Be for lazy cooks, or bachelors making a meal for themselves, a few kitchen gadgets are essential to own. Khojdeal lists the Kitchen Gadgets for Bachelors, and for lazy cooks alike.

Choppers and blenders make things way easier in the kitchen, so do sandwich makers, juicers and fruit slicers. There are a tonne of kitchen gadgets that can prove extremely helpful to bachelors.

Kitchen Gadgets for Bachelors

For bachelors especially, buying kitchen equipment is quite difficult, since most of them require some sort of knowledge, and fresh adults don’t really have that. The gadgets listed below will even interest lazy cooks, and amateur chefs alike.

Here are the best Kitchen Gadgets for Bachelors.

Vegetable Chopper/Slicer

A vegetable chopper is incredibly effective and a must have for all bachelors. Even if you are an office going individual, a chopper or slicer can be of tremendous use to you. Fairly easy to use, simple to clean, this gadget can save you a tonne of time in preparation.


If you are a gym nut, or just into fitness, or just trying to practically take care of yourself, you should know, a juicer is a must have. Probably the easiest to use out of all kitchen equipment, you can customize so much using a juicer, it’s incredible. Just knowing about the kind you want for yourself, can help you get the most out of it.

Sandwich Maker

A sandwich grill, non-stick tandoor grill and a sandwich maker kind of work the same way. In it that, making breakfast or pre-dinner sandwiches isn’t going to get any easier. Just pop in the bread and fillings of choice into this perfect gadget and in less than a minute, you will have the perfect grilled sandwich ever. Easily one of the best kitchen equipments for bachelors.

Rice Cooker

If you do not want to pay a lot of attention towards cooking rice, you know measuring water, measuring rice and all, a rice cooker is all you need. Totally automated, it will help you save a tonne of time and energy you could use on doing something else. Easy to use and frankly even easier to clean, a rice cooker is something you wouldn’t realize you needed until you have it.

Air Fryer

Air fryers are great, they use hot air to literally fry your food. So without using oil, you are getting a similar tasting fried snack, with the right texture and zero health risks. This gadget is for you if you are a little too lazy to fry slowly, risking burns from hot oil, and especially if you are a health nut who loves fried food.

Fruit Slicer

Fruits are in the regular diets of bachelors, that much is definite. Now you could easily bite into it and much on it, but sometimes, you do need a chopped apple to snack on. For those times, a fruit slicer comes pretty handy. Extremely easy to use, it is probably one of the best gadgets to keep in for a rainy day.


Now, most bachelors do not understand the important of a strainer. Therefore, not many buy them. Though I cannot stress enough, how utterly important a strainer really is. Washing produce, rice and lentils, using it for making mashed potatoes, I mean the uses are endless and versatile. Invest in at least two good strainers to be ahead of the curve.


Cooking can be quite the chore, cutting and chopping to blending and slicing, the Kitchen Gadgets for Bachelors are listed above. We at Khojdeal try to make your life easier with the best products we can find, again, we do the same with these marvelous kitchen equipments bachelors and lazy cooks should own.

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