For those who love to enrich their look with lots of details and accessories, summer scarves are definitely a must! From the most colorful ones that will give vitality to your outfit to the most elegant ones, you will certainly find the summer scarves that best suit your style online! You can discover your favorites among the latest collections: they will be the final touch to embellish your look!

Fresh and colorful summer scarves, an essential accessory

Fresh and colorful: summer scarves, an essential accessory

There are more opportunities to spice up your look with a nice summer scarf than you’re probably aware of. From a cool evening on the beach to a ride in a convertible, let’s find out when a scarf can be the winning choice for a unique outfit.

A fresh touch on the skin

Summer scarves are generally produced with very fresh and light materials, such as cotton, silk, viscose, fabrics that softly caress the skin without adding warmth. What will certainly not be missing is the color! From pastel to fluorescent tones, from polka dot to floral patterns, an overdose of sparkling joy cannot be missing, to lighten and color your every combination. Dare!

A thousand uses, a thousand looks

Tired of simply wearing your scarf around your neck? Let’s see how to use it in many other ways:

  • Feel like a movie star, wrapping your scarf around your head and neck, completing the look with a pair of chunky dark glasses
  • You can decorate a braid, weaving the scarf together with the hair, for a gypsy touch
  • Knotted at the waist, like a sash, it can perfectly replace a belt on your favorite jeans

Have fun discovering many alternative uses for summer scarves. Choose the perfect ones online to complete your look. Get started now! Don’t forget to browse through the best coupon deals and popular promo codes for various fashion stores on Khojdeal. It will help you get the best bang for your buck.

Summer scarves the final touch for your look

Summer scarves: the final touch for your look!

Both men and women now wear summer scarves on many different outfits: ladies will prefer to wear silk stoles and scarves on special occasions such as ceremonies and other social events, men ring scarves in linen and cotton comfortable and functional for an aperitif or a trip in a boat or a men’s scarf under a formal jacket. What is certain is that there are many patterns and a wide choice of colors, in different fabrics and processes, suitable for many occasions of use.

Women’s scarves

Every lady or girl has at least a dozen scarves in her drawer to face the cool spring weather and the hottest summer temperatures. It is the simplest accessory to choose and combine with your clothing. Add just a scarf and immediately the outfit changes tone embellishing and enhancing it. In summer, then, it is all a riot of bright colors and witty and refined patterns and summer scarves become the must-have that gives that touch of femininity even to the most casual look. There are also many ways to wear a scarf that can in turn become a belt for jeans or a sundress, a super trendy bandana for the hair or a stole that surrounds the shoulders. Functional, right?

Fun ways to tie scarves

Here are some fun ways to tie scarves every day in a different way.

  1. Double scarf loop knot: Fold the scarf in half and put it around the neck with the ends at the back. Bring the ends to the front and tie a simple knot. Take a lighter scarf, tie a knot at the ends and place it on the first scarf.
  2. The European Loop: Just fold the scarf, place it on the neck and insert the ends into the scarf itself; fix it in the center and the knot is done.
  3. The waterfall: If you have a wide scarf available, you can create this particular knot. Wrap the wide scarf twice around the neck. Take the corner of the right end and, leaving a little spring in the front, slip it on the left side of the neck. You can also take both corners, cross them, letting the scarf fall softly at the front and tie the ends behind the neck.
  4. The celebrity knot: No wonder the name, because it is one of the most used knots by celebrities. To do this, just wrap the scarf twice around the neck. Take the right end and slip it between the two “rings” around the neck, then do the same thing with the left end and voilà, c’est magnifique!
  5. The “Four-in-Hand” knot: Fold the scarf in half, put it on the neck holding it by the ends. Insert one of the ends inside the scarf (in the ring that forms by folding it). Turn the ring and insert the other end adjusting it as desired.
Summer men's scarves

Summer men’s scarves

Men and boys have also learned to wear summer scarves. On a t-shirt, a nice ring scarf in linen or cotton, perhaps with skulls, makes a great impression at the concert or photo exhibition. And a precious silk clutch that pops out of the jacket pocket can make a man stand out for its taste and elegance. Whether it is a microfiber tubular scarf to wear under the helmet, a fringed kefia or a multicolor double face scarf, you can be sure to find online, the scarf of your summer: fresh, comfortable and in line with latest fashion. Seize the opportunity to collect one for each special event!


When we think of scarves, we generally consider the cold season; instead, fortunately, they have become one of the essential accessories for spring and summer.