There are multiple ways you can decorate and set up your living space. You can also either take a minimalist approach or let Khojdeal help you with Maximalist Decor Ideas.

Your house is the most important place for you in the world. It is where you lay your head and rest away from the general issues of living. You can help yourself be more at peace by making your home into what you want it to be. If you want to add color, go ahead. If a certain couch is what you prefer, you must get it. You can customize your living space however you see fit, and that is the magic of it all.

Maximalist Decor Ideas

If you love colors and lights and lamps and art all around your house, you might just love these Maximalist Decor Ideas. Maximalist design is characterized by a bold use of color, furniture, artwork, lights and textures. Making eccentric design choices is key for maximalist decor, with the philosophy of ‘more is more’ seeping into your living space.

Here are Maximalist Decor Ideas.

Load Up on Color

Adding color is the best way to reach your end goal. Colors and textures especially play a key role in a maximalist household. Brighter colors look great with contrasting ones accompanying them. You can still go for a sleeker, neutral color, but add furniture that is a little kooky to maintain that maximalist attitude.

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Art of all kinds, paintings, pictures, a decorative lamp and furniture can all account to your house looking exceptionally eccentric and at the same time, incredible aesthetic. If you are into art you should totally hang up some of your favorite paintings, or maybe framed photos of your memories. There is so much you can do here, from showpieces, fancy plants and decorative furniture, the options and customizations are endless.

Add Books

A maximalist decor just simply cannot do with books. Investing in a good, sturdy bookcase can help increase the aesthetics of your house ten fold. You don’t even have to keep it simple. Grab the most strange, yet practical bookcase to store all your books, and at the same time add that certain “je ne sais quoi” to your living space.

Decorate With What You Cherish

You cannot skip things that you actually like. If you are designing a maximalist home for yourself, the idea being you know how you want your living space to look like. So start adding those tiny little touches to the space that would bring out the actual you in the process. Every home looks different and yours should be comfortable and a perfect representation of what you like.

Add a Touch of Vintage

Adding those vintage pieces of furniture, some wooden art, an old, tall plant, dangling lights can really enhance your home into something a lot cozier and aesthetic. A fireplace is something to look into. Single-handedly, a fire place can make your home so much more comfortable, inviting and restful you have no idea. Investing in vintage you like is a great way to start your goal of designing a maximalist living space.


If you are new to home decoration and the gist of how to approach buying and setting up furniture, you’re in the right place. We understand preferences and know that every homemaker needs something different in their house. Something that makes it relate more to their interests. The good news is, you can use what you like, make what you desire and fulfill your needs for a home that you enjoy building and staying in. Khojdeal lists Maximalist Decor Ideas.

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