The PhotoStick Review

This has happened with all of us. Many a time we all have lost our important pictures and videos. They were some of the important moments in our life that we never used to get back. Not anymore! We’ve found a tool that helps you find missing pictures and videos on your computer almost instantly.

The PhotoStick – It offers easy and secure backup of all your photos and videos on your phone and computer. And all this in just a few minutes. Khojdeal has created this complete guide that covers everything which will help you understand What is ThePhotoStick? and how does Photostick work?

What is PhotoStick?

Most of us have seen and used old film cameras. We used to capture all the important moments in our life. Today, old film cameras have been replaced by digital cameras and phones. We all love to record our special moments during a vacation or a party and love to look back on them in the future.

Only those who have lost pictures and videos due to hard drive failure knows the pain of losing a special moment. Not just the hard drive failure, a spilt drink or a power surge can also cause system error and make you lose your precious memories.

Fact: More than 40% of computer owners today experienced a data failure in the past.

ThePhotoStick is designed to offer easy and secure backup of all your photos and videos on your phone and computer. ThePhotoStick looks like a flash drive and is also well known as Photo Stick and Photostick.

The PhotoStick has its own software that automatically scans, finds, organizes and then backs up photos, videos and even documents scattered all over your computer.

Now that you know “what is PhotoStick“, let’s get down to the second most important question – How Does Photostick Work?

How Does Photostick Work?

The PhotoStick Review

You already know that the PhotoStick looks like a flash drive. But what about this little gadget’s working, does it even work as an ordinary flash drive? Answer to this question is partly yes. As long as you have a USB port, you can use PhotoStick

The PhotoStick is just like a USB flash drive that connects to any available port on your computer. Just make sure your computer is up and running.

  • Once you insert the PhotoStick in your computer’s USB port, it will take a few seconds and then a window will pop up.
  • This window will only have one single button in the center that has “Go” in the middle.
  • Pressing this “Go” button gives the tool permission to access your hard drive.
  • The PhotoStick scans your hard drive to even find the files that you thought you lost.
  • This process will take anywhere from 60 seconds to a few minutes. It depends on the number of files your hard drive has.
  • You can use PhotoStick to search for photos, videos, documents and music files.
  • You can create backup of all these files to access on any other device.

How Many Photos or Files Can You Save?

This is the very basic question that anyone should ask. We already have told you that Photo Stick can store images, videos, documents, and files but the question now is how many photos or files can you save on the PhotoStick? And this simply depends on the model you want to buy.

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