A wave of organic beauty products has invaded our favorite shelves for a few years now. Hair care, face creams, anti-aging serums, nail polish, fortifying shampoos: it is not always easy to sort through this mass of green cosmetic products in stores. One such organic and natural products brand is Mamaearth. Launched in 2016, Mamaearth is Asia’s first made safe brand that’s renowned for offering 100% toxin & chemical free products for adults and kids.

All Mamaearth products are formulated without synthetic fragrances, dyes, silicones, parabens and mineral oils. They do not contain raw materials derived from GMOs, they are ISO & GMP certified and dermatologically tested.

Today’s Top Mamaearth Coupons, Offers and Promo Codes

The advent of clean beauty has shaken up the codes of traditional cosmetics. Women are increasingly concerned about the composition of the beauty products they apply to the skin and the quality of the ingredients they contain, but also about their impact on the environment. Thanks to this collective awareness, the industry is on the move and organic and natural beauty products, with formulations that are gentler for the skin and the planet, are increasingly needed in our bathrooms.

If you are looking to add Mamaearth products to your vanity closet, here are some ongoing Mamaearth offers that you can take advantage of. The Mamaearth products discount can be availed across all store categories.  

1. Get Rs 100 Off on Minimum Order of Rs 400

Every personal need deserves the right care, which is why Mamaearth offers specific treatments for different needs. Cleansing, hydration, anti-aging and exfoliating treatments are just some of the proposals available in the sections dedicated to soaps, oils, deodorants and hair removal products for your beauty and body care routines. Mamaearth offers flat Rs 100 off on a minimum order of Rs 400. This offer is applicable across all store categories.

2. Kotak Bank Offer – Flat Rs. 500 Off on Minimum Order of Rs. 1499 & Above

Mamaearth cosmetics have a greater affinity with the skin, thanks to the limited presence of synthetic substances and the extensive use of organic raw materials. In fact, the use of natural ingredients such as floral waters, vegetable oils, essential oils and plant extracts, is favored. Mamaearth cosmetics also do not contain GMOs or synthetic fragrances. MamaEarth offers flat Rs 500 off on a minimum order of Rs 1499 and above using Kotak Bank Cards and Net Banking. This offer is applicable across all store categories.  

3. Baby Care Range – Extra 15% Off on Personal and Baby Care Products

There is no compromise when it comes to the health of babies and children. On the choice of cosmetics, it is important to go towards natural and organic products like Mamaearth, always keeping in mind that everything that comes into contact with the delicate skin of children can also affect their general health. The brand offers an extra 15% Mamaearth discount on personal and baby care products. This offer is applicable across all store categories. This includes baby products like bathing soap, diaper pants, toothpaste, powder, massage oil, body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.

4. SBI Card Offer – Get Flat Rs. 300 Off on orders of Rs.999 & Above

Having a radiant complexion and healthy skin protected from harmful external factors is the desire of every woman. If you are truly interested in the health of your skin, then for sure you will want to use healthy cosmetics like those sold by Mamaearth. They contain ingredients derived from plants and minerals, such as aloe, chamomile, shea butter, beeswax or essential oils, which bring many benefits to the skin. Mamaearth offers flat Rs 300 off on orders of Rs 999 & above for SBI credit card users. This offer is applicable across all store categories.

5. 15% OFF – Mamaeath OH My Goodness Sale – Get 1 Buy 1 Free Offer

Natural cosmetics, like those offered by Mamaearth offer a number of benefits. They don’t contain any parabens, sulphates, phthalates or petrochemicals, which have harmful effects on our skin. They have anti-aging effects. You’ll find antioxidant ingredients like vitamin C, rose oil, rose water, rosemary oil or sunflower oil, which slow down the aging process of the skin. Mamaearth hosts an OH My Goodness Sale during which you can avail the buy 1, get 1 free offer. If you shop for any cosmetic during this sale, you’ll only have to pay for 1 product (the higher priced item), while you’ll get the 2nd one for free.

6. Buy 1 Get 2 Free – Mamaearth Baby’s Day Out Sale – Shop for Rs. 499 & Get 2 Best Sellers Free

Until puberty, our children need a particular beauty routine, a lot of pampering, including beauty, but above all careful protection in complete safety. So which products to choose for the cleansing and skin routine of the little ones? The product lines like Mamearth, designed for children, focus above all on the naturalness of the ingredients that compose them and pay great attention to the active ingredients inside them, which are usually very few, the inci is very short. During Mamaearth’s Baby’s Day Out Sale, shop for Rs. 499 & get 2 bestsellers free.  

7. WoW Wednesday – Mamaearth WoW Wednesday Offer: Buy 3 & Pay for Only 2

As we have mentioned several times, the skin is a very important organ for our body: it performs the function of connecting the inside of our body with the outside world and vice versa. So, the cosmetic products we decide to use must be as natural and delicate as possible, but at the same time rich in nutrients. Mamaearth WoW Wednesday offer lets you buy 3 & pay for only 2. Add 3 products in your cart. Apply the promo, you’ll get the lower-priced product for free.

8. Anti Hairfall Kit – Rs. 600 off

Taking care of your hair is one of the actions that perhaps we find ourselves performing most often for what concerns personal care. In fact, hair is the first element that others might notice in us, it is a kind of business card. This is why it is essential to take care of them and keep them in good health. However, some may have problems, caused by various factors, which lead them to hair loss, which will always increase over time. What can you do to combat this problem and keep your hair strong and healthy? On Mamaearth there are several products designed to prevent or avoid hair loss.

You can avail a discount of Rs. 600 on Mamaearth’s anti-hair fall kit. Mamaearth currently offers 3 different anti-hair fall kits. Kit 1 includes onion hair oil, onion shampoo and onion conditioner. Kit 2 includes onion hair oil, onion shampoo, onion conditioner and onion scalp serum. The 3rd kit includes no more tangles conditioner, root restore hair oil, pro-growth hair tonic and happy heads shampoo.

9. Hairfall Control Oil – Up to 40% OFF

You can shop for Root Restore Hair Oil at just Rs. 999. Its original price is Rs. 1599. Currently Mamaearth offers 2 hairfall control oils – root restore hair oil and onion hair oil. Root restore hair oil is enriched with Bhringraj Oil, Rosemary Oil and Vitamin E. All these ingredients nourish your scalp and hair from root to tip and gives it a natural shine and reduces dryness. Onion hair oil contains onion seed oil, almond oil, amla oil, redensyl, bhringraj oil and castor oil. It is enriched with Sulphur, Potassium and antioxidants that reduces hair fall and accelerates hair regrowth.

10. Acne Care – Get Up to 30% OFF

Acne is a skin condition that mainly affects people between 12 and 25 years, and which is manifested as a result of increased secretion of androgens. The result? An inflammatory process that affects the hair follicle and the attached sebaceous gland more or less extensively, causing the appearance of pimples and blackheads. The most common risk is that of treating acne incorrectly, causing an overall deterioration in the condition of the skin. Mamaearth offers various types of cosmetics that are perfect for treating acne & pimple.

Some of the anti-acne products sold by Mamearth include, tea tree face wash, oil-free face moisturizer, niacin toner for face, tea tree foaming face wash and skin correct face serum. The brand also offers 2 anti-acne kits. The 1st kit contains an oil-free face moisturizer and an ultra-light Indian sunscreen. The 2nd kit contains the tea tree face wash, skin correct face serum and oil free face moisturizer.    

11. Anti-Dandruff Products – Up to 23% OFF

Itching, pain, scales that detach from the skin and fall off creating the annoying snow effect, dandruff is a more common problem than we think and afflicts men and women equally. To combat it, it is necessary to adopt targeted solutions to the problem such as anti-dandruff shampoos, conditioner and oils. Shop for anti-dandruff products like tea tree shampoo, tea tree conditioner, tea tree hair oil and tea tree hair mask on Mamaearth and you can avail up to 23% discount.

12. Serums – Get 20% OFF + Extra 5% OFF on Online Payments

Face serum is a facial skin care product and is a formidable beauty ally. In addition to completing the daily skincare, the face serum is able to integrate and enhance the moisturizing, nourishing or anti-wrinkle action of the face cream. Numerous clinical and scientific studies have shown that using a face serum brings significant advantages. The skin of the face is brighter, the skin is more hydrated and, consequently, the natural skin aging process is slowed down. Mamaearth offers various face serums that you can use to achieve various results. These include tea tree face serum, retinol face serum, skin correct face serum, skin plump serum for face glow and skin illuminate face serum. Shop for any of these serums from Mamaearth and get flat 20% off. Additionally, if you pay online, you can get extra 5% off.

13. Up to 43% OFF: Welcome Baby Essential Kit

Newborn skin is very sensitive. Skin absorption is high and the body’s protective systems are not yet developed. That’s why it’s best to keep the chemicals they come in contact with to a minimum and avoid certain ingredients. Mamaearth products are 100% chemical and toxin free and ideal for babies. The brand offers a welcome baby essential kit that includes the following products:

  • Plant-Based Laundry Detergent – 200ml
  • Moisturizing Baby Soap Bar – Pack of 2 X 75g
  • Dusting Powder for Babies – 150g
  • Easy Tummy Roll-On – 40ml
  • Deeply Nourishing Body Wash – 100ml
  • Moisturizing Daily Lotion for Babies – 100ml
  • Natural Anti Mosquito Body Roll-On – 40ml
  • Free Waterproof Bag – Rs. 500

The actual price of the kit is Rs. 1,743, but it is available at a 43% marked-down price of Rs. 999.

14. Flat 15% off on Mamaearth Vitamin C range

The vitamin C in cosmetics is one of those substances often underestimated for their effectiveness. Yet it is one of the most used ingredients in cosmetics, both as a synergistic component and in pure form, thanks to its important properties. It has an antioxidant and soothing action, making it one of the fundamental active ingredients to counteract the inflammatory effects of sunlight. In addition, vitamin C in cosmetics prevents and counteracts skin aging, thus creating a powerful anti-aging effect. Another important action, Vitamin C helps the production of collagen, a protein that is the basis of dermal support.

Currently, Mamaearth is offering flat 15% off on its Vitamin C range. These include products like vitamin C foaming face wash, vitamin C face milk, vitamin C hand cream, vitamin C face toner, vitamin C sleeping mask, skin illuminate face serum, bye bye blemishes face cream, vitamin C face wash, vitamin C face mask and vitamin C face cream.

15. Flat 15% off on natural face washes

At the base of daily skincare there is facial cleansing that not only thoroughly sanitizes our skin, but also allows us to prepare it properly for make-up. This is why it is necessary to use a good face cleanser, in the morning and in the evening, which takes care of our skin daily, preventing the onset of various imperfections, such as acne, pimples, impurities and wrinkles included. Currently, Mamaearth is offering flat 15% off on its natural face wash range. These include products like vitamin C foaming face wash, tea tree foaming face wash and ubtan face wash for tan removal.

16. Flat 15% off on retinol face wash, face serum and night cream

Those who fight against the signs of aging every day will certainly have heard of retinol, one of the most important ingredients for preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Retinol plays an essential role for the skin, transforming itself into a beauty elixir. Among its main functions there are in fact those of stimulating epidermal elasticity and the production of collagen.


Mamaearth products have several advantages. First of all is that they do not subject our body to chemicals and for this reason they are also less likely to cause irritation and allergies. They deeply nourish the skin, thanks to the properties of the various active ingredients of the plants, without drying it and helping it to maintain its beauty for a long time and to preserve its state of well-being.

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