Looking for DIY waxing methods? Khojdeal’s article on How To Do Waxing At Home Without Pain will guide you through 3 effective and painless waxing techniques to remove hair.

Among the beauty and hair removal treatments that can be done at home there is also DIY waxing. When the beautician is not there or you don’t have time to dedicate yourself to a complete treatment in a beauty center, you can eliminate unwanted hair at home with waxing. All you need to do is follow some easy directions to avoid irritation and sunburn.

Among the most effective methods to do at home are hot waxing, cold waxing and Arab waxing. However, not all waxes can be used anywhere. Each area of ​​the body needs different attention. Groin and armpits, for example, are much more delicate than legs and arms, and therefore will need a softer type of wax.

Compared to razor epilation, waxing has several advantages.

  • The hair is uprooted at the root; therefore, the skin appears smoother and smoother, and the result lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • In addition, when shaving with the razor blade and making the wrong movements, there is a risk of annoying folliculitis appearing on the skin. With waxing, this risk is lower and even when it appears, in most cases the irritation disappears in short time using a calendula soothing cream.  

How To Do Waxing At Home Without Pain – 3 Effective And Painless DIY Waxing Methods

The different types of waxing have in common the method of application. Whether it is hot, cold or Arab wax, it will be applied on the skin following the direction of the hair, and then removed with a quick and decisive tear against the hair.

The advice before making any type of wax is to prepare the skin, so that hair removal is less painful. A few days before waxing, exfoliate the skin with a gentle scrub, so as to make the skin smooth and eliminate dead cells. The advice is to take a hot shower just before waxing, so that pores & hair dilate and are softer. If you decide to follow this advice, however, you must be careful to dry your skin perfectly before proceeding with waxing, to avoid irritation.

To make sure that the wax adheres perfectly to the hair and not to the skin, apply a very light veil of talc on the surface you are going to depilate, so that only the hair is torn and painful burns are avoided.

How To Wax At Home - 3 Effective And Painless DIY Waxing Methods DIY hot waxing

DIY hot waxing

It is one of the best-known methods but it requires more time and skill. Unlike cold waxing, for hot waxing you will need different tools to perform hair removal. In fact, you will need a wax heater that allows you to dissolve the wax and maintain the right temperature during hair removal, depilatory strips and a spatula to spread the wax.

Once the wax is sufficiently fluid you will have to spread it on the skin with the help of the spatula, creating strips of about 5 millimeters thick. Proceed immediately by applying the wax-stripping strip making it adhere to the wax, and then tearing it with a decisive movement.

Once the hair removal is finished, massage the area with a gentle oil to soothe the skin, soften redness and eliminate any residual wax from the skin. It is the perfect type of waxing for depilating areas such as the legs and arms.

Cold waxing with depilatory strips

Cold waxing is the one that is performed using the depilatory strips. These are special sheets on which the right dose of depilatory wax has already been applied. They will adhere to the skin after being slightly warmed it in your hands.

One of the advantages of this type of wax is certainly its practicality, because the depilatory strips are already ready to be used, and therefore it is one of the fastest methods. The cold waxing is also indicated for the most sensitive skin and although it can be used all over the body, it is perfect for the delicate areas of the groin and armpits.

Cold waxing is also available in smaller sizes, perfect, for example, for the lip contour area to eliminate the mustache. In this case, being the most delicate area, proceed only if you have a good manual ability and the skin is not too sensitive, because redness and unsightly bubbles of irritation could occur that would last several days .

Arab waxing – The recipe to prepare it at home

In recent years, another type of wax has become popular – Arab waxing. It is one of the least painful methods, so, it can also be used in sensitive areas such as groin, armpits and mustache and also for the most sensitive skin or with capillary problems.

You can make it directly in your home with natural ingredients that are easily found in the pantry. It is an oriental technique, and the wax is created with sugar, water, honey and lemon. After waxing, not only will you no longer have unwanted hair, but your skin will also be very soft. Another advantage of this type of wax is that depilatory strips are not used, but the wax is worked exclusively with the hands.  

Here is the recipe for homemade preparation of Arab wax


  • A glass of sugar
  • A glass of water
  • Half a lemon juice
  • Two teaspoons of honey


Start by dissolving a glass of sugar, a glass of water and the juice of half a lemon in a saucepan. When you have created a golden and elastic caramel, add two teaspoons of honey and continue to mix on low heat, until you create a perfectly homogeneous and soft mixture.

Let the mixture cool. The waxing must in fact reach a temperature of about 35-degrees in order to be used. Once you have obtained a soft and homogeneous mixture, you can take it directly with your fingers and create a strip on the skin. Waiting for a few seconds and tear the strip vigorously.


With DIY waxing – hot, cold with depilatory strips or with Arab waxing, removing unwanted hair can be simple and practical if you use the right techniques.

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