All Musical Instruments require at least some dedication and time spent on practicing. Khojdeal lists Easy Music Instruments You Can Learn Right Now.

Though not every instrument is easy as just picking it up and playing a tune, some of them, you can actually get somewhere with. Needless to say the Violin will not be on this list, because that takes months to even hold it right, then comes the actual mastery of the instrument. Let’s get on with it shall we.

Easy Music Instruments You Can Learn Right Now

From the guitar to drums and the harmonica, there are a few instruments you can get a hang of if you get the right guidance and understanding. Coupled with ample dedication, you can actually get good at some of these in a matter of weeks.

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Here, listed by Khojdeal are Easy Music Instruments You Can Learn Right Now.

Fairly Easy to Learn Musical Instruments

  • Ukulele : A fairly easy instrument to learn and play around with, at the beginning, you could well enough start with open chords to begin you journey.
  • Harmonica : From blues to country music, harmonicas are everywhere are with a little bit of practice and understanding, you can easily be a good harmonica player in no time.
  • Piano : Pianos might sound very complicated, and yes they can be and they are, but with a little bit of coordination, you can start playing easy tunes on the piano.
  • Keyboard : Keyboards are much like the piano at most times, just more “electronic”, so to speak. They are also easier to play than the piano, because of lesser keys and a more “automated” sound. You can very easily start improvising on a keyboard after you have spent some time with it.
  • Electric Guitar : The electric version of the guitar is much easier to play than its acoustic counterpart. Since you have to press on the string way less than the acoustic, you can easily get into playing chords and notes that might prove extremely challenging to play on a regular acoustic guitar.
  • Bass Guitar : With only 4 strings to worry about, you can get to playing basic melodies on a bass guitar with ease. Though not easy to master, you’ll find it easier to start on a bass guitar to figure out notes than on any other 6 stringed guitar.
  • Percussion Instruments : Drums, bongos and the such require you to have the right rhythm under your belt. With that underway, you can start designing you own beats, or learn the basic ones off the internet.
  • Recorder : A recorder essentially is a really easy to play flute. You only need to be mindful about your mouth position, how and which holes to cover and your breathing technique.
  • Triangle : Just for the trolls out there, the triangle is quite easy to play. That said, when playing with others, remember not to forget the beat and your cue.


Instruments do require dedication to begin, to maintain that learning curve and to eventually be good at it. Most instruments take years to master, given you take proper classes. That said, with the internet at your back, you can easily find a tonne of classes, tips and tricks videos and learning ideas you can pick up. With a little bit of time spent learning, dedication and developed skill, you can be the next big thing in the music industry. Here are Easy Music Instruments You Can Learn Right Now.

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