Your home is your own and making it look aesthetic and maintaining it is your responsibility. Khojdeal brings to you 9 Rules for Making Your Home Look Better.

Adding furniture, painting walls and making it smell good is all part of a home owners initial thought process. Most of us though, more or less forget about the other crucial things there go into making a perfect interior.

9 Rules For Making Your Home Look Better

Though investment is necessary to make your house look great inside, a few other details can also be looked upon and carried out to bring out its aesthetics. Placing the right thing in the right place, plus reducing clutter can all improve how your house interiors look and its overall feel and appeal.

Here are 9 Rules For Making Your Home Look Better.

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Make Your Home Your Own

  • Make it Your Own : Personalizing and customizing the interiors of your house according to your own preferences is probably the most essential thing. Effectively, its your home. It should be filled with things you enjoy and proudly own. So make your home your own and don’t shy away from adding your own flavor to your living space.
  • Light it up : A dim setting is probably good for a date night, and you must surely prepare for it. But at most times, it is great to have a well lit home space. You can also bring in some variety to the lights as well. Some center lamps with moderately dim lights, to bright headlamps for parties and such, the options are endless.
  • Reduce Clutter : Having a lot of clutter looks quite displeasing. To make sure you do not clutter, shelve things accordingly, make space for everything and remember to keep things where you found them. Yes, that way old motherly advice actually works in making your home look better.
  • Difference Between Need and Want : People, especially while buying furniture, get very impulsive. Avoid such behaviors and while shopping for things you really need to complete your living room, make sure you don’t fall victim to any advertising that suggests you complete your home with their magic product. Know what would look good, from what you thought you wanted.
  • Add Variety : Sometimes a blue couch looks great next to a white one. There is no rule book for not using bold combinations. Surprise yourself and your visitors. Add some lamps, some extra chairs, a variety of shelves and art. You can make a lot happen if you do it right.
  • Add Color and Contrast : Adding some color is great. Though nothing against monotone homes, sometimes a splash of color is helpful for your mood. White walls, with grey curtains and dark chairs might look and feel pretty modern, but pretty gloomy at the same time.
  • Accessorize : Adding plants, art, paintings, show pieces, funky lamps and come table top decoration can go a long way.
  • Consult : Consulting professionals in the matters of interior decoration is easy and totally worth the effort and time. I mean, they spend their lives perfecting their craft and they know what would make your home the best place to lay your head in. They spend hours understanding how you want your house to be, and they deliver.


A perfect living space, your perfect living space is a matter of making the right choices in designing it. Since you have total liberty, your home must look the best it can, to your own liking and as aesthetic as possible. For this purpose, Khojdeal brings to you 9 Rules For Making Your Home Look Better.

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