The warm season has now arrived and coats and scarves have finally given way to shorts, skirts, bags for the beach and dresses. Let’s find out what are the “essentials” to be perfect and original when choosing the outfit for the summer with our fashion tips.


10 Fashion Tips To Make Summer Easy On You

1. In summer, go-ahead with bare shoulders

In summer, go-ahead with bare shoulders

One of the must-haves of the summer are undoubtedly the bare shoulders. The most popular choice for summer 2021 is to enrich the dresses with ruffles, low and gathered strips of fabric to be applied on the upper part of the dresses. The advice is to combine the uncovered sleeves with a showy bracelet or earrings and not wear necklaces so as not to divert attention to shoulders and décolleté.

2. Flat shoes, tulle and wrap dresses

Flat shoes, tulle and wrap dresses

There are many women who “take advantage” of the summer to leave their heels in the shoe rack and let their feet rest. To remain fashionable and glamorous at all times of the day, the advice is to choose sandals with ankle strap or wedges.

Another great classic of the summer season is definitely tulle. How to wear it? Always paying attention to overlapping and playing on shades to combine with the entire outfit, without associating something too dark with the fabric.

Those who want a dress that caresses the feminine shapes, enhancing them but leaving a large margin of comfort can choose the wrap dress: the absolute icon of summer outfits.

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3. Bags and prints

Bags and prints

The summer bags? Absolutely mini and colorful, to be carried by hand or with a very thin shoulder strap. The colors to choose are neutral, from white to beige up to black and pastel shades, typically summer, such as powder pink and blue. For those who need a larger bag, the model to choose is the bucket one: practical, feminine and elegant, it lends itself to all occasions.

Finally, summer rhymes with prints: floral first of all but also optical. The first especially on dresses, short pleated skirts or light shirts; the latter in two-tone variants on knee-length pencil skirts or wide bell-shaped skirts.

Black and white polka dots

Black and white polka dots

The print to adopt without further delay? The black and white polka dots. White on a black background, small or maxi, polka dots are featured on little chiffon dresses, light blouses and chic blouses. A trend that already announces a summer under the sign of retro fashion.

Zebra print

Zebra print

The animal motif trend continues in 2021. For spring-summer, it seems that the zebra is stealing the show from the leopard. Black and white, it goes with everything! The more daring can try the colorful print. We adopt it with a fluid midi skirt, a long dress or on a handbag to be right on trend.

4. The glamorous sandals to wear in summer

The glamorous sandals to wear in summer

When we talk about summer footwear, we cannot ignore sandals. Just look at the shop windows and online stores to realize how much this type of shoes characterizes the summer. High or low, with heels or wedges, minimal or eccentric: let’s see which are the trendy models for summer 2021, to be worn all day and with all outfits.

The sandals for every outfit in summer

The sandals for every outfit in summer

Finding the right sandal for the outfit you are wearing may seem like an easy thing, but you have to orient yourself well in the universe of available models. In fact, there are those who love the most versatile sandals, with clean lines and discreet colors; but there are also those who always and only use those with wedges and those who cannot do without those with heels. There are models that are good for the whole day, from the sea to the summer dinner with friends and others that are to be reserved for special occasions such as evenings and ceremonies, which in summer are never few.

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The sandals for the day to wear in summer

The sandals for the day to wear in summer

If during the day you go from the beach to the city (or perhaps to the pool) there are two options: the classic flip-flop, comfortable and easy to wear, or the flat sandal, perhaps slightly braided on the front. These models look good both with the costume-cover-up combination and with the classic summer dresses or jumpsuits so fashionable during the summer.

The “low” models are very functional for the day and allow you to move easily from one side to the other, with a very thick sole that helps the foot to support itself adequately. The trendiest model for summer 2021 is the Franciscan-style one which includes colored weaves that wrap around the ankle.

In general, day sandals can be rich in details and color but preferably without rhinestones and jewels, to be used instead for the evening.

The sandals to wear on summer evenings

The sandals to wear on summer evenings

For sandals to wear for summer evenings, as mentioned, the choice to make is that of a definitely higher model, with a thinner sole and an ankle strap. The trendy color for summer 2021 is ‘nude’, but even the most classic neutral shades such as white and beige never go out of fashion, easily adaptable to floral or ethnic looks typical of the summer.

For the most mundane evenings the choice must fall on a ‘jewel sandal’, perhaps in silver, with rhinestones and stones or on python motifs.

5. Balloon sleeves

Balloon sleeves

They timidly made their appearance this winter, but in 2021, puffed sleeves are taking pride of place in our wardrobe. Whether the relief is concentrated on the shoulder or on the arm, XXL shoulder pads and other puffed sleeves are essential on the fashionable pieces of the season, small short dresses and light blouses in mind.

6. Crochet macramé and embroidery

Crochet macramé and embroidery

It’s time to bring out your macrame bag from last summer. In a bohemian and sustainable spirit, crochet, embroidery and macrame are essential for the summer of 2021 as essentials of the summer wardrobe. And no longer just on our accessories! The 70’s-style crochet dress is making a comeback, like it or not.

7. The white tank top, simple but sensual

The white tank top, simple but sensual

The “health shirt” style tank tops have never been friends with fashion, at least until now. This summer, in fact, one of the most popular trends is to wear the classic white tank top, ribbed or smooth, minimal but very sensual. It can be sported on high-waisted jeans, cargo pants or culottes or with miniskirts and shorts. It is a must-have garment to have in the wardrobe, even in more than one model, from the classic one in cotton to one in viscose.

8. Tie dye look

Tie dye look

Born in a do-it-yourself version, knotting and then dyeing the garments with different colors, the tie dye is the trend of this season, also seen on the catwalks of the Spring / Summer 2021 collections. Colorful, light and fun, these garments have different colors and shades, which can be mixed and matched with each other.

They are a bit reminiscent of the 70s hippie looks with multicolor spirals. They have the advantage of being different from each other and can also be replicated at home: just take a t-shirt, sweatshirt or jeans that we no longer wear, knot them and dip them in the color, creating the shades we like best.

9. Dresses with a Bardot neckline

Dresses with a Bardot neckline

In perfect summer style, dresses with a Bardot neckline are another trend of the next season, whether they have long or short sleeves, whether they are fitted or loose, whether it be blouses, crop tops or dresses. They can be worn on all occasions, both day and night, and have the advantage of enhancing all physicality: some models highlight the waist, others give volume where our shapes do not help us. There is plenty of choice between fabrics and patterns.

10. Skirts and shorts with animalier and spotted print

Skirts and shorts with animalier and spotted print

The summer must include the combination of a pair of trousers, long or short, no matter if they are tight-fitting cyclists or classic Bermuda shorts or even cigarette pants, with a t-shirt or a total white top. If the spotted trousers chosen are tight, it is preferable to combine an oversize shirt to create a contrast between different volumes and opposite shapes.

On the contrary, if you choose a flounced miniskirt or a large maxi skirt it is possible to combine body and, tank tops and fitted tops in white. The important thing is to choose a garment with a striking print that resembles that of a leopard or a tiger. The print must be softened by combining it with a top with a single bottom in a neutral color, so a simple white T-shirt is perfect to lighten the peculiarity of the animal print.

How to dress in summer: what colors to wear and the shades to avoid

How to dress in summer what colors to wear and the shades to avoid

The hot season always brings with it a great doubt: what are the colors to wear and which ones to avoid in order not to feel the heat too much? One immediately thinks of black, but in reality, it is not the most “dangerous” shade of the hot season. Here are the colors to wear and which ones to avoid during the summer.

How to dress in summer: the colors to wear

How to dress in summer the colors to wear

White is the must-have color of summer, even better when paired with fresh and light fabrics. Ideal for highlighting your tan, it can be elegant but also sporty when combined with accessories in pop colors. Another indispensable nuance is powder pink, delicate and elegant: perfect to show off in fluttering dresses or sheath dresses.

Among the pastel shades to try is also light blue, as long as it is a dress or a sleeveless top to avoid the halos on the clothes, and mint green, ideal especially for those with dark complexions. Peach is a perfect shade for trousers, skirts and shirts for women who want a touch of color without exaggerating, while taupe is the neutral par excellence, especially suitable for mature women.

For those who love to dare free space to the imagination with vitaminic and bright colors: perfect orange and coral dresses that highlight the tan, electric blue for a sparkling outfit or strawberry red for an energetic and vitaminic look.

How to dress in summer: the colors to avoid

How to dress in summer the colors to avoid

Contrary to popular belief, black is not the color to be avoided in summer, but gray is: this nuance is unforgiving, especially in the case of excessive sweating. On gray, in fact, the halos are more evident than on fabrics of other colors. Black you can wear, as long as the clothes are not too tight and in synthetic fabrics that could favor odors. In summer, dark and dull colors are also to be avoided, which do not give any complexion, whether it is light or tanned: therefore, no to brown garments, the shades of dark green and deep purple.

How to dress in the office in summer

How to dress in the office in summer

Choosing the right clothing to wear to the office in the summer is not always easy: the look must be neat and elegant, while allowing you to avoid sweating and excessive heat. Soft dresses and pencil skirts that reach to the knee are ideal, or colored flared skirts combined with a white blouse with half sleeves or ankle- length trousers, to be combined with a sleeveless but elegant top. Above-the-knee lengths and plunging necklines should be avoided; the ideal colors to wear in the office are pastel ones, white and beige, while pop and sparkling colors are to be kept for evening outfits.

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