Movies not only offer an escape but also provide entertainment and can positively affect our moods. Here are Top 10 Animated Films Everyone Could Watch.

Planning on a movie night with your family? Confused if animated movies are your bag as an adult? You need not worry. With the current state of the cinema, even animated movies, directed towards children, offer incredible plots and teachings even adults could enjoy.

Top 10 Animated Films Everyone Could Watch

Movies have transcended into cinematic glory with animated shorts like The Lion King and wonderful franchises like Toy Story. They have something for everyone – lightheartedness for the kids and dense plot lines for adults. There is something for everyone and you never know what you might stumble upon watching these movies.

Best Animated Movies You Could Watch

  • Toy Story : A heartwarming, yet heart clenching story about a young kid’s toys. It is a story about fitting in, understanding others and realizing true friendship.
  • Finding Nemo : An amazing story about a clownfish dad who ventures around the oceans to find his lost/taken clownfish son.
  • Cars : Cars starts off as a movie about the value of slowing down and taking in the sights, away from the hustle and bustle of city dwellers and fame hogs. Its sequels are more about friendship and realizing your true potential. A true classic.
  • Frozen : A charming tale about how love can overcome fear, even in the darkest of times.
  • The Lion King : One of the many, and arguable the best re-telling of the classic tale, The Lion King is all about responsibility, friendship and understanding your true potential.
  • The Incredibles : A superhero flick about a family finding it hard to fit in with the regular folks. Its a movie about embracing who you are and finding comfort and confidence within your talents.
  • Spirited Away : Essentially the best animated movie I have ever watched, Spirited Away is a commentary on the identity crisis a lot of us suffer from and signifies man’s relationship with its immediate environment.
  • Kung Fu Panda : A great set of movies that uses Chinese art forms to describe acceptance and understanding yourself and your own ideas.
  • Megamind : A superhero flick with a twist, where the villain figures out how to beat the inherent evil within himself by caring about other people in his life. A must watch.
  • Wall-E : A social commentary on our relation with the environment and how pollution could take over our planet in no time.

If you are wondering what to do when stuck at home, watching movies is probably the best option, since its easy, convenient and can provide endless hours of fun time. With cinematics going above and beyond with its story telling art form, even animated movies are worth every second you spend watching them. Not only meant as a pass time for kids, they are effective learning schools for both, kids and adults. The Top 10 Animated Films Everyone Could Watch are listed above.

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There are a multitude of animated movies, shorts and sequels people from all ages can enjoy. From Disney to the DC animated universe, plots, action and drama is jam packed in these movies. Agreeable to watch with the entire family, here are the Top 10 Animated Films Everyone Could Watch.