What will 2022 be like is already one of the most searched questions on Google. And it is not surprising: against the uncertainty inherited from the pandemic, we need small certainties. Forecasts that come true giving us the satisfaction of being able to prepare ourselves, even minimally, for the future. In this sense, a comfort comes from beauty: already now we can know which products we will love in 2022 and which hair, makeup and skincare trends we will want to try will be.



Skinmalism trend

According to forecasting agency Wgsn, 2022 marks the end of long beauty routines in 10 steps. The motto of 2022 is: “buy less, buy better”, primarily for environmental sustainability needs. Thus, the Korean trend of Skip-Care becomes global. Pinterest in its 2022 trend report renames it “Skinmalism” (“skin” + “minimalism”), a routine based on a few simple and essential products, preferably multi-function, rechargeable & recyclable, but also safe. Look for transparency and antibacterial packaging, which keep the product in a sterile environment. In addition, ingredients such as beta-glucans, adaptogens and multi-biotics will see rapid growth due to their immune-boosting effect. When you shop for makeup or beauty products online, don’t forget to use the relevant online coupons to grab the best deals.

The slow and floral make-up

Natural and light makeup trend

This year’s makeup is post-lockdown makeup and, like skincare, it follows the “slow beauty” philosophy and wants natural, light results. On the one hand, life online pushes us to look for ‘camera-ready’ products such as correctors and highlighters, enriched with protections against the blue lights of the PC. On the other hand, the offline life, made up of masks, requires long-lasting and anti-smudging products. The reference colors will be those of spring nature: They are inspired by the shades of the petals, in particular purple, thanks to its energy, will be a great protagonist. Meghan Markle has already approved it, giving us one of the most beautiful interpretations of a light make-up in shades of purple at the end of the year.

Hair: braids and mini bobs

Bob Hair Trend

The do-it-yourself colors during the lockdown were second only to yeast and it is predicted that we will not stop using them thanks to increasingly safe and performing products. In addition to them, attention will grow towards the skin benefits of textures, bringing to the fore new multifunctional products. The cut to start over, according to salons and fashion shows, is the bob, in the variants of the messy bob, bob moved under the chin, and of the mini bob, a very short bob with graphic lines. In the hairstyles, however, according to the “Pinterest Predicts” report, braids will win (Taylor Swift docet). Why? They are comfortable, glamorous and quick to make. And to personalize them, just add beads or colored threads, reads the report. Whichever hairstyle you choose, you will need the best hair products the online beauty stores have to offer. Use the latest buy coupons available on Khojdeal to save big on your purchases.

The fetish

Cosmetic food supplement trend

In 2022 there will be a lot of talk about cosmetic food supplements. The search for a holistic balance between body and mind has shifted the focus towards a ‘beauty from within’, reachable with supplements: powders, gels, candies or bars based on ingredients such as collagen, biotin, astaxanthin, which act on the body by enhancing the aesthetic benefits.

Refillable bottles and lipsticks, green ingredients

Sustainable Cosmetics Trend

Another important issue concerns eco-sustainability. The world of beauty has also made its means available to simplify consumption and meet this need, which is increasingly felt by the consumer. In fact, from an analysis of the Beauty Trend Watch it emerged that the words “green, organic and natural” are those most sought after by Indian consumers. This green meaning does not only concern the product characteristic, but also the ethical and sustainable attitude of the company itself, which will become increasingly appreciated if it pays attention to the environment. From refillable cleansers to biodegradable bottles, to refillable lipsticks like Guerlain’s Rouge G with 30 shades to choose from, with a soft and intense texture that can now even be customized.

Face masks in creamy texture

Creamy Face Masks Trend

According to Forbes, in 2022 many companies will extend the experience of smart working. Taking advantage of the time spent at home to put on miraculous face masks is a great idea! The masks with a creamy texture, based on natural nutrients such as pineapple, horsetail extract, pollen extract, hyaluronic acid, avocado oil and chitosan win. For perfectly healthy skin, this should be done once or twice a week.

Soap brows, the new trend of soapy eyebrows

Soap Brows Trends

The new soap brows trend is inspired by the effect obtained when the soap is rubbed on the hair, or by attaching it to the skin in a “flattened” and shiny form. Soap brows recall precisely this effect: the eyebrows are in fact combed upwards and fixed in a shape that gives greater filling and definition even to the less thick and slightly full eyebrow arches. This trend therefore turns out to be the perfect ally for those who dream of full and thick eyebrows but do not want to resort to longer-lasting treatments such as lamination or even permanent ones such as microblading or eyebrow tattooing.

The rainbow hair trend

The rainbow hair trend

Multicolor, lively and original: rainbow hair is back in the limelight, depopulating among the stars and is no longer the prerogative only of the female world. In 2022, rainbow hair is genderless, as long as it is done in a workmanlike manner. In fact, it is not enough to bleach your hair and then color it with rainbow shades. To obtain a uniform result without color spots it is necessary to contact a professional who will be able to lighten your hair evenly and then proceed with the coloring. The bleaching and lightening phase is essential so as not to damage the hair and end up with a straw effect hair. If the natural color of the hair is very dark, it is good to proceed gradually, even over several sessions, especially if the hair is long and you do not intend to cut it.

Pistachio green nails, the manicure trend

Pistachio green nails trend

Everyone is crazy about pistachio, especially if used as a color for manicure. The trendy nail art for spring 2022 is tinged with green, as long as the nuance recalls the color of pistachio. From pastel tones to more intense ones, it seems that green will be the color for the summer manicure, to be worn on all nails or to be used to recreate some details in your nail art. This is a color that can be used both for the simplest and most refined manicures and for the most imaginative and daring ones.

Ice effect nails

Ice effect nails trend

Three-dimensional and bright, the new ice cube effect nails are popular on social media. The trend comes as always from Asia, and in particular from Korea, where ice nails are the hottest trend of the moment. We are not talking about nails with very cold colors or nail art decorated with glacial themed designs, but a 3D effect that is achieved with gel polish and brilliant powders that allow you to recreate the typical facets of ice cubes on the nail, with reflections ranging from purple to pink, passing through the palette of blue. A result that gives both shorter and square nails and longer ones with a rounded and almond shape.


Between masks, lockdowns, smart working, red areas and yellow areas, even the skin and its well-being have suffered. Mentioned above is what awaits us from the world of skincare and make-up in 2022.