Your home is your temple. Where you sleep, pray and grow fond memories in. A minimalist decor uses simple items to make your home look aesthetic. Khojdeal lists Minimalist Room Decor Ideas.

There are a lot of ways you can go by to start making your living space that much more aesthetic and pleasing to look at. The modern culture is adamant in making living spaces less cluttered, neutral and aesthetic by using minimalist decor.

Minimalist Room Decor Ideas

Minimalism decor refers to using less furniture, or neutral undertones to achieve that retro-modern look in your living space. There are a few ways you can establish this, the best ideas are listed below. From changing the textures on walls, adding white, or monochrome furniture, matching the entire tone of your home, there are things you can try to make your home that perfect little palace you desire it to be.

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Here are some Minimalist Room Decor Ideas.

Minimalist Decor

  • De-clutter : First and foremost, you need to remove the clutter. A modern look is at most times clean and neutral. Cutter will surely make it more rustic and messy, which looks great if you are going for that sort of decor. But a minimalist decor is mostly clean and de-cluttered.
  • Neutral Palette : Painting your walls in a certain accent is important. You need to figure out what you want your walls to look like, preferably neutral colored, and start there. Bright colors are not suggested, but some walls can surely use a splash of bright on them. Your furniture must also match the colors on the wall, or accentuate them at least.
  • A Splash of Color : A minimalist decor can use some different colors and undertones. How you can do that is by adding some colorful paintings, or that piece of furniture that might not fit the minimalist bill, but actually looks like abstract art.
  • Lighting : Make sure to brighten up your home. A well lit living space screams modern. Don’t shy away from letting the sun seep in. After all, a naturally lit home is what we are aiming for here. Even the lighting you use in your home, make sure its white light, like LEDs and such.
  • Low Furniture : You could even try lowering you furniture. Trust me, a low bed in a plain white room with a lamp and a side table looks incredibly sleek and modern. A low rocking chair might also add to the appeal of your living space.
  • Add a Rug : Now rugs are important, but difficult to choose. Pay attention to the accents on the wall, your furniture and try to match all these with the rug you plan to install in your living room. Textures and shapes on the rug work really well.
  • Keep Bedding Simple : Either go for that messy yet inviting look for your bed, or go for a more clean and ready to be slept in kind of look. The choice is yours, and either of them is a valid choice. Just keep things as monochrome as possible. Sheets, pillows and comforters could work as the same color.
  • Touch of Metal : Lamps are the perfect items to add in your living space that add that touch of metal. Floor lamps do exceptionally well beside couches and if your home is missing some metal elements, you could use a lamp of two.
  • Wood Furniture : That rustic old wooden chair is not only going to be hella comfortable, but also help in enhancing other elements in the room. Wood furniture looks smart, natural and is widely available, so you don’t have to worry about having less options. Match your decor with that chair or coffee table that accentuates the rest of the decor.
  • Wood Paneled Ceiling : Ceiling is the most neglected part of a room. Yes it is not as important as the wall behind your family couch, and might not even play such high parts in the overall decor, but they play a reasonable one at that. Do not forget about how your ceiling looks. A wood paneled that matches your walls and enhances your furniture will go a long way in making your home look that much more aesthetic.
  • Rustic : When it comes to aesthetics, a rustic wall, some rustic furniture, maybe a cabinet even look wonderful. A touch of the old times that fits well with your modern decor will bring in the extra sheen to your living space.


To start the process of making your living space that much more aesthetically pleasing, you must first have the inception to what you want in your home. There are different ways you can go by this, and frankly, everyone has a different taste. Whatever you’re comfortable with, is what you must go for. A touch of your own personality thrown and sewn into your living space can make a lot of difference to how you and visitors look at your home. Khojdeal lists Minimalist Room Decor Ideas.

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