If you are out buying headphones, the two brands you will inevitably come in contact with are JBL and Sony. While both brands provide exceptional audio quality, one might always prove better than the other. In this case, each brand comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and their usefulness is translated only by your use of it. Essentially, it depends on personal preference and what you want from your headphones. So, if you are wondering JBL vs Sony headphones – which is better? You might have to look deeper into what they bring to the table, and compare it to your requirements.

Let us take a look at both brands and see what makes them great, or not so great.

JBL vs Sony Headphones – Which one is better?

When it comes to headphones, you have a lot of options to choose from. From different formats of headphones to multiple brands that come with their own advantages, the choice can prove incredibly difficult.

Here, we are about to discuss about JBL vs Sony headphones. Therefore, we will be going into detail about these brands and the products they bring out into the market. Both brands are exceptionally good and provide good audio capabilities at varying prices.

Also, we will not be comparing battery life, since that is different for each model and also depends heavily on usage.

JBL Headphones – An Overview

JBL is owned by Harman International, which is actually a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. The brand is actually American and manufactures mainly audio hardware, including loudspeakers and headphones and such. They are known as one of the best brands to choose from when it comes to headphones and other audio equipment. Their products are affordable as well as high quality.

If you are in the market for a good pair of headphones, or portable speakers, JBL has a wealth of options you can choose from. Their headphones are also really comfortable and made for the young generation of music lovers. They have a variety of headphones, each with its unique selling point and uses.

JBL is also known for a striking balance between sounds. Their mid tones and low tones are highly colorful and their bass is hard and fun to experience. If you are into fast paced music, JBL headphones might be really helpful to your cause.

One slight issue with JBL always comes back to bite us however. Their headphones are never comfortable. This is one of the prime reasons users might not come back to JBL. On all other notes, JBL has some of the best headphone under 5000 you can purchase.

Overall, JBL is known for feature-full headphones that bring a good balance of sounds at a relatively low price. They might not be as comfortable as Sony or Audio Technica for example, but their audio quality stands up to its competition.

Sony Headphones – An Overview

Sony is a Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Sony is easily one of the biggest technology companies in the world. It is the largest manufacturer of consumer and professional electronic products, along with the largest game console brand and the largest video game publisher in the world.

If you are wondering how Sony is as a brand, you can be sure they are one of the best you can ever invest in. When it comes to audio equipment, like speakers and headphones and such, Sony clearly remains at the top of consumer’s list of brands to choose from. With its fingers in music publishing, video game publishing, and as the third largest film studios around, Sony really has built itself as a highly comprehensive media corporates the world has ever seen.

Enough about what Sony is all about, and now let us see what their headphones are like. If you are in the market for a good pair of headphone, Sony might be the best you can purchase. They have a huge range of headphones available in the market. From basic, affordable ones, to prime quality, really expensive ones, Sony brings to you exactly what you are looking for. There probably does not exist another brand with so many different formats and versions of headphones in the market.

If you need to build some trust in Sony, know that in 1979 Sony released the world’s first portable music player, the Walkman. They have forayed in the audio industry for a long time which has allowed them great innovations over the years. Their headphones are literally some of the most comfortable pair you can ever try on. Try their over-ear headphones to find that right spot between comfort and quality.

Sony headphones are some of the most durable and high quality devices you can ever pick up. Their expensive products are in a league of their own with tons of quality features. On the other hand, their affordable headphones do very well against its competition. Sony headphones tend to go slightly overboard with their treble, but this is more common with the affordable versions. Their mid-range headphones are also incredibly fun to use and last a long time if you take care of them properly.

Sony overall, has a wide range of headphones to choose from. Their expensive devices are some of the highest performing in the market, while their affordable versions hold up well against even the more expensive brands in the market. They also receive high marks when it comes to comfort, quality and durability.

Sony Headphones – Compared to other Brands

Sony headphones have some really good features which makes them a really desirable product. Let us see how it holds up.

  • Variety and options – Firstly, you should know that Sony makes everything from TWS earbuds, over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and provides all the features like noise cancellation and isolation. That said, Sony headphones can also get insanely expensive. Like really expensive. We are talking priced equal to a small bike. Yes! Feature-rich Sony headphones are really REALLY good, but they do cost a lot too. If you are looking for something affordable however, Sony has got your back. Since they have a long catalogue of products, you have a lot of options to choose from, from affordable headphones, to the real status symbols.
  • Sound profile – So, when it comes to audio quality, know that there are hardly any brands out there that can compete with Sony. Sony has been in the game for so long, they have been innovating left, right, and center. Their headphones have crisp treble and a hearty bass that music lovers will absolutely fall in love with.
  • Features – When we talk about features in headphones, we might generally refer to noise cancellation and isolation. In Sony headphones, both these technologies are available. However, in the lower models, you might find your headphones only provide a decent amount of isolation or cancellation, whichever your headphone provides. If you purchase the high-end ones, sure you will find the features up to the mark, but it is a rare find in the mid-low end models. They might also not come with multi-device pairing and really low end models might not have microphone controls either.
  • Comfort and design – Sony comes up with some really well designed headphones. The Sony WH-1000XM4 is easily one of the most comfortable and well designed headphone out there. Since you might want to use your headphones for an extended period of time, Sony allows you to do that without the headphones feeling too heavy or uncomfortable. Opt for over-ear models for the most comfortable experience.
  • Mobile app – Sony has a really good mobile app that you can connect your headphones to. This app allows you complete control over your headphones and even tells you about its battery life and many soundstage options to really customize your experience.
  • Price – When it comes to price, Sony resides in a huge margin. You can easily find budget Sony headphones that come with limited features but good audio quality. Or you can even invest in a Sony headphones that comes loaded with features, incredibly audio fidelity, tons of design variations, and durability to match. These high-end models can go up in price by a lot and purchasing one would essentially prove an investment, nothing less.

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JBL Headphones – Compared to other Brands

JBL is one of the best headphones brand if you wish to keep a low budget. They have expensive models available in the market that provide high functionality, but when it comes to JBL, their mid-range proves the best.

  • Variety and options – JBL has a lot of options to choose from. Their price ranges from low-high and you can easily find the right headphone for your usage. However, JBL’s low-end models can be really uncomfortable to use and provide subpar audio quality. This makes JBL’s low end undesirable. If you are on a budget, they might prove good enough, but if you are looking for a good pair of headphones, it is better to invest in JBL’s mid range. Their expensive models are also good, but do not provide as many features as Sony or AKG.
  • Sound profile – When it comes to audio quality, JBL is really good. They have a well-balanced sound, and you can easily customize it according to your needs. You might find their high-end models have a deep base and crisp treble notes. Their lower end models also have great audio fidelity but might not come with that many customizations and features.
  • Features – JBL noticeably focuses heavily on well-balanced sound output. This leaves them vulnerable when it comes to adding features. Due to this fact, their affordable models sound great but are low on features. While the feature rich, great sounding headphones can get really pricey.
  • Comfort and design – JBL headphones can be quite uncomfortable sometimes. Most of JBL headphones are on-ear, which means you cannot use them for a long time without them feeling really uncomfortable. The strange plastic design also does not add to its desirability, making JBL lack heavily when it comes to comfort and design aspects.
  • Price – JBL headphones are really really affordable. If you are looking for basic headphones, JBL must be your first choice since you can get them for cheap without compromising on audio quality. The more expensive JBL headphones come with a lot of features and can essentially pass for your primary headphones if you wish.

JBL vs Sony Headphones – Comparison Table

Features PointsJBL HeadphonesSony Headphones
Audio quality3.5/54/5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Sony headphones better than JBL?

When it comes to these two big names in the audio industry, Sony takes the cake by providing more features and comfort to their users. JBL is still a great brand for headphones, but they tend to lack heavily in design features and comfort. And even though Sony headphones are much more expensive, they provide great audio quality along with amazing design and comfort features.

Are JBL headphones good?

JBL headphones are really good. No matter which range you pick from, you can be sure JBL headphones provide you great audio fidelity. They do lack in terms of comfort and design, but if you are on a budget, JBL is the best you can find.

Are Sony headphones good?

Sony headphones, besides their high prices, can be really good. If you have the budget to go a little beyond what other brands ask of you, you will be greeted by a brilliant device with immense potential and a comfortable design.


So, JBL vs Sony Headphones, which won is the better brand? Well, this depends on personal preference, and what you look for while buying a pair of headphones. If you only look for audio quality and do not care about anything else, JBL is the best brand of headphones out there. They are exceptionally affordable and provide enough features to make your music listening that much easier and exciting. On the other hand, Sony headphones can get really expensive while providing exceptional audio quality and brilliant design and comfort aspects.

Sony is for people who do not just want a headphone, but for folks who consider it an investment. If you are a casual user, JBL is better than Sony. If you are a hardcore music listener, if there is such a thing, Sony is the better option.