like acne and flaky skin. Keeping your facial hair groomed and well-trimmed will help you get rid of these problems.

How to Trim a Beard?

Beards are a great way to add style and personality to your look, but they can also be a bit of a hassle to keep tidy. If you’re not careful, your beard can start to look messy and unkempt. A well-groomed beard is an important part of any man’s appearance, so it’s important to know how to trim a beard properly.

There are a few different ways to trim a beard, depending on the length and style you’re going for. If you want to keep your beard short and neat, you’ll need to trim it regularly with a trimmer or scissors. For a longer beard, you can get away with trimming it less often, but you’ll still need to do some basic upkeep to keep it looking its best.

Here are a few tips on how to trim a beard:

  • Start with clean, dry hair. Wet hair is easier to cut, but it’s also more likely to result in an uneven trim. Make sure your beard is completely dry before you start trimming.
  • Decide on the length you want your beard to be. It’s important to have a general idea of how short or long you want your beard to be before you start trimming. This will help you avoid accidentally cutting too much off.
  • Use a sharp pair of scissors. Dull scissors can cause your hair to fray and split, which will make it harder to achieve a clean, neat trim.
  • Trim slowly and carefully. It’s better to take your time and trim slowly than to try to hurry through the process and end up with an uneven beard.
  • Use a comb to help guide your scissors. Comb your hair in the direction you want to trim it, then use the comb to guide your scissors as you trim. This will help you get a straight, even trim.
  • Pay attention to the neckline. The neckline is the line where your beard meets your neck. It’s important to keep this area well-groomed and tidy. Use a comb to find the natural neckline, then trim along it with scissors or a trimmer.
  • Don’t forget the mustache. The mustache is an important part of most beard styles, so don’t neglect it when you’re trimming. Use a comb to find the edges of your mustache, then trim along them with scissors or a trimmer.
  • Touch up any stray hairs. Once you’ve trimmed the main parts of your beard, take a close look at it and trim any stray hairs that you see. This will help keep your beard looking neat and tidy.
  • Wash and style your beard as usual. Once you’ve finished trimming your beard, wash it with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Then, style it as you normally would.

Beard trimming is an important part of grooming, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little practice, you’ll be able to trim your beard perfectly every time.


After reviewing the different beard trimmers, we think the Wahl 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip beard trimmer is the best beard trimmer in India for most people.

The selection of the most suitable beard trimmer may vary based on various factors and budget. We hope our article gives you the relevant information required to make an informed buying. In case you are unable to find the best beard trimmer in India here, head over to Amazon India to browse through the store’s exhaustive collection.

If you require any further assistance to select the best beard trimmer in India, please comment below and we will get back to you with the best possible solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Trimmers

1. Which beard trimmer brand is best?

Wahl is a great brand for beard trimmers. It is one of the most popular brands on the market and offers a wide variety of products to choose from. Braun is another top beard trimmer brand that offers a variety of products to choose from. This brand is known for its high quality products and has a wide range of options to choose from. Apart from these two brands, Remington, Panasonic and Philips are also popular.

2. What is the difference between a beard trimmer and hair clippers?

The primary difference between the two tools is tooth spacing and tooth depth. The clipper has teeth that are deep and wide. The trimmer has the teeth that are very very small, very very narrow and very very shallow. A clipper is used to make hair shorter and for general hair-cutting. A trimmer is a tool designed to line, edge, trim, detail and clean-up. It’s designed to remove all of the hair in a given area whereas a clipper takes the hair down to a shorter length than it is right now.

3. What is lift and trim?

Innovative lift and trim technology effectively lifts and guides hairs for a more efficient cut. Rounded contour comb technology is designed to deliver a skin-friendly and more even trim.

4. How long does a beard trimmer last?

On average, a beard trimmer lasts for approximately 7 years. The blades, on the other hand, last for 6 months to 1 year. The key to extending the life of the trimmer and the blades is to maintain it for long-term use. Wash the blades first to remove any lingering hair or grooming product gunk. Then use oil for lubrication, which will ensure a smoother buzz. This should keep it functioning at an elite level for years to come.