Sun Tzu, a well-known Chinese general and philosopher who lived between the sixth and fifth centuries BC, said “if you know the enemy and yourself, your victory is certain”. The philosopher, of course, was referring to the art of war, but we can learn from his wisdom even when it comes to the enemy most feared by women today: cellulite.

Even if it is not a simple and short-lived battle, it is possible to fight water retention and orange peel skin by adopting some small precautions in your lifestyle, which can prove to be fundamental – especially in terms of prevention – if followed with constancy and regularity.

Five golden rules for eliminating cellulite

In this article you will find five useful rules to improve the appearance of skin affected by imperfections and be ready for the much-needed swimsuit test.

Rule 1: Change your diet

As effective as they may be, topical cosmetics formulated to prevent and reduce cellulite have a limited effect if no action is taken to eliminate the triggering causes of water retention and fat deposits. Among these, the most relevant is undoubtedly an incorrect diet.

Therefore, the first precaution to adopt when encountering this problem is to follow a healthy and balanced diet, especially rich in antioxidant foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Cellulite, in fact, originates from an alteration of the subcutaneous tissue which results in a decompensation in the reabsorption of interstitial fluids. The epithelial cells that are most affected by this decompensation are, in fact, unable to exchange oxygen and nutrients through the lymphatic system.

When oxidative stress increases, especially with advancing age, there is a drastic decrease in “breathing” at the cellular level, so the treatment must be based precisely on the use of antioxidant substances.

Other useful foods in the fight against cellulite are: whole grains and legumes which, thanks to the high fiber content, favor the elimination of fat deposits; and blue fish, which being rich in Omega 3, has an effective anti-inflammatory action aimed at reducing localized swelling and edema.

White meats also prove useful, as they ensure the supply of iron and proteins necessary for the production of hemoglobin, a molecule responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells.

Another precaution to follow is to avoid – or at least reduce – the intake of foods that can lead to glycemic peaks, such as: refined foods (pasta, rice, sugar and baked goods made with white flour); those with a high content of fats (especially saturated) of animal origin, including sausages, aged cheeses, butter and lard; and salt, which certainly doesn’t help fight water retention.

Rule 2: Exercise

To improve lymphatic circulation, the slowdown of which is the main cause of cellulite, no to a sedentary lifestyle, yes to physical activity in any form, as it helps burn fat and tone muscles and tissues.

Our advice, therefore, is to radically change your lifestyle, dedicating yourself to a sport or doing some exercise at the end of the day, especially if you are doing jobs that force you to sit for several hours a day.

In this regard, a good strategy could be to combine muscle strengthening exercises with aerobic training sessions to burn fat and calories. Among the most effective activities in this sense is the GAG, a training aimed at strengthening and toning the legs, abdomen and buttocks, which are among the muscle groups most affected by cellulite; to which you can combine an endurance workout, such as running or walking.

Finally, there are some sports that are particularly useful for reducing water retention and the orange peel effect; think, for example, of swimming and cycling which, without forcing excessive and prolonged efforts, act on the circulation, toning the abdominal and leg muscles harmoniously.

Rule 3: No to stress

As bizarre as it may sound, stress is also one of the risk factors for developing cellulite. Experts, in fact, argue that physical and mental exhaustion increases the production of cortisol by the adrenal glands, which would also explain why women who carry out particularly stressful jobs and activities are in fact the most affected by this annoying imperfection.

Therefore, if you are experiencing a period of high stress, give yourself a moment of relaxation from time to time, perhaps drinking draining infusions based on gotu kola or green tea, and start monitoring the quality of your rest.

In fact, to reduce anxiety and the consequent inflammation of the adipose tissue, it is necessary to give your body time to regenerate by sleeping at least eight hours a night; therefore the recommendation is to avoid electronic devices half an hour before bedtime and the first 20 minutes after waking up, replacing these unhealthy habits with a relaxing herbal tea and ten minutes of yoga.

Rule 4: Targeted cosmetic treatments

Creams, gels, muds, serums … there are plenty of anti-cellulite treatments and all promise smooth and toned skin. But are they really effective against this skin blemish? We have included them among the golden rules against cellulite because the answer is clearly yes, but the fact remains that to obtain significant and lasting results they must always be combined with a healthy lifestyle, correct nutrition and regular physical activity.

Rule 5: Anti-cellulite massages

Finally, a last precaution to stimulate the lymphatic microcirculation and the drainage of liquids, as well as to enhance the effects of the active ingredients contained in the anti-cellulite creams, is to regularly perform lymphatic drainage massages.

The technique involves a light circular pressure of the thumbs with delicate but decisive movements from the bottom up, in order to follow the venous return. Alternatively, you can also use the best-selling anti-cellulite massager to perform a targeted massage on critical areas of the body.

These devices, in fact, simulate the movements that are generally performed with bare hands, are extremely practical to use and are also useful in case of joint and muscle pain, an aspect that makes them very versatile.

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