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Best Coffee Brands in India Best Coffee Brands in India – Top 10 Brands for Coffee Enthusiasts Awijit Kotlia Updated: October 14, 2021

For many, coffee is a habit, especially at breakfast to start the day well. In fact, thanks to its properties, it helps us fight fatigue. For other people, however, it is a real ritual, sipped in front of a good book or in company. If you are a coffee lover, we have listed the Best…

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Best Dark Chocolate Brands For Chocolate Lovers Top 24 Best Dark Chocolate Brands For Chocolate Lovers Swati Shukla Updated: June 30, 2021

The dark chocolate made by best dark chocolate brands is the main ingredient in many after-dinner desserts and tasty snacks. Rich, complex, with a pleasant bitter note, this ingredient has a remarkable appeal for its refined aesthetic in the coverings and is irresistible in the fillings of cakes and mignon. Not to mention that it…

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Ice Cream Brands in India Top 10 Best Ice Cream Brands in India Awijit Kotlia Updated: May 27, 2021

If you do not like ice cream, you must be lactose intolerant. There is no other reason for not enjoying ice cream. Well, there are, but you know what I mean. When it comes to this cold dessert, you know there are plenty of options and flavours to choose from. From complex ones, to simple…

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best Holi Dishes 10 Traditional Holi Dishes & Snacks The Festival Of Holi Is Incomplete Without Swati Shukla Updated: March 19, 2021

Festivals are synonymous to happiness, fun and larger-than-life celebrations. In India, especially, every festival is celebrated with a lot of zeal and fervour. With Holi just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for the festival of colours with best Holi dishes, recipes & Indian cuisines. As, besides smearing your family and friends with…

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Benefits Of Goji Berries 6 Benefits Of Goji Berries Swati Shukla Updated: November 27, 2020

We are sure you have heard of goji berries and their beneficial properties for the body at least once. But what are they actually and why are they considered miraculous by the masses? It is a fruit belonging to the Solanaceae family, the same to which aubergines, peppers and tomatoes belong, whose scientific name is Lycium Barbarum,…

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richest foods in magnesium The 10 foods richest in magnesium Swati Shukla Updated: March 15, 2021

The usefulness of magnesium for the human body has been recognized since ancient times and there are many supplements on the market today. Let’s see together the foods that naturally contain it. What is magnesium and why is it so important for our well-being? It is a mineral that can be found in nature and also…

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5 Foods That You Should Not Cook In Cast Iron Cookware 5 Foods That You Should Not Cook In Cast Iron Cookware Shashank Tyagi Updated: November 3, 2020

Cast iron is one of the most loved materials by chefs because it guarantees uniform heat and a non-stick cooking surface. However, there are 5 foods that you should not cook in cast iron cookware. We’ve shared a list of these 5 foods and also explained the reason why you should not cook them in…

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Atkins Diet Recipes Atkins Diet Recipes: Best Atkins-Friendly Snacks Awijit Kotlia Updated: November 3, 2020

Much like the ketogenic diet, Atkins diet also relies on low-carb, high fat intake, which may benefit weight loss. Khojdeal here lists Atkins Diet Recipes. The only difference between the Atkins Diet and frankly the more popular Ketogenic diet, is that in Atkins your carb intake slowly goes up, while in keto it remains at…

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