Somnox - World’s First Sleep Robot

One out of five people in the world suffers from sleep deprivation. The Dutch start-up Somnox introduced the world’s first sleep robot that combats sleepless nights by “breathing” in and out as users hold it close. The device improves sleep by soothing body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety so people fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up feeling refreshed.

“We’ve been personally exposed to the effects of sleep deprivation. says Somnox co-founder Julian Jagtenberg. “That’s why we founded Somnox. Rather than reaching for addictive medication, we wanted to offer a natural approach onimproving sleep.”

The Somnox sleep robot simulates human breathing. Its users will subconsciously adjust its breathing rhythm to that of the sleep robot. Research has shown that breathing is essential to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation. In addition to breathing, the sleep robot provides its user with audio. The sounds of heartbeats, lullabies, guided meditation – or uploading personal audio files – are included in the accompanying app, which is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Personal preferences can be set during the day and ensure a tailored approach to improve sleep during the night.

After 24 months of research and development, Somnox received feedback of over 5000 people, resulting in hundreds of prototype iterations. To ensure the best product possible, Somnox carried out 57 intensive sleep trajectories with selected test sleepers. Somnox co-designed the sleep robot with Royal Auping, Europe’s leading circular mattress manufacturer, to provide the ultimate comfort through a sustainable product with high-quality materials. The sleep robot will be manufactured at Royal Auping’s facilities in the Netherlands.

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