Perhaps this news will not please many, but it is good to know that dust is nothing more than the accumulation of residues of dead skin, hair, animal hair, smog that we bring into the house through clothes and shoes and, unfortunately, of corpses and feces of insects, mainly mites. 

Unfortunately it is impossible to completely prevent its formation, considering that it can also enter from windows and balconies, however there are some small natural tricks that could, in some way, diminish it. 

In this article we will find out what they are and how to put them into practice, without using chemical and aggressive detergents, which often do not turn out to be the best.

How to avoid build-up?

Preventing dust from forming is practically impossible, both in city apartments, due to smog that could enter the windows and settle on furniture and floors, and in country houses, where in addition to pollen, the soil becomes the main cause of accumulation. The only alternative is to clean often, and keep doors and balconies closed as much as possible, even if the latter is not a solution that can always be adopted, especially when the heat becomes unbearable in the height of summer.

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Natural ways to eliminate dust in the home

The radiators

We often forget to clean the radiators for years, because by hiding the dust very well, they make us believe that it is not there. There are many metal brushes on the market with synthetic bristles, or other soft and feathery ones to be inserted into each slot to remove all the fluff without it flying around the house. Remember: it is an operation that must be carried out every year before winter, so as to have the radiators clean before they are switched on.


They protect from the sun, some even from disturbing noises and prying eyes, however they are one of the elements that accumulate dust in the house the most. Despite being a rather boring and heavy job, it is advisable to wash them at least twice a year, or use a vertical steamer to eliminate as many bacteria as possible.

The carpets

The same goes for carpets, where, however, mites and everything under shoes, slippers or animal paws also lurk. The ideal would be to vacuum the dust daily with an electric broom, and occasionally make a pass with a steamer equipped with a special brush, so as to eliminate mites and germs.

The floors

If you have no intention of buying a Roomba, one of the best-selling and appreciated robot vacuum cleaners of recent times, the only thing to do is to try to avoid dust accumulating as much as possible. However, despite the excessive cost of one of these super-tech devices, the mere fact of not having to worry about sweeping every day, but simply pressing a button on your smartphone, is all to your advantage.

Furthermore, opting for a new model also saves on the bill, considering the energy class above A and very low consumption. Therefore, to keep the floor clean it is necessary to use a broom, preferably electric, and avoid walking around the house with shoes, especially in the bedrooms. In eastern countries it is the practice: in Japanese homes there is always a genkan, that is a small square-shaped difference in height in front of the main door, where all family members, but also guests, leave their shoes before entering. Too bad that such a structure is not easily achievable in the West, however it is possible to replicate the idea by placing shoe racks at the entrance, or by wearing washable flaps.

If you have pets, however, it is completely impossible to prevent some hair from falling to the ground, unless you have adopted a Sphynx cat or a Mexican hairless dog.

The furniture and bookcases

When you are going to clean the furniture it is essential to start from the highest areas, otherwise you risk dropping the dust into those below and frustrating all the work. Those who do not want to use chemical detergents or alcohol can create a solution particularly suitable for wooden surfaces: in a bottle equipped with a sprayer, pour a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, an essence chosen from lemon, bergamot, mint or eucalyptus, a quarter of a glass of white wine vinegar and finally fill with water. Shake and spray on the furniture you want to clean. This type of solution not only prevents dust from accumulating excessively, but is also useful for polishing and making the wood more beautiful.

Ornaments and soft toys

Having a lot of furnishings at home makes the rooms appear more welcoming, the same goes for the puppets and soft toys in the children’s rooms. Unfortunately, however, after the curtains and carpets are the objects that are most filled with dust and which must be cleaned very often, especially if allergy sufferers are present in the house. To do this, we suggest you pass a damp and warm microfiber cloth on the ornaments, and beat or place the dolls and soft toys in the sun for a few hours on a clothesline, in this way you will eliminate the excess dust that settles between the fibers.

Mattresses and duvets

They are the places most frequented by mites, the main causes of allergies. We therefore suggest you beat them at least once a week and spread them out as much as possible in the air and sunlight. Alternatively, you can buy small appliances that suck and emit a UV light capable of eliminating 99% of bacteria.

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Natural cleanser

Among the grandmother’s methods most used and known in the home, we find those based on white wine vinegar and bicarbonate. When combined, they are extremely useful in removing the most stubborn stains, mold and halos, however although many consider them to be natural anti-bacterials, one must be aware that they will never have the same effectiveness as alcohol or a disinfectant, especially on viruses. .

Recycling first of all

Before buying expensive microfiber cloths, pipe cleaners and abrasive sponges, take a look at your surroundings, as you could find many useful cleaning accessories without having to spend anything. An example are toothbrushes: they can be used to remove dirt between the tile joints. Or the old brushes, with which you can sweep the dust off the edges of windows and doors. Sheets can become perfect cotton cloths to clean windows with, and sponge socks with holes in them can be used in the same way, or as a spare mop for the steamer.


Dust builds up all the time in the house, but why? Is it possible to remove it naturally without having to clean every day? Everything has been explained in detail in this guide.

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