It’s really true: every piece of jewelry tells its own story. The jewelry we wear always has something personal about it. It is valuable and it says how we want to present ourselves to the world.

So if you want to buy new jewelry, it is important that the pieces are of high quality and have meaning.

Essential Tips For Online Jewellery Shopping

While shopping for jewellery via online stores can be extremely convenient, there are a few important things to keep in mind before placing the order.

Here are a few points you must consider:

1. Size

Size is not a concern if you are purchasing necklaces, earrings or anklets. However, if you are buying bangles or rings, then size matters. Therefore, it is advisable to find out the size of your wrist or finger from a close-by jewellery shop before ordering online.

2. Product Specifications

Read the product specifications carefully before ordering. Check details like gem size, type of metal used, purity of the metal, gem-quality and product weight.

3. Product Warranty

Check the warranty of the piece before purchasing it. Some jewellery pieces, especially expensive ones, come with a warranty. It is usually for a specified period of time from the date of purchase. This ensures that in case the product gets damaged during the warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced free of cost.

4. Read the Product Reviews

People who have already purchased the ornament in question might have written reviews about it and rated it as well. It is prudent to read these reviews before buying the piece. You might get some essential insights about the product like quality, finishing, etc.

5. Hallmark and Jewellery Certification

AGS and GIA certifications are recognized throughout the world. Ensure that the online retailer you are buying the jewellery from follows these standards. Also, ensure that the piece you purchase has the BIS hallmark. This certifies metal purity also confirms that the standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards have been adhered to. You can buy hallmark jewellery from Bluestone – an online jewellery platform. Also, make use of Bluestone coupons for extra discounts and free gifts.

6. Return & Refund Policy

Every online store has its own return & refund policy. Be sure to read the detailed terms and conditions and be fully aware of their policy before placing the order. In case, there is no return & refund policy mentioned on the website, it is sensible to not buy the jewellery from there.

7. Lifetime Exchange Policy

Some online retailers also allow their customers to exchange any old products bought from their website for new ones. While this is not an essential policy, it can be a convenient one to have, especially in the case of expensive jewellery pieces.

8. Secured & Insured Shipping

Ensure that the store you buy the jewellery from offers secured and insured shipping. The piece should be shipped in safe, tamper-proof packing. In case the package looks tampered with, do not accept it.

9. Buyback Policy

Many online stores also have a buyback policy. Through this policy, the retailers promise to buyback the jewellery purchased from them, for a pre-determined amount. While not mandatory, this can be a beneficial policy to have.

10. Availability of Proper Customer Care Service

The online store should also have proper customer care service. Customer care details like phone number, email, working hours and days should be clearly mentioned on the website. This ensures that all customer queries & doubts are promptly addressed. In case the customer care information is not given on the website, don’t buy the product.

Essential tips for online jewellery shopping Infographic

Final Words

Almost every woman likes to wear jewelry. However, in order for the jewelry to look beautiful for as long as possible, you should care for it from time to time.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s grandmother’s expensive pearl necklace or ordinary costume jewelry from the department store – if the items are not cared for, they will lose their beautiful appearance over time.

So, follow these tips while shopping for jewellery online to get the finest piece, at the best price.

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