Dressing well is not as difficult as you might think, though it isn’t as easy either. Khojdeal is making sure you look dapper always with Timeless Rules for Dressing Well.

It is a fundamental nature of people, the need to look good. It can be easily achieved by just dressing well. Easier said than done. Most people are terrible at matching colors, accessories or even wearing a good pair of shoes.

Timeless Rules for Dressing Well

Rules for Dressing Well, Always

  • Invest Wisely : Buying clothes is a tough job. With so many options, you have to realize the things that suit your personality. It is the best to bring in your custom personality to the clothes you wear.
  • Get Well Fitted Clothes : Fitting is absolutely crucial when it comes to getting formal clothes. A loose suit doesn’t look appealing, and if you want to ooze confidence, a well fitted blazer is the way to go.
  • Don’t Shy Away From Color : Add some bright to your wardrobe. Even if you like wearing dark colors, sometimes its great to wear something more casual, so to speak. Understanding your complexion is key to buying bright colors though, so keep an eye out for that.
  • Wear In Your Jeans : Jeans take time to conform to your body. A new pair of jeans must be worn regularly, until it fits you like a charm. A well fitted jeans actually look pretty good.
  • Spend Money on Your Shoes : Shoes are probably the most important accessory. Most people tend to skim this, but you need to, repeat need to spend money on a good pair of shoes if you want to set a good impression.
  • Accessorize to a Minimum : It is great to accessorize, if you’re doing it right that is. But keeping it to a minimum is a much better alternative than to overdo it. If you can handle more, than sure go for it, though don’t walk into a meeting with fifteen bracelets on.
  • Dress For the Setting : Dressing for the occasion is another part of the same story. You wouldn’t want to dress in a three piece suit to a beach would you. Similarly, short pants are not to be worn at board meetings either.
  • Get Good Glasses : If you wear spectacles, wear them proudly. There is nothing to hide. Get a good pair of glasses, funky or not, your personality will handle what you throw on yourself. Even sunglasses act the same way.
  • Know When to Break the Rules : If you know you can make certain “off the top” kind of dresses work, then sure, you are all welcome to go for it. Again, though, know the occasion, and be smart about it. We know you can. Best of luck!


Dressing well is not very difficult you see. You need only follow the steps listed above to make the most of what is in your wardrobe. Investing in a good pair of shoes maybe the thing you need to look dapper as heck in your next big meeting, or at your first date to solidify that first impression. Sometimes even wearing a scarf does the job, but overdoing things might even kill the mood. Khojdeal lists Timeless Rules for Dressing Well. Have a read to find out what you may be missing out on.

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