Two of the most affordable brands when it comes to home appliances, Orpat vs Bajaj room heaters will be quite difficult to determine for the best. Both brands produce great appliances for consumers, and with a mix of affordability and functionality, they remain some of the most popular brands on the market. If you are looking for a room heater, you can easily opt for either Orpat of Bajaj. Each one has their own USP, but you can be sure either one is a totally viable purchase no matter what your needs are.

That said, there are limitations to both and have their strengths as well. Let us see, Orpat vs Bajaj Room Heater, which one is the better brand.

Orpat Vs Bajaj Room Heater

Orpat vs Bajaj Room Heater – Which is the better brand?

While both brands have great options to choose from, Bajaj comes out to be better due to the many features and safety options it provides. Orpat is a great brand, But we are talking about orpat vs bajaj room heater, their room heaters are more geared towards short winters. Basically, if you live in Delhi or similar regions which sees less than 3 months of winters, Orpat blowers and room heaters are a great purchase. On the other hand, if you live in really cold regions and require a room heater that will last you years, Bajaj is the better choice.

Choosing from between these two brands comes down to personal preference and your particular requirements.

Let us see what each brands brings to the table, and then provide a definitive answer to the Orpat vs Bajaj room heater question.

Orpat Room Heaters – An Overview

Orpat, you might not know, is quite an old brand. Odhavji Raghavji Patel “ORPatel” known as father of wall clocks, was an Indian businessman who founded the Ajanta Group, Orpat, and the Oreva Group. Collectively, their appliances and clocks are sold in over 45 countries across the globe. Safe to say, Orpat is one of the oldest names in the business and the reason they are so widely trusted across our country.

Orpat room heaters are literally some of the most affordable and efficient in the market. Their blowers are widely used and some of the most common room heaters you will find in India. They are perfect for a few months of winters, something like what happens in Delhi. That said, Orpat doesn’t really have another flagship room heater that we can talk about.

They do have tons of options on the market from basic radiant heaters to tower heaters and more, but all those are sidelined by the more efficient models from Bajaj or Usha. Now, we are not saying that Orpat room heaters are not good appliances, they are simply not as good as the big names on the market.

If you have limited use for a heater or a blower, Orpat then becomes the go-to brand. Otherwise, you might be better off purchasing a more durable appliance.

Types of Orpat Room Heaters Available

When it comes to options to choose from, Orpat has plenty of room heaters in the market. With different types, you really get to easily choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

Orpat offers –

  • Halogen/Quartz Room Heaters
  • Radiant Room Heaters
  • Fan Room Heaters
  • OFR Room Heaters
  • PTC Room Heaters (Only available in radiant heaters)

You can easily choose the one that is best geared towards your requirements and start there.

Orpat Room Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Really affordable room heaters
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use, handle, and maintain
  • Sleek designs allow it to blend in its environment
  • Great for a few months use per year


  • Not very durable
  • Orpat blowers can heat up soon and take time to start up again

Bajaj Room Heaters – An Overview

When it comes to Bajaj room heaters, there is simply nothing better. Bajaj is one of the biggest electrical equipment manufacturing company in India. Part of the Bajaj Group, the brand has intensely diversified products including home appliances, generators, lighting, and obviously, room heaters.

The brand is highly trustworthy and their appliances prove incredibly efficient to use. The best part about Bajaj is that their appliances are not just durable and well-built, but you also get a good number of options to choose from. Within every type of room heater, you can easily find multiple that provide old-school durability, and modern style and efficiency.

Bajaj room heaters are also quite affordable and provide ample advantages over the other brands in the market. If you are in the market for the best room heater in India, Bajaj has clearly some brilliant appliances in the market.

Types of Bajaj Room Heaters Available

When it comes to options to choose from, Bajaj really has plenty of appliances on the market. Room heaters are their USP and you will not have any problem choosing any from Bajaj.

  • Halogen/Quartz Room Heaters
  • Radiant Room Heaters
  • Fan Room Heaters
  • OFR Room Heaters
  • PTC Room heaters (Only available in OFR)

The Bajaj trust comes with each kind of room heater, so choosing one will not be a problem at all.

Bajaj Room Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Highly affordable appliances
  • Tons of options to choose from
  • Great design features
  • Old-school durability
  • Modern designs and stability
  • Highly efficient
  • Energy saving appliances
  • PTC line of room heaters by Bajaj are even more energy saving


  • Some models can be really expensive

Orpat vs Bajaj Room Heater – Comparison Table

Choosing between the two can be a hassle. Here is a quick comparison table to help you understand what either of the brands bring to you. Choose wisely and according to your needs. Neither brands are bad, just limited to use in their own elements.

Feature PointOrpat Room HeaterBajaj Room Heater
Heating PotentialGood heating potentialGreat heating potential
Durability and Life ExpectancyFairly durable and long lastingIncredibly durable and long lasting
Energy EfficiencyNot many features related to energy efficiency. Fairly energy efficient. PTC models available that allow improved energy efficiency.
Ease of Use and MaintenanceVery easy to use and maintain.Very easy to use and maintain. Expensive models can be tricky to get fixed.
FeaturesBasic featuresGood number of features to make use of
Variations AvailabilityFew models to choose fromTons of variations to choose from.
PriceVery affordableFairly affordable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which company is best for room heater?

If you are looking for a good room heater, there are a handful of brands that manufacture the best ones. Check out Havells, Orpat, Bajaj, Usha, and Morphy Richards. Each brand has its own USP, and learning about what they bring to the table is a good way to make an informed purchase. That said, Bajaj and Orpat, both are really good brands to choose from.

Which Orpat heater is best?

Orpat is one of those brands that cost next to nothing but provide quite a bit of functionality in their appliances. For example, the most basic form of Orpat room heater, the OEH-1220 fan heater is a tiny appliance that packs a punch. You can easily use it during the cold months to warm up a room within minutes and without spending a lot of electricity.

Is Bajaj room heater safe?

Yes, totally. Bajaj room heaters have quite a few safety features they come with. This makes them ideal to use even in a bedroom. Bajaj is a trusted brand with quality components, so generally speaking, there are hardly any issues with Bajaj room heaters. In case there are, they come with auto cut off features to maximize safety.

Which room heater consumes less power?

Out of the different versions available in the market, PTC room heaters and OFR room heaters consume the least amount of electricity. As a rule of thumb, understand that room heaters that are big and room heaters that come with a fan generally consume more electricity. OFRs consume the least amount of electricity, and are perfect for large rooms, while PTC room heaters are available in multiple formats and allow you to save quite a bit of electricity as well.

Can I use room heater all night?

We do not suggest leaving a larger room heater on all night. Especially radiant and convection room heaters are not advised to be left on all night. If where you live gets really cold, we suggest getting an OFR. Those can easily be left on overnight. Matter of fact, they don’t actually need to be left switched on. Once the oil in them is heated, you can turn them off and the heater keeps on heating its surroundings.


So, when choosing between these two brands, Bajaj seems to be the better purchase. Bajaj room heaters are highly durable and last a very long time. This alone makes Bajaj one of the most desirable brands to choose from. Since room heaters are a winter/cold specific appliance, they will, on a general basis, see limited use. If your yearly requirements for a room heater is less than 3 months, you might like the ease of use and affordability of Orpat. If you need a room heater for most of the year, the durability and quality of Bajaj room heater might be more geared towards your usage.

Hope you find what you are looking for! Happy shopping!