Choosing to give a Gift Card means thinking about the person, thinking about what they like but leaving them free to choose the best of what they love. How many times, thinking of a friend, have we found ourselves undecided about the color of a dress or nail polish or the most beautiful photo? By giving the gift card, we offer you the opportunity to buy the best of what you like. Above all, we give you the opportunity to shop when the best time is for you.

Giving a Gift Card is like giving the opportunity to take a whim, to buy a quality product. It is giving the recipient a wide freedom of choice. This allows to increase the satisfaction of those who receive the gift. Studies have shown that those who receive them are more prone to unrealistic purchases than things that can be really useful.

In summary, here are 6 good reasons to believe that the Gift Card is the perfect non-trivial gift:

  1. It is an original gift idea
  2. It is a tailor-made gift
  3. It is a gift that is appreciated because it brings pleasure and freedom
  4. Stop indecision: whoever receives it can choose at will how and when to use it
  5. Allows those who receive it to indulge in some whim
  6. Those who receive it can take advantage of the advantages that companies make available for Gift Card holders
Advantages of gift cards

Advantages of gift cards

Gift cards are a very useful gift and they are usually liked by the person to whom we give it, however, whenever we think about giving a gift card, we have doubts about whether it is correct or should only be given on rare occasions.

1. They allow you to buy what you want or need

Although many times we strive to find the ideal gift, we tend to err in some small detail. With a gift card, we provide the opportunity for the person who receives it to choose the gift they want; In this way, the person will not only be able to buy something they need but will also choose what they like the most.

2. They avoid complications

Both for the person who will receive the card and for you, it will be less complicated to find the desired gift. Unlike giving away cash, the person will not have to complicate deciding where it will be best to spend that amount. In the same way, you will help to avoid the temptation to spend it on something else. You can save hours-or days thinking about what to give him and if he will like the color, size or model. Just do not forget to verify that the store you choose is to the liking of the person and there are several of the things you want to buy.

3. They can be used whenever

Gift cards do not usually expire, so the person can decide when to use them without the pressure of having to be bound by a certain date.

4. You avoid long lines

One more advantage of gift cards is that we can get them at any time and in almost any department or self-service store.In addition, we do not have to wait to buy it on some special date where we have to deal with many people to take advantage of offers and discounts.And these are usually in the boxes to pay, so we only have to choose the amount of the card, take them and pay. The person who receives it can carry it in their wallet and on the day, they feel like it they can exchange it for their gift.

What is an Amazon gift card

What is an Amazon gift card and why might it be the perfect gift idea?

We reveal it to you in the section below, also explaining which formats you can choose and how to buy an Amazon gift card. You will find that this solution will save you a lot of time and will certainly make those who receive it happy.

Why give an Amazon Gift Card?

Is a special occasion upon you and you just don’t have the time (or the desire) to look for an original gift idea for all relatives and friends? Do you have a budget for a birthday that you can’t exceed and can’t find an object that can make the birthday boy happy? To find the right gift you could rely on the best apps for Christmas gifts. But if you don’t want to risk buying something wrong and don’t want to make useless gifts to recycle, then an Amazon gift card can be the perfect gift idea!

What is an Amazon Gift Card?

An Amazon gift card is a gift card (paper or digital) with a code of 14-15 alphanumeric characters. When this amazon free gift card code is “redeemed” (by accessing the “Amazon gift vouchers and recharge” section), the amount associated with the amazon voucher code is credited to your Amazon account.

How to choose the Amazon gift card format?

If you want to give an Amazon gift card, you can choose from many formats. The types are essentially four:

Amazon digital gift voucher: this type of gift voucher is available in a few minutes, simply by making the payment of the credit that you intend to associate with the voucher and indicating the address of the recipient of the gift. This is the quickest solution, but definitely not the nicest for a gift.

Amazon gift card to print: This type of gift card includes a card that can be personalized and printed right at home, so it is also available in minutes. It can be the solution for those who have shrunk at the very last minute and do not have time to wait for Amazon to send a different format.

Amazon Gift Voucher

Amazon gift voucher in a greeting card: by choosing this type, the recipient of the gift voucher will receive a printed ticket at home directly from Amazon containing a gift card for an amount that can vary between 20 and 200 euros.

Amazon gift voucher in box: by choosing the latter type, the recipient will receive a gift box in cardboard or tin containing the gift card. This is certainly the most suitable solution for a real gift. Most of the options have a starting price of 30 euros and some of them also contain a gadget, such as a bookmark or some cute colorful socks.

How to customize an Amazon gift card?

For all solutions, various options are available with themed graphics, many of which can be customized with text and photos. For each type of solution, it is possible to set the amount of the gift voucher with a large degree of freedom and you can pay online with a virtual credit card. With Amazon gift vouchers, it takes just a few minutes to make the perfect gift!