From setting real work hours and a permanent work space, Khojdeal brings to you ways you can Make Working From Home Easier and Fun.

With the current lockdown in effect, most of us working from home can have a hard time concentrating and giving our 100%. Now there are certain techniques and methods you can follow to increase your effectiveness ten fold.

How to Make Working From Home Easier and Fun

So working from home is a lot of fun, but can have its downsides. The usual distractions from pets, family members and plain fun of being at home can hinder your effectiveness.

You can overcome this by only following a few methods to increase efficiency and get the best out of it.

Methods to Increase Efficiency

  • Set Up a Permanent Work Space : A Permanent Work Space will help with organization and increase efficiency.
  • Setting Effective Real Work Hours : Working from home can make us lazy, fix your working hours and get behind them daily.
  • Investing in Good Technology : Set up a good internet, microphone and a camera to chat with peers and managers.
  • Investing in Good Furniture : A good chair definitely helps you stay put for longer hours.
  • Making a To-Do List : Make a list of tasks you want to finish by the end of the day. Push yourself to do more, it will slowly increase efficiency.
  • Take Shorter Breaks : No one is checking up on you, instead of taking long breaks, take shorter ones. Eat, spend time with family and your pets.
  • Avoid Distractions (like, Family and Pets) : Don’t spend too much time mingling with your family. It will distract you from work.
  • Step Outside Once in a While : A breath of fresh air can be immensely helpful with retaining a more professional approach.

Ways You Can Be Even More Productive than Working From Office

  • Be Aware of Your High Productivity Hours : Understand at what times you are absolutely free and your productivity is maxed out. List high value tasks for these times.
  • Don’t Work From Your Bed/Living Room : Working from your bed is not suggested. It makes you lazy and you eventually lose focus.
  • Keep Snacks Handy : This is literally the best part of working from home. Get your favorite snacks and nibble all day long. No one will complain.
  • Listen to Your Favorite Music : Bang some loud music that helps you work. Nobody will judge you.
  • Shut Off Social Media : Quite the hefty distraction. Shy away from social media to work better.
  • Connect with Peers : Talk to your work peers outside the realm of work. Engage in random banter just like you would in the office. These breaks often help with mood.
  • Use Good Communication Tools : Investing in a good microphone and software to communicate and help connect to your office mates and managers.
  • Use Productive Applications : You can use applications to help with your mood too. Play some productive games like Sudoku to get out of that constant work energy.
  • Use Work Tracking Software/Planners : Planning your day is quite helpful. A simple sticky note with your daily tasks can help you be organised.
  • Be Aware of Your Daily Tasks : Understand how much you have to do today and allocate your breaks accordingly.
  • Pick a Definitive Time to Start and End Each Day : If you start early, you can save the rest of your day for your own interests. Select when you want to begin and when you would end your work, and stick to it.
  • Stretch/Exercise/Pacing : Stretch once in a while to keep the blood flowing. Pacing helps a lot with thinking too.
  • Indulge in Hobbies Once in a While : Play any instrument, eat, play with your pet, read a book or a poem and do what pleases you for a little while once or twice each day to maximize the fun.


Working from home may sound appealing, but has its downsides. With multiple distractions around and the general work there is staying at home, it can get pretty difficult to work from home if you’re not used to.

Khojdeal understands and has complied a list of things you can do to Make Working From Home Easier and Fun.

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