If you are out in the market buying earphones, there are two brands you should most definitely take a good look into – JBL and Boat. Both brands are well known in the consumer market and are especially desirable when it comes to budget earphones. However, people often tend to compare the two and wonder, JBL vs Boat earphones – which one is the better brand and why? Well, we are here to help you with this query and give you all the information we have on which of these two brands is effective, and which is not.

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JBL vs Boat Earphones- Which one is better?

So, essentially both brands, JBL and Boat are exceptional in their own regard. JBL has great audio drivers and can be really affordable if you know what you are looking for. On the other hand, Boat has some of the best budget earphones and headphones in the market, providing exceptional comfort to its users.

The choice between the two, eventually might come down to personal preference. If you still are wondering which one might come out on top, here is a detailed comparison between the two. Read on to know JBL vs Boat earphones – who the winner might be.

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JBL Earphones- An Overview

JBL is owned by Harman International, which is actually a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. The brand is actually American and manufactures mainly audio hardware, including loudspeakers and headphones and such. They are known as one of the best brands to choose from when it comes to headphones and other audio equipment. Their products are affordable as well as high quality.

If you are in the market for a good pair of earphones, or portable speakers, JBL has a wealth of options you can choose from. Their earphones are also really comfortable and made for the young generation of music lovers. They have a variety of earphones, each with its unique selling point and uses.

JBL is also known for a striking balance between sounds. Their mid tones and low tones are highly colorful and their bass is hard and fun to experience. If you are into fast paced music, JBL earphones might be really helpful to your cause.

One slight issue with JBL always comes back to bite us however. Their headphones are never comfortable. This is one of the prime reasons users might not come back to JBL. On all other notes, JBL has some of the best headphones under 5000 you can purchase. If you are looking for budget headphones, JBL has a huge range of those as well. If you are looking for the JBL wireless headphones, you might find a lot of options for that too.

Overall, JBL is known for feature-full earphones and headphones that bring a good balance of sounds at a relatively low price. They might not be as comfortable as Sony or Audio Technica for example, but their audio quality stands up to its competition.

Boat Earphones – An Overview

When it comes to audio devices, boAt has only recently showed up in the market and taken up a huge consumer base from the overall scene. Their products are some of the best quality while being quite affordable and reasonably priced. If you are looking for a good TWS earbud that provides you with durability, excellent audio quality, good build quality, and the rest, Airdopes from boAt is the way to go. Easily one of the, if not the best TWS under 2000 in India.

Boat earphones and headphones are also pretty neat and provide a lot of comfort and conformity when used. If you are in the market for the best headphones under 1000 Boat might just be the thing for you. Since they are affordable as well as high quality, Boat earphones can easily be used by anyone without worrying about usability and durability.

Overall, you can expect good quality audio, high durability, and some really good looking earphones or headphones from Boat. They have quite the sincere hold on the low-mid range headphone market.

Boat Earphones – Compared to other Brands

Boat is a great brand to choose for earphones and headphones. If you do not have a high budget, Boat could be helpful to you. Their TWS earbuds come dirt cheap with enough features, and their headphones are fantastic for the price they are available at.

  • Variety and options – Boat has a huge range of items to choose from. While you might find only a handful of earphones and headphones from Boat, their TWS ranges from affordable Rs. 1000 earbuds, to really functional ones that prove more expensive than these. That said, if you are on a strict budget, the low end of Boat headphones are potent and long lasting. However, if you are not on a budget, you can sincerely opt for some other ones instead.
  • Sound profile – While Boat does not provide anything spectacular when it comes to sound profile and audio quality, they still manage to bring in a good quality of sound drivers for their earphones and headphones. Therefore, you might not have your mind blown by using them, but surely they will provide everything you hoped and asked for at the brilliant price they are available at.
  • Features – When it comes to features, Boat can either come with tons, or with none. This all depends on the price of the headphone you are purchasing. That said, the lower end of Boat is better than any other found at that range, however, when we compare the expensive Boat earphones and headphones to other brands like Philips headphones or something, Boat is seriously under-equipped to follow.
  • Comfort and design – Now, this is something Boat does incredibly well. They understand that earphones and headphones are generally left on by users for a long time, and this is why their padding and in-ear cup is incredibly comfortable and does not tire or hurt your ears even after extended use.
  • Price – Boat earphones are available in a wide price range. This makes it very easy for consumers to pick up something they like and can afford as well. Boat is perfect if you are on a budget.

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JBL Earphones – Compared to other Brands

JBL is one of the best earphones and headphones brand if you wish to keep a low budget. They have expensive models available in the market that provide high functionality, but when it comes to JBL, their mid-range proves the best.

  • Variety and options – JBL has a lot of options to choose from. Their price ranges from low-high and you can easily find the right headphone for your usage. However, JBL’s low-end models can be really uncomfortable to use and provide subpar audio quality. This makes JBL’s low end undesirable. If you are on a budget, they might prove good enough, but if you are looking for a good pair of earphones and headphones, it is better to invest in JBL’s mid range. Their expensive models are also good, but do not provide as many features as Sony or AKG.
  • Sound profile – When it comes to audio quality, JBL is really good. They have a well-balanced sound, and you can easily customize it according to your needs. You might find their high-end models have a deep base and crisp treble notes. Their lower end models also have great audio fidelity but might not come with that many customizations and features.
  • Features – JBL noticeably focuses heavily on well-balanced sound output. This leaves them vulnerable when it comes to adding features. Due to this fact, their affordable models sound great but are low on features. While the feature rich, great sounding earphones and headphones can get really pricey.
  • Comfort and design – JBL earphones and headphones can be quite uncomfortable sometimes. Most of JBL headphones are on-ear, which means you cannot use them for a long time without them feeling really uncomfortable. The strange plastic design also does not add to its desirability, making JBL lack heavily when it comes to comfort and design aspects.
  • Price – JBL earphones are really really affordable. If you are looking for basic earphones, JBL must be your first choice since you can get them for cheap without compromising on audio quality. The more expensive JBL earphones come with a lot of features and can essentially pass for your primary earphones if you wish.

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JBL vs Boat Earphones – Comparison Table

Features PointsJBL EarphonesBoat Earphones
Audio quality3.5/53/5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whose quality is better JBL or boAt?

If you are talking build quality and audio quality, JBL is better. If you are talking comfort, ease of use, and affordability, Boat is a much better option. In the end, between the two, you would have to choose the one that best suits your personal needs.

Is boAt owned by JBL?

No, Boat is a India-based brand, while JBL is American. However, one of Boat’s co-founder’s, Aman Gupta worked previously for Harmann International, which is the parent company of JBL.

Which earphones is best in boAt?

If you are looking for the best Boat earphones in the market, there are a few great choices out there. When it comes to basic earphones, Rockerz and Bassheads are great options to choose from. If you are looking for TWS earbuds from Boat, the Airdopes are literally some of the best and most affordable ones available in the market.


So, the final choice between the two brands eventually falls to you. Depending on the requirements you have from your earphones, you can make the choice accordingly. As a summary, remember that JBL earphones have great audio quality, last a long time, and are available at a fairly good price. Boat on the other hand, has an immense catalogue backing it up. Which means you will get much more options with Boat than with JBL. Boat headphones are also quite affordable and provide excellent build quality and comfort. Competing JBL vs Boat Earphones, the winner is objective, since they are almost equally matched.