When it comes to hot water requirements, most people generally get themselves a geyser, also known as a water heater. Now, the thing is, geysers are available in a few formats which come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Each geyser type can be used for a specific purpose, or might appeal to a different consumer even. We are here today to discuss instant geyser vs storage geyser, two of the very popular kind of geysers today. While each provides a different way to heat water and use it, their overall benefit remains the same.

Let us see which one is best used in which situation – instant geyser vs storage geyser.

Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser – Which is Better for You?

When it comes to the top 10 best water heater, or more colloquially known as geysers, most consumers tend to use the storage kind. It is the most commonly used geyser and is more or less seen in every household. However, in certain situations, dare we say, instant geysers prove much better than the storage kind. Yes storage geysers have a bulk of advantages over instant ones, but situationally, either one can perform really well, sometimes even better than the other.

Let us take a deep look into what instant geysers are and what storage geysers provide. We will discuss each of them individually, then see how they compare to each other.

Instant Geysers – A Detailed Review

Instant Geysers are different from the rest of the kinds of geysers. They are quick to function, as the “instant” in the name suggests, and these appliances are incredibly compact and small as well.

The best instant geyser is essentially a no-storage geyser that can bring you hot water on demand. Unlike storage geysers, instant water heaters provide hot water in under a minute. Their energy utilization much lesser even they are much powerful than the storage kind. The higher wattage is because water needs to be warmed instantly without any time wasted.

Instant water heaters, also known as tankless water heaters, are highly effective at their job. Their function is pretty simple to understand. As soon as you turn on the geyser and open the water faucet, cold water flows into the heater and comes in contact with the high-power heating element. The water is instantly heated and comes out from the connected faucet.

You can easily use an instant water heater in your kitchen, or even your bathroom. However, if you live with your family, using this kind of water heater as your primary for you bathroom might not be the best idea. That said, if you are living alone, an instant water heater can easily be used as your primary heating appliance,

How does an Instant Water Heater work?

Instant water heaters are tiny water heaters that come in the capacity of around 1-3 liters. This capacity does not refer to the storage capacity, but instead how much water it can process effectively. They do not have a storage tank, and any hot water that comes out is heated instantaneously.

The instant water heater is connected by two hoses, one for inlet and the other acts as an outlet. Once you switch on your instant water heater and start up the faucet, the hot water just pours out without having to wait for it. They are much smaller than other water heaters, and can only provide you with that much hot water as they are capable of.

The appliance comes with a heating element, through which water runs and gets heated for use. They work really effectively and provide hot water without having to wait a long time for it. They are quite simple to operate as well, since you only have to switch the geyser on and off once you are done using it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Instant Geysers

There are a ton of advantages of using instant geysers, however, they do come with some disadvantages as well. Let us take a look at what they help with, and what instant geysers cannot provide.


  • Lower energy consumption; Instant water heaters are really effective at heating water, and since there is no delay, your appliance does not need to turned on for a long time for you to enjoy hot water.
  • Saves space; Since instant water heaters do not have a tank, they are rather compact in size and can be easily placed in a kitchen, or a bathroom where space is limited.
  • Easier maintenance; Instant water heaters do not ask for a lot of maintenance either. Once you start using them, basic maintenance is enough for the appliance to keep running for a good 7-8 years.
  • Convenient; Instant water heaters are also quite convenient to use. Since you do not have to wait for hot water, you get to save a lot of time, and electricity too.
  • Price; Instant water heaters are generally cheaper than their counterparts. This lower initial price, along with lower usage costs makes instant water heaters really good to purchase.
  • Multiple uses; One of the best parts about instant water heaters is their versatility. You can easily install them in your kitchen or your bathroom and enjoy running hot water at a single button press.


  • Durability; One of the primary concerns with instant geysers are that they do not last as long as their counterparts. They can actually, but maintenance needs to be performed often once their final age has reached.
  • Lower water flow; Water flow rate is an issue with instant water heaters. These appliances can only heat a little bit of water at a time, and you simply have to wait for the slow process to fill you a bucket. This is one of the reasons why they are better in a kitchen.
  • Installation; Getting one installed is actually a little more complicated than installing a storage geyser. So do be mindful of that.
  • High wattage; They might save you electricity on the long run, but they take quite a bit of power initially to power themselves up. If your house cannot handle the load, you might find it difficult to use.

Storage Geysers – A Detailed Review

The other kind, and the most commonly used type of geyser is the storage geyser. As the name suggests, storage water heaters come with a tank which can store water for you to use whenever you want. Like the instant kind, these also have a heating element that heats the water, but unlike instant water heaters, this can take long since the element heats up all the water stored in the tank.

Storage water heaters are great appliances that come in a variety of different capacities. For larger families, a high capacity storage water heater proves perfect. Since you can easily find larger water heaters that are capable of storing 15L of hot water, a single heating can help your entire family to take a bath.

That said, storage water heaters take time to heat up all the water inside. This obviously depends on the capacity you opted for, where bigger tanks with more water takes more time, while a smaller geyser can take around 6-7 minutes to heat up the water. Newer models are even coming with a thermostat with which you can easily control the temperature of the water you need.

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How does an Storage Geyser work?

A storage water heater comes with a tank. The tank is connected by two hoses, one for inlet, and the other one for outlet. The inlet pipe brings in water to the tank where it is stored. The element inside slowly heats the water until all of it has reached the desired point. Once you switch on the outlet connected to the geyser, you will be greeted with running hot water that lasts quite a bit, depending on the capacity of your geyser.

Storage geysers work really effectively while providing a sufficient amount of hot water in only under a few minutes. While they are not as quick as instant geysers, smaller capacity storage geysers only take a couple minutes, maximum of 5 minutes, to heat the water inside. Bigger geysers that hold a lot more water take a lot more time obviously.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Storage Geysers

Now when it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of storage water heaters, these can be singled down to a few in both categories. Overall, storage water heaters are brilliant appliances that can provide you with a lot of help and convenience.


  • Different capacities available; One of the USPs of storage water heaters is its storage capacity. Since a storage geyser is available in a wide range of capacities, you can easily purchase the one the best suits your requirements. If you have a bigger family, a larger 25L water heater would prove highly effective for your usage.
  • Store water; Another benefit of storage water heaters is that you can easily heat up the water to your desired level, and store it for later use. Obviously the water inside loses heat slowly, but it takes it hours to get cold again.
  • Easy installation; Storage water heaters are incredibly easy to install, and since they are so common, more or less anyone can help you set those up.
  • Lower maintenance; Storage geysers are also quite low maintenance and you would only have to replace the element inside once ever 3-4 years depending on usage. Overall, there isn’t much maintenance it requires.
  • Long lasting; Storage geysers are also quite long lasting and durable too. If you invest in one, you can be sure it will last you a good 8-10 years.


  • Space issues; Storage water heaters can get pretty large in size. Even the smaller capacity heaters, since they have a storage tank, can get pretty bulky. The bigger geyser you get, make sure you have enough space to hang them up.
  • High power consumption; Storage water heaters also take a lot more power to get the job done. Since they have to stay switched on for a long time to heat the water, you will find them consuming a lot more electricity.
  • Takes time; Storage water heaters can take a while to provide you with heated water. The bigger the capacity, the longer it would eventually take.

Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser – Comparison Table

When the two are compared, you realize that instant water heaters are overall slightly more versatile than storage water heaters. That said, storage water heaters are much more easier to use and maintain. They are widely used for a reason, and that is the convenience of using them. Instant water heaters are relatively new to consumers and their uses are not as defined as a basic storage kind.

However, both appliances are just as good on the long run, and your eventual choice only depends on your personal preference.

Space NeededThey are really compact in size since they do not come with a storage unit. You can easily hang them up in your kitchen without worrying too much about space.Due to the large storage tank, these geysers can be quite bulky in size. The higher capacity you purchase, the larger the appliance would be.
ConvenienceInstant hot water on demand, so these geysers are quite convenient to use. They can even hold a couple of liters of hot water which allows for an even convenient continuous usage.Depending on the capacity, they can easily hold a lot of hot water for usage anytime you want. You would obviously have to wait a while for the water to heat however.
SizeCompact in size. 1, 3, 6 liters available. Large appliance. Multiple capacities – 10L – 30L available.
DelayOnce you switch it on, hot water is available on demand. Once you switch the geyser on, you would have to wait for about 8-10 mins until the water heats up.
PriceInstant water heaters are much cheaper than storage water heaters. You can easily get one for your kitchen which would not be very expensive at all. A good quality branded storage water heater can cost a good amount of money. You can expect to pay around 10k for a large, high quality geyser.
Utility costsIf you use it well, instant water heaters end up saving you money on electricity and water bills. Since you do not have to leave them on for long, energy usage is actually quite low, even when they are much more energy hungry than the storage kind. Storage water heaters can cost you a bit in terms of utility costs. They are powerful, and bigger ones consume even more electricity. Water bills might also be higher if you do not use them well.
Best used forKitchen use would be great with an instant water heater. You can even use it as your primary bathroom geyser if you are living alone, or are just a couple of people using it. Storage water heaters can be of varying capacities. If you have a large family, storage water heaters are a much better option than instant water heaters.
Life spanThey can last a good 7-8 years with minimal maintenance.They can last 10-12 years with minimal maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which one is better storage or instant geyser?

When it comes to geysers, both kinds are actually great for home use. However, if you want one for the kitchen or something, instant geysers are better. If you have a large family, a storage water heater can be a great and convenient appliance for your bathroom. So, the answer depends on what you wish to use it for.

Which type of geyser is best for bathroom?

For bathrooms, if you are living alone, an instant water heater would prove beyond helpful and convenient. However, if you have a family, a storage water heater would prove much better and provide much better convenience than the instant water heater.

Are instant geysers safe?

Yes, they are. Instant water heaters are totally safe to use. Since they do not even store water, and need to be only switched on when you want hot water, they are actually much safer than storage geysers.

Which consumes more electricity instant geyser or storage geyser?

Storage water heaters tend to consume more electricity than instant water heaters, since they take time to heat the water stored in its tank. Instant water heaters are actually more energy hungry than storage ones, but their usage is shorter in duration, which means storage water heaters take more energy to run.


When you look at instant geyser vs storage geyser, you would have to keep in mind the economical and the functional perspective. When it comes to functionality and usage, both geysers perform incredibly well and prove highly efficient at their job. They can both be quite versatile, but instant heaters can be used in a lot more scenarios than one. Storage geysers on the other hand are perfect for you if you live with your family. Economically, storage water heaters take a lot more power to run, which can be costly. The instant kind has its own limitations, where limited water flow can really ruin your time.

The choice eventually depends on what you want from your geyser. If quick hot water, or a geyser for your kitchen is what you need, instant geyser it is. If you have a family and you need a geyser to take care of everyone’s need, a storage geyser proves better.