Men’s skincare needs specific, essential and multitasking products. They must be able to deeply hydrate the skin, fight blackheads, cover dark circles and mitigate the signs of aging, thus giving a flawless complexion to those who use them. In this article we present the best hair, beard and fragrance products dedicated to men’s skincare

Products to achieve perfect hairstyling

With the arrival of the heat the temptation to give in to the hair razor is really great, but for those who do not want to give up their hair even in May and June there are (fortunately) valid alternatives. Hair waxes and sprays have always been the main allies of men’s hairstyles and on the market, there are different types: from gels that ensure typhoon-proof fixing to those that give the hair a neat but not too much look. The hairstyling trends of summer 2021 wink at natural and slightly disheveled looks: yes, to medium cuts with side shaves, easy to manage with modeling sprays and fixing pastes. Here, then, are 8 must-have hair products with an unmistakable style. Before shopping for any of these products from Flipkart, don’t forget to apply the relevant flipkart coupon code to save big on your purchases.

1. Taft extra strong hold hair gel

Taft extra strong hold hair gel

Thanks to the Taft fortifying formula, this gel helps to progressively strengthen the hair, guaranteeing a long-lasting effect and an impeccable hold for all types of styling. Green light, therefore, to the imagination and trendy hairstyles of summer 2021. Easy to apply and remove, the Blackhead gel leaves no unsightly residues on the skin.

2. L’Oréal Paris men’s hair gel for a natural effect

L'Oréal Paris men's hair gel for a natural effect

The innovative texture of this fixing gel-cream from L’Oréal Paris allows you to easily shape your hair, giving any hair a natural, young and fresh result. It does not stick and does not stiffen, it absorbs quickly like a cream, leaving a soft effect that is very pleasant to the touch. Effective and guaranteed for 24 hours, even during hot summer days.

3. Biopoint water-based wax for a wet effect

Biopoint water-based wax for a wet effect

With this moisturizing and repairing water-based wax, Biopoint is aimed at those who want to define and polish their hair giving it a summer but retro wet effect, as was done in the nineties. To be applied on dry hair, modeling as desired, this wax guarantees an extra strong long-lasting hold.

4. Nivea gel cream for soft and nourished hair

Nivea gel cream for soft and nourished hair

Nivea cream gel shapes hair of any length, leaving it soft and hydrated. It gives a long-lasting hold thanks to an innovative fixing system that does not weigh down. The emulsion is enriched with vitamin principles that deeply nourish the hair, maintaining its natural movement.

The best conditioners to soften your beard

There are those who find it a relaxing ritual and those who regret having long wanted it, but softening the beard is a necessary gesture for the health of the hair itself and therefore for its beauty. Taking care of the beard with the right products is part of the necessary hydration as for any other part of the body, which is why many prefer to go directly to the expert, that is to the trusted barber, to shape, comb and sculpt the beard. However, there is always the moment when you go home, and softening the beard becomes a DIY necessity. Here’s how to do it with the right cosmetics. Make sure to take a look at flipkart deal of the day page to ensure you don’t miss out on any discount.

5. Natyr multifunction balm with black tea and bergamot

Natyr multifunction balm with black tea and bergamot

For those who don’t want to waste too much time, there are those who have thought of a multipurpose cosmetic for face and beard, to hydrate everything with a single wash. Natyr has produced a face and beard balm with black tea, organic honey and bergamot. It nourishes the irritated skin of the face and softens the beard thanks to a moisturizing formula.

6. Beard Club Wax Beard & Hair Conditioner

Beard Club Wax Beard & Hair Conditioner

Here is an example of a solid beard balm, that is, a wax. Usually recommended to sculpt the beard more, as well as to soften it, the wax is suitable for longer and unruly beards. That of Beard Club with cedar wood is rich in concentrated biotin, which makes the hair more solid and in the long run the thick and shiny beard.

7. House 99 liquid conditioner for beard and hair

House 99 liquid conditioner for beard and hair

Another multipurpose cosmetic, this time for beard and hair, comes from the brand co-founded by David Beckham, House 99. The former footballer is one who knows well the aesthetic and practical needs of a soft beard, and with Seriously Groomed, a conditioner soft as a cream, it passes on the wisdom acquired over time to others. It is used on damp hair and beard, massaging gently and rinsing thoroughly. The liquid beard balm is more suitable when immediately after washing you want to leave the hair soft, applying the moisturizing oil to the maximum after an energetic brushing.

8. Agnostic, Bullfrog’s multifunctional post-shave balm

Agnostic, Bullfrog's multifunctional post-shave balm

A conditioner only to moisturize the body, face and hair, and soften the beard. Bullfrog’s solution that no longer gives excuses to avoid the moisturizing treatment of long hair. Agnostic is also great for soothing skin irritations after a full shave. A must in every locker.

The classic perfumes that you will want to wear forever

Men’s perfumery is always oriented towards experimentation, with fragrances and essences combined in new blends and combinations. On the other hand, daring would not be possible without a solid base of classics, those versatile and timeless perfumes that have become cult of male beauty, loved for their persistent and unmistakable aroma. Belonging to different olfactory families, with woody, amber or citrus notes, here are the best-selling men’s perfumes ever, to buy immediately on Flipkart.

9. Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette 100 ml

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette 100 ml

Intensely woody and with a fresh and floral background, Boss Bottled Night is the most intense and reworked version of a classic of the brand, precisely Boss Bottled, presented to the public in 2010 and soon became one of the most desired men’s perfumes. Persistent, full-bodied and with an aromatic bouquet that culminates in the smells of Provence, the fragrance is structured in top notes of lavender and birch, heart of violet and woody base notes with musk.

10. Bvlgari Man Wood Essence, Eau de Parfum, Perfume 60 ml

Bvlgari Man Wood Essence, Eau de Parfum, Perfume 60 ml

Undoubtedly one of the most popular woody perfumes on the market, Wood Essence is built on the typical scent notes of men’s perfumery, which from strong woods fade into the aromatic sparkle of citrus and amber. Created by the famous Alberto Morillas nose, it presents top notes of citrus and coriander leaf, with a heart of cypress, cedar and vetiver and an enveloping base of benzoin.