Giving gifts to the people we care about is not always easy. Even if we know them well, we don’t always manage to pick up the right signals to give them what they prefer. In other cases, over the years it becomes more and more difficult to surprise them and guess the object of their desire. If you are short of ideas, but you still want to give a gift that will make your friends or family members happy, the ideal solution can be an Amazon gift card.


What is Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon always has innovative ideas, which is why it has always stood out on the market. The Amazon Gift Card is suitable for every type of need, whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, an anniversary, or a simple gift of pleasure. This is precisely because of the vastness of the products offered by the online store.

Amazon Pay gift cards are pre-paid gift cards offered by Amazon. These gift cards are currently available in 3 formats – physical gift card, eGift cards and anytime gift card and can be redeemed on Amazon India and its registered partner merchants.

Also, for Amazon gift cards, the speed of shipping is ensured, so that even a sudden gift does not catch us by surprise. It is possible to receive the voucher the day after choosing and booking it. These gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date of issuance and carry no fees. If for some reason you’re unable to use it within 1 year, you can get the validity of the Gift Card extended by contacting customer care.

Unfortunately, currently there is no amazon discount coupon for purchasing gift cards so you will not be able to earn any discount or cashback.

Types of Amazon prepaid cards

The portal offers a series of prepaid cards suitable for every type of need. It is possible to start from a minimum of 10 INR, up to a maximum of 10,000 INR. There are four types of vouchers: digital, printed, in a greeting card or a box.

In the first case we are dealing with a voucher, which is delivered online, by email. Inside the email there will be the code to be entered to enjoy the voucher and make all the necessary purchases.

The second type, that is printed ones, are vouchers that are always received via email, in which a message can be written. Unlike the previous one, however, they can also be printed and delivered directly to the recipient.

The third type consists of a real greeting card. A classic greeting card in which, once opened, you will find the Amazon prepaid card. This card arrives at home, with the possibility of receiving it in just 24 hours. There are various types of cards available, for a birthday or for a wedding.

The last type, which is one of the most used, is the Amazon box. It is a small box, a gift box that contains a prepaid card. There are various types, a simple gift box, in the shape of a cupcake, in the shape of a cake and with Diyas for Diwali.

Gift vouchers can be customized, you can add a photo, or for online ones a video. They can also be delivered in the form of a bookmark or in an envelope. And for each type, there are categories in which to look for the perfect card: such as birthdays, thanks, anniversaries, graduations, etc.

How to use an Amazon gift card?

  • If you have received an Amazon voucher as a gift, to use it you will have to add the balance to your Amazon Pay account.
  • To do this, log into your Amazon account and go to the add gift card page. Enter the 14-digit alpha numeric amazon gift voucher code written on the gift card and click on add to your balance.
  • The gift card amount will be added to your Amazon Pay balance.

The voucher can be spent on Amazon to purchase any kind of product. Don’t have an Amazon account? To use it you will need to register on Amazon India, only then you can redeem your voucher.


If you’re looking to celebrate special occasions with your family and friends, Amazon gift cards make great gifts. This way, they will be able to shop for whatever they want and you will also not get stressed searching for the perfect gift.

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