When it comes to the best washing machines in India, LG is literally one of the top brands to choose from. LG is a household name and has become one of the consumer favorites here is India, and for good reason. LG appliances, especially washing machines, are some of the most efficient appliances in the market. They are made from quality components which helps them last a long time. If you own a LG washing machine already, or are looking to purchase one, you should keep in mind the LG washing machine error codes. They will help you diagnose your appliance and figure out what went wrong.

LG Washing Machine Error Codes – Listed 2022

LG washing machines are some of the best ones available on the market. Since there are so many different brands to choose from, it can get difficult to get the right one for yourself, and that too at the right price. Error codes in LG washing machines can be easy to figure out if you have a newer model with a LED screen. However, if you own an older model, getting to the bottom of the errors can be quite difficult and require the help of a professional.

You can easily choose LG for the best front load washing machines, and the best top load washing machines, and be sure your appliance will be highly efficient and last a long time. LG washing machines are highly durable and provide very easy methods to diagnose their issues.

LG Front Load Washing Machine Error Codes | LG Top Load Washing Machine Error Codes

Error CodeProblemSolution
OEWater does not drain or clogged drain pump filterCheck if the drain pipe is kinked or not. If everything is okay, call customer support.
IEMachine not getting enough waterMake sure the tap in on and there is enough pressure in the water.
UE/UBUnbalanced load in the washerReduce, or add more clothes to the washer, depending on what is required. You can even set up the clothes so that they are balanced and can wash well.
CLChild lock activatedIndicated that child lock has been activated.
LEMotor is locked due to heavy wash loadReduce the amount of clothes in the washer and try again.
dEWasher door cannot be lockedWasher door might be jammed or something might be preventing it from closing. If its a problem with the door itself, call customer support.
tCLTub clean cycle is requiredShow up when tub clean cycle is needed in by chance
CEOver current in the electrical circuit of the motorUnlpug the washer and wait a few minute and try again. If the same problem occurs, call customer support.
SUDoveruse of detergentUse only the required/suggested amount of detergent
cDIndicator that drying cycle is completeTells the user that the drying cycle has been completed
dE1Washer door openIndicates that the washer door is open and therefore the machine cannot run
dE2Washer door is closed, but not lockedIndicates that the washer door is closed, but not locked. Make sure you lock it tight before tying to run any cycles.
FEFill error, happens when water level gets too highReduce the amount of water and try again.
PEWater level sensor is malfunctioningUnplug the washer and wait for a while. Restart the machine and the cycle again.
PFPower failure during a cycleRestart the washing cycle
tEIndicates a heating error, usually caused by faulty thermistorUnplug the washer for 10 seconds. Plug the washer back in, and press power button. Press the spin speed button until no spin is highlighted. Once the washer is drained, restart the washing cycle process.
Time Does not advanceRestart the machine. Call customer support if it does not work.
Buttons Do Not RespondUnable to select certain optionsNot all buttons are available for every cycle. Otherwise, check if child lock is on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I clear the error code on my LG washing machine?

To clear the error code on your LG washing machine, simply press and hold the power button down for a little while. The machine will reset and so will the error code.

How do I check my LG washing machine error?

On the timer, your LG washing machine will display an error code if the machine is facing some issues. You can check that code to this list above to see what exactly might be the issue with your LG washing machine.

Are LG washing machines good?

LG washing machines are literally some of the best washing machines in the market. They have a long life and come with a variety of features to choose from. If you are looking for a good washing machine, LG might just be the way to go.


LG washing machines are great appliances. They come with a lot of different features and last an incredibly long time. The trick is to manage it well. Like most other home appliances LG washing machines can potentially last you more than 10 years, maintenance being the key factor in that. For diagnosing your washing machine of any problems, take a look at the error code list that can effectively explain to you about the problems your washing machine might be facing. The LG washing machine error code list has been updated above, keep it close if you own a LG washing machine.