With the though of cleanliness on the rise, Khojdeal Home Experts brings to you a few Places in the Home even Clean People Forget to Wash.

There are certain areas of your house you might not give notice to during your daily cleaning ordeals. These places can house a lot of germs and unwanted, unsightly dust and dirt. Door handles, pillows, appliances and upholstery are a few of the examples.

Places in the Home Even Clean People Forget to Wash

A thorough cleaning schedule of your house can prove undeniably helpful. You can do it weekly or preferably bi-weekly, especially during times of ongoing pandemics to make sure you house is germ free.

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Places in the Home Even Clean People Forget to Wash are wide and many and some might even require your immediate attention.

Cleaning Tips to Keep a Hygienic Environment

  • Appliances : Most people leave appliance cleaning to once or twice a year. Which can be okay for a few appliances, for most that should not be the case. Cleaning air conditioners, fans, TVs and computers, and other widely used appliances should be cleaned once or twice every month. TV and computers can be cleaned twice a week and you can leave cleaning air conditioners to once each month. Fans can also house a lot of dust and can spread it easily across the entire house.
  • Pillows ; Thought most people change pillow covers quite often, the actual pillow is less often cleaned. Make sure you get them dry cleaned often or wash them thoroughly yourself.
  • Dustbins/Trashcans : Plastic bags are used as dustbin covers and provide an easier way to take out the trash, but not very often do we clean the bin itself. A terrible practice. Make sure you clean it once a week with water, and thoroughly disinfect twice a month.
  • Bathroom Cabinets and Decor : You probably keep a clean bathroom, but how often do you clean the cabinets in there? Yes, not often.
  • Doors and Door Handles : These are one of the most touched objects in your entire house. People coming in and out have to interact with the doors and handles often and can leave a layer of germs all over. Disinfecting them regularly can help immensely.
  • Light Switches : Again, one of the most used items in a house, light switches are a prime example of objects transmitting disease ridden germs and bacteria. A simple wipe can help with your health and the health of your family.


While you are busy cleaning tables and making your bed, the real disease causing culprits live somewhere else. Doors, curtains and appliances are hardly cleaned and can cause a variety of issues. Having a regular cleaning schedule for Places in the Home Even Clean People Forget to Wash can prove helpful for your health and the aesthetics of your house,

During these trying times of an ongoing pandemic, it falls upon us to make the right decisions and get to deep cleaning the house. Making sure certain areas in a house are clean can help even prolong the lifetime of appliances and your upholstery. Stay clean and stay safe.

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