Have you wished for longer, sleeker and those model legs forever now? Well Khojdeal has the solution for you, here are the best Leg Lengthening Exercises.

Getting taller as an adult is not really achievable after a certain point in time. Still, there are ways you can get much sleeker and stronger legs that make you “look” taller. In all good sense, it is okay to not be that tall, but having strong legs can really help you with being fit.

Leg Lengthening Exercises

You can pop some vertebrates in your body, like you heard in a video to get taller, but that won’t work. We suggest you train your legs to be stronger and sleeker so they appear well shaped and make you look taller. Working on your legs even increases your metabolic state, reducing many diseases and making your overall endurance and agility grow.

Here are the best Leg Lengthening Exercises.


Lunges are just great for your legs, hips and your overall fitness. To do a proper lunge, position your body, put one leg with the knee bent and foot resting flat on the ground and the other foot behind. Repeat with different feet forward with some stretches involved with each lunge. You can even add weights to this exercise to bring more stability and strength into the routine.


Lie down straight on your back, curl your legs back with your knees bent and raise your torso above the ground. Slowly lower yourself and lift yourself again. Congratulations, you have now done a bridge. This will not only help your core, but even build your thigh and calf muscles. Do as many sets as possible until you think you need a break for maximum results.

Hamstring Stretch

Okay, disclaimer first, beware this exercise, because if you pull too hard, or do it for a long time, you might pull your hamstring. Okay, so lets get on with it shall we. Sit down with your back straight on the ground, stretch your legs out straight and start by trying to touch your toes with your hands. This might be a little difficult for first timers, but you will eventually get there.

Downward Dog

The downward dog kind of resembles yoga in a way. Start by having your feet firmly on the ground, put your arm on the ground while bending your back, making a sort of “V” or triangle with your body. Slowly bring your torso down, lifting your head above and in front of your head. That counts as one. Go back into your initial position with your body making the triangle, all at the same time not moving your hands or your feet from their initial position.


Squats are good for a lot of things. Loosing weight, having good thighs and building endurance. We all know how to squat, but here are the basics. Start by standing up straight, bring your arms inside to your torso, and slowly bend your knees until they are adjacent to your hips, slowly retreat to your standing position and repeat until you are satisfied, or exhausted.

Athletic Activities

Being simply athletic means your legs will do a lot of work and therefore will be slim and strong. Sports that involve running are obviously the ones you need to start if you want better and stronger legs. We suggest football, tennis, running, basketball or hockey. Basketball especially needs you to be agile and light on your feet, so that might be the perfect sport for you to try.


Legs take us places. You need to take care of your own. That is a necessity for each and every one of us. Stronger legs not only help you now, but also help with independence in the later stages of your life. If you start taking care of yourself now, later on in life you wouldn’t have to be dependent on others so much. Increasing endurance, speed, agility and power, stronger legs benefit us in more ways than you might think. Here are the best Leg Lengthening Exercises, listed by Khojdeal.