If you are going to choose a room heater for your home, take a look at the Amazon Brand Solimo that is here to make your life easier. On the other side, is the classic Orpat with its range of affordable yet durable set of room heaters. While both brands are geared towards affordability and general function, we can find the brand that does a few things better than its competition. So, Orpat vs Solimo Room Heater, which one is going to come out to be the better one.

Buying room heaters is never an easy task, it sure works if you know all the types of room heaters available in the market though.

Orpat vs Solimo Room Heater – The Best of Affordable Brands

While both brands are incredibly affordable in nature, Orpat kind of takes the cake with focus solely on consumer electronics. Solimo is great if you want a room heater that is needed for less than 2-3 months each year. They are basic room heaters with limited features and capabilities.

For someone looking for normal, to-the-point heater, Solimo is a great option. Now, that said, Orpat kind of has a similar image with consumers, however, Orpat has way more options to choose from. If you want a basic appliance, Orpat can provide, while if you need something specific or more powerful, Orpat provides that, while Solimo cannot.

If you are looking for the best room heater in India, might as well look at something from Bajaj or Havells. Orpat can help you too, but not that much. Also, do not except Solimo to be better than any of the top brands in India.

Orpat Room Heaters – An Overview

Orpat, you might not know, is quite an old brand. Odhavji Raghavji Patel “ORPatel” known as father of wall clocks, was an Indian businessman who founded the Ajanta Group, Orpat, and the Oreva Group. Collectively, their appliances and clocks are sold in over 45 countries across the globe. Safe to say, Orpat is one of the oldest names in the business and the reason they are so widely trusted across our country.

Orpat room heaters are literally some of the most affordable and efficient in the market. Their blowers are widely used and some of the most common room heaters you will find in India. They are perfect for a few months of winters, something like what happens in Delhi. That said, Orpat doesn’t really have another flagship room heater that we can talk about.

They do have tons of options on the market from basic radiant heaters to tower heaters and more, but all those are sidelined by the more efficient models from Bajaj or Usha. Now, we are not saying that Orpat room heaters are not good appliances, they are simply not as good as the big names on the market.

If you have limited use for a heater or a blower, Orpat then becomes the go-to brand. Otherwise, you might be better off purchasing a more durable appliance.

Types of Orpat Room Heaters

When it comes to options, Orpat may not have a lot of room heaters out there, but you can find an Orpat Heater of each type. They are very sellable and quickly run out of stock, so try and prepare for the winters beforehand.

Orpat offers –

  • Halogen/Quartz Room Heaters
  • Radiant Room Heaters
  • Fan Room Heaters
  • OFR Room Heaters
  • PTC Room Heaters (Only available in radiant heaters)

You can easily choose the one that is best geared towards your requirements and start there.

Orpat Room Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Really affordable room heaters
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use, handle, and maintain
  • Sleek designs allow it to blend in its environment
  • Great for a few months use per year


  • Not very durable
  • Orpat blowers can heat up soon and take time to start up again

Amazon Solimo Room Heaters – An Overview

Amazon Brand Solimo has become a household name in the last few years. With tons of products in multiple categories, Solimo is Amazon’s way of cutting the middleman and having its products sold as the most basic format of an appliance.

While the brand is incredibly affordable to purchase, it lacks innovation on all levels. Talking about Solimo room heaters, they are functional and durable, yes, but come with the simplest form of features. There aren’t a lot of options either, so the brand becomes incredibly niche to people looking for the most basic room heater in the market. Which again, is actually quite large. Hence Solimo’s success.

Everything about Solimo room heaters is great, the two downsides being – not many options, and minimum innovations in design and features. You could consider Solimo as the AmazonBasics of consumer electronics in India

Types of Amazon Solimo Room Heaters

Amazon Brand Solimo sadly does not have a lot of room heater options available in the market. The few that are available are not very in competition to other brands, but they can still provide ample functionality. They are more geared towards people who do not find a lot of use for a room heater, but keeping one handy could be a good idea.

Here is what Amazon Solimo offers in terms of room heaters –

  • Fan Room Heater
  • OFR Room Heater

Amazon Solimo Room Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Good functionality
  • Great for limited use per year
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Durable in build
  • Very affordable to purchase
  • Easy returns and maintenance


  • Lack of options
  • Lack of innovation
  • Lack of features

Orpat vs Solimo Room Heater – Comparison Table

So, comparing these two brands might not be an even match. Orpat is geared towards consumer appliances, while Solimo only has a few in its catalogue. The two heaters we could find from Solimo were actually quite sub-par and only okay to use a few months each year. Orpat on the other hand, might have a similar audience pool, but their room heaters are actually long lasting.

Here is a point-to-point comparison of the two and how they differ from each other.

Feature PointOrpat Room HeaterSolimo Room Heater
Heating PotentialGood heating potentialFair heating potential
Durability and Life ExpectancyFairly durable and long lastingFairly durable and long lasting
Energy EfficiencyNot many features related to energy efficiency. Not many features related to energy efficiency
Ease of Use and MaintenanceVery easy to use and maintain.Very easy to use and maintain.
FeaturesBasic featuresBasic features
Variations AvailabilityFew models to choose fromOnly a couple options to choose from
PriceVery affordableFairly affordable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Solimo Amazon?

Amazon Solimo is a brand by Amazon that manufactures and distributes the most basic form of a given appliance. It can be considered the AmazonBasics of consumer electronics, with very basic appliances available at a very cheap cost.

Which Orpat heater is best?

If you are in the market for an Orpat room heater, check out the radiant ones available from them. The OFR heaters from Orpat are also incredibly good and last for a very long time. If you are in need for something basic, the classic Orpat OEH fan heater is one of the most affordable and durable room heaters in the market.

Which electric heater is best for room?

For bedrooms and such, you should either get an OFR, or a radiant heater. OFRs are the best to have for the entire room, while radiant heaters are great for a specific portion of a room. OFRs are also the safest kind of room heater, so a very good choice for your requirements.


So, choosing between the two – Orpat vs Solimo room heaters, the brand that takes the cake is obviously Orpat. It has been in the Indian consumer market for a very long time, and while it has some of the cheapest, most basic room heaters you can buy, Orpat also has plenty of innovative designs in the market. Room heaters that come with multiple features, but can also be slightly expensive. On the other hand, Solimo is a one-trick pony. It has only a couple, maybe 3 room heaters in the market, all with limited capabilities. If you are looking for something like that, Solimo sure is the best brand for that.

Stay warm, and happy shopping!